A Complete Guide On Waterproofing Bathroom In 7 Simple Steps

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waterproofing bathroom - hardwood area


Here’s a short answer for you:
Bathrooms are the central humid place in the home. Consequently, you have to waterproof this place so that humidity and water don’t get into the foundation of your home and cause significant structural destruction.

In Thousand Oaks waterproofing bathrooms are normally performed by Hardwood Area’s specialists while your bathroom is being constructed. It includes fixing up a waterproof block around the flooring and walls of your bathroom, which includes the shower. Do you want to waterproof the entire bathroom? Not precisely. Although there are waterproof conditions to be reached.


The USA Regulations established the least requirements for waterproofing a normal bathroom. Every bathroom in the USA have to obey these standards, as below:
· The whole shower flooring must be waterproofed
· Shower walls have to be waterproofed up to at the minimum of 1800 millimeters
· The walls have to be waterproofed up to at most limited 150 millimeters
· Above the step down has to be waterproofed to at smallest 150 millimeters
· If the bathroom flooring is higher than the ground level, or constructed of lumber, or plywood, the whole bathroom flooring must get waterproofed.

Of course, there are some bathrooms that will require going past the minimum standards to be entirely waterproof. If your funds let you for it, it is a great idea to waterproof the entire bathroom. This will guarantee the entire bathroom flooring and shower closet are waterproofed.

Another matter to consider is some committees in Thousand Oaks require waterproofing to be performed by an authorized waterproof specialist to be obedient.

Whether you want to waterproof a fresh or current building, ensure the tradespeople have the suitable licensing and guarantee to do the job accurately.

If you are still not certain about waterproofing bathrooms? Contact Hardwood Area on +1 805-338-6952 for a free consultation on the condition of the bathroom waterproofing. And read our other articles on our blog.


If you have noticed a bathroom or shower leakage, you might be able to repair the problem without tearing up the tiles. Waterproofing is a specialized method and has to be performed by an authorized and guaranteed specialist.

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Qualified assistance will be able to fix and replace many features of the shower with particular products, devices, and systems, which give better water resistance to store-purchased things.


Waterproofing is performed at different grades of building. Some methods are installed before the hardwood flooring and walls are placed down, and the others are put in position after everything has been installed.

The most popular kind of waterproofing is the membrane system. Before the flooring and walls are placed, the surface is washed and cleaned, and primed, then replaced by the implementation of a membrane system waterproofing agency that is either stained, sprayed, or put down as a layer. Staining and spraying are the most usual methods utilized to waterproof humid places.

After the flooring and walls are built, there are other kinds of waterproofing systems. Liquid sealant is implemented to tiles on the place of shower wall and flooring, which works as a protecting block to prevent water from breaching the exterior cover.

The other system is Silicone sealant which is also utilized to seal holes between the flooring and wall joints. Overall, these mixed methods help waterproof your entire bathroom.

How to use tile in a bathroom and waterproof it?

The time when the plasterboard’s completed and the interior wall and ceiling coverings are all ordered, it’s the right time for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, and powder room places to be waterproofed.

Places like basements also require to be very thoroughly waterproofed, though that’s only important if you’re constructing a basement in Thousand Oaks and something that’s needed is when the basement is built.

The importance of waterproofing your bathroom in Thousand Oaks

Accurate waterproofing floors in humid places is essential, water leakage into the flooring and wall areas can very simply decompose structural lumbers and do some tragic damage to your building. The most dangerous thing about this type of loss is that you won’t usually realize it’s occurring till the worst of the destruction has already been made.

Awful destruction from poorly placed waterproofing has been a huge problem in Thousand Oaks in the past years, and to solve that there have been quite a number of revisions to the waterproofing conditions in recent years.

waterproofing bathroom - hardwood areaPerforming Waterproofing

In Thousand Oaks, waterproofing includes staining a kind of liquid rubber membrane onto places that are prone to meet water, to build a kind of ‘sealed’ space. The aim is to help accommodate any water that may be leaking out possibly through broken grouting or links, or broken plumbing installations so that it doesn’t create any damage.

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Corners and edges require to primary be sealed utilizing a ‘neutral cure’ silicone which will not harm the waterproofing membrane layer. Furthermore, a polyester fabric bandage is also applied over these joints to build what is termed as a ‘bond breaker’.

This bond breaker is resilient and serves to separate the waterproofing membrane layer at connections so that tiny changes in the house over time don’t destroy the membrane. A bond breaker is also needed around entrances through the waterproofing membrane layer, such as tap holes and drains.

The waterproofing membrane layer is usually implemented under the corners of the polyester fabric dressing to guarantee that it’s completely covered and to ensure it correctly glues to the wall or flooring. The membrane layer is then stained across walls and flooring utilizing a roller. Normally 2 layers will be utilized, the 2nd one rolled at proper points to the first.

DIY Waterproofing

DIY opportunities do exist, though there are some hints. In some places, you can just do your waterproofing if you’re allowed to do so which means the job must be done by a person with a license. In other places, no license is needed, though the person you’re hiring has to present written assurances that the job has been performed by the USA Standards of Waterproofing of residential wet places.

It’s worth considering that the Regulation describes the ‘minimum’ measure of waterproofing maintenance demanded. If you arrange your waterproofing, it requires to be done to the Standard and need to be able to cross muster with a house detective. You’ll also have to think about the point that it may influence any guarantee and warranty demands moreover down the road. Waterproofing is one section of your house that has to be performed properly to stop dangerous damage from dampness and water further down the track.

If you also like to read about water-popping floors click here.

waterproofing bathroom - hardwood areaWhere should be waterproofed and where should not

Waterproofing is commonly required in any place where there’s humidity or water outlet. Which includes:

• shower places
• bath places
• bathrooms generally
laundry room flooring
• humid places in kitchens
• throughout all entrances in places to be waterproofed such as taps, or drains.

How wide and long walls and flooring will require to be waterproofed is based pretty much on what is going to be waterproofed, and on the other elements that are going to be used in that place.
Shower corners, for instance, usually need waterproofing to a maximum height of 1800 millimeters.

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How far along with the flooring and wall the waterproofing membrane layer requires to increase will be based on factors such as:

• the dimension of the shower place
• whether or not the shower place is completely enclosed
• whether it utilizes a pre-molded foundation
• etc.

The substances that are utilized in the wood floor of a bathroom will also work as an important role in what’s needed for waterproofing, for example, while pressed fiber cement flooring or concrete flooring may give water protecting themselves if the bathroom flooring utilizes wood-based substances such as particleboard and plywood alternatively it’ll require to be completely waterproofed.

How to install tiles?

When the waterproofing membrane layer has been placed, and after it’s been gone uninterrupted for some days to accurately cure, it’s a great time for the tiles to be placed wherever they’re needed. If you want to construct a shower foundation, the bowl area/screed for the shower will additionally require to be placed before the tiles are placed.

Placing and installing tiles isn’t a complicated process, though there are some steps:

• Tiles are picked. Different styles of tiles will likely be utilized for flooring and walls depending on how much slip protection they give.
• The pattern they’ll take is placed. This means choosing where the first tiles will be set, and how they will arrange with flooring and wall segments.
• Tiles are formed as required to fit where they belong.
• Tiles are abandoned for about one day to ‘set’, this is especially critical for flooring tiles, which require to take a lot more extra weight.
• Spaces between the tiles are eliminated, and grouting is implemented to correctly fulfill the holes between the tiles.
• The residual grout and trash are washed up, and the grout is left to fix


How long it’ll take will be based on how many persons you’ve hired on the project, though as there are waiting periods for the waterproofing and the tiling to fix accurately, this section will apparently take at least one week.

Hardwood Area provides services and flooring installation in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, Calabasas, Camarillo, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Oxnard, and Ventura in a professional and quality manner.
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