10 Amazing Dark Hardwood Floors That Bring Life To Your Home

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dark hardwood flooring - hardwood area

Valuable Dark Hardwood Floors that will turn your home into a stylish place

Dark hardwood flooring is now the most common color, and they just continue to become more popular. Dark colors add excitement and they match well with anything, from white to dark. It’s because dark woods are cool-toned, therefore they match with both warm and cool colors. They are much simpler to design in comparison to light or mid floors, and particularly simpler vs kinds of hardwood that have red tones.

Consequently, if you want to choose a tone that is both fashionable currently and will go with future trends, dark floors are the ones. And, you should remember that if your house has dark hardwood floors, you can refinish them in about 10 to 15 years.

Here are some top choices if you want to choose pre-finished dark hardwood floors. Some of them are dark ebony, and others are dark brown. There are some with a wire-brushed result so that they are a combination of black and white for a gray result.

Black hardwood

When we talk about dark hardwood floors, some people choose extra dark. Therefore I wanted to present some opportunities for these super dark floors.

Advice on picking dark hardwood floors

There are some important points to consider when choosing dark hardwood floors. Here are some of them:

1. Level of Glossiness

Most individuals prefer satin (low gloss) or even matte (no gloss) finishes nowadays, It seems more suitable and more fashionable. And, importantly, the more shining you choose, the more old-aged the wood looks and the more challenging it is to protect it because it shows dust, damages and scratches more. Matte and satin surfaces seem better and last longer, and there is no need to be worried about each bit of dust.

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2. Solid or engineered?

Generally, I’m a great fan of making solid hardwood floors when you can because this provides you the capability to sand and refinish multiple times. Although, engineered wood frequently works best for more temperate and more humid conditions and in houses or apartments that are built on a concrete plate. And, there are currently many engineered goods that can be sanded.dark hardwood flooring - hardwood area

3. Board width

Wider boards will make your place seem more open that’s because of how our eyes see. When it’s about solid hardwood, the least width can be 2 1/4 inches. Now, most people take at least 3 1/4 inches and it is astonishing how better these boards seem. Normally, the price variation between these 2 sizes is irrelevant, and it is a no-brainer that seems better.

4. Variety of wood

This is a matter of taste. If you are beginning from damage, pick whichever you like and fits with your money. If you already have some wood in areas of the house, I’d suggest you match what you have, rather for steadiness now and for steadiness later.

The most popular kind is red oak or white oak. Because of this, it is less pricey, and you will find red oak on stairs and railings. Red oak has a powerful texture, that some people like and some people don’t. One important thing about the texture is that it helps to hide damages and dirt a little better and it’s a great option if you have pets. If you do not like the appearance of the texture, you’ll be more pleased to know that the darker you choose, the less texture you will see. Mid-toned woods reveal the texture the most and pretty light and pretty dark show it the least.

Another option is to choose white oak. White oak is like red oak, but a little less textured and a bit darker and does not have the reddish tones that red oak has. Besides, white oak is a little more resistant to water and a little harder, therefore it’s an excellent choice for adding hardwood to kitchens and entrances.

You will additionally notice some birches and maples in dark hardwood. These ones tend to be more valuable because these woods are less plentiful. They have the least texture. But, the paints come out a little blotchy in color, therefore be sure to look at this before you purchase. Some people like this, some hate it. And, there is hickory that is more rural and has more color choices among the boards. It is much more difficult than oaks or maples and tries to cover things more because of all the differences. This is an excellent option if you have pets and prefer a rural appearance. Hickory flooring usually requires more money as well.

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Protecting dark hardwood floors

The protection of dark hardwood floors is much similar to any other hardwood flooring. Dark hardwood floors reveal dirt and damages more, therefore you have to be a little more accurate.

1. Wearing socks

The oils of bare feet can cause footprints on the floor and it’s more obvious on dark floors. Plus, socks will hold your feet cleaner. Sandals are good, as well.

2. Getting in an additional layer of poly

If you want to sand and refinish your floors, make sure to get three layers of poly. The third layer can supply a 2 or 3 of life to your floors.

3. Taking off your shoes

Shoes can cause many damages to your floors, fundamentally because of the dirt and small stones that get trapped under them. So it’s better to take them off at the entrances.

4. Setting up a cleaning plan for your dark hardwood floors

As dark hardwood floors reveal dust more, I suggest cleaning at least once every day. Vacuuming is required once every week, particularly if you clean the dust every one to two days.dark hardwood flooring - hardwood area

5. Buying a good vacuum

Many people do not understand that you require another vacuum cleaner for wood floors than for carpets. They are designed in different ways and many carpet vacuums will scratch hardwood flooring.

6. Recoating and rolling the floors

This is a little-known trick that most flooring shops won’t tell you. This is a piece of preventative protecting advice. If you cover and recoat your flooring every three to four years before they get damaged, you may also be capable to withdraw sanding and refinishing it all together. This is a simple one-day process.

Is it true that dark hardwood floors make a place seem smaller?

People usually avoid dark floors because they are worried that it may make their place seem smaller. That is because dark paints swallow the light, but lighter ones reflect it more.

But, many things are included in how the size of a room will look and floors are just one factor. Do not forget that if you consider a room as a cube, the floors will be only one surface of the area.

You need opposition in a room, and it goes very well when you have dark floors and then takes a light color for the walls that describe four surfaces of that cube. Plus, there is the ceiling that will normally be painted white.

consider your floors as the palette and center for your place. Next, think about that you can put a lighter area carpet on the floors, as well as furniture and decorations. Therefore a great part of the floor is shaped by the lighter components.

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dark hardwood flooring - hardwood area

Some suggestions on making your place seem larger with dark hardwood floors

1. Adding carpets and rugs

Area rugs describe the room and add style and character. They additionally add some warmth and sympathy for you and your pets.

2. Going light on the walls

The walls get more area than the floors. And, picking a paint color with dark hardwood floors is much simpler.

3. Using natural light

Natural light makes the place look larger. Be certain that your window procedures do not obstruct the light as well as some trees or bushes that may exist outside the house. And, Be sure the windows are clear. It’s wonderful how much more light glows in when the windows are clean. And, of course, be sure your lights are powerful enough for the evening and night.

4. Furniture in lighter colors

Light-colored, white, and, off-white furniture will further make your place seem more open. Or pick a light gray hardwood floor couch instead of black. For kitchens cabinets in white colors work great, and they are also the most famous ones anyway.

5. Open house designs

Open floor plans make spaces look larger and of course, they are somewhat larger because there are fewer walls. It enables light to come across the rooms. If a completely open floor plan does not go with your money or purpose, think of doing half walls, opening entries, etc.

dark hardwood flooring - hardwood area

Is it true that dark hardwood floors show damages more?

It is true, they usually do. damages will be revealed more on dark-colored wood floors because the wood beneath is regularly lighter. And, dirt reveals more because there is more of a variation.

Dark floors in the kitchen

Dark wood flooring is super stylish and famous among kitchens hardwood floors because they make contrast very well with white cabinets which are the most common cabinet colors. They also go super well with the second most common kitchen cabinet paint, gray. And, of course, dark hardwoods are the most famous choices for the whole house.


Dark hardwood floors are gorgeous and they provide a high-class appearance for your house. There is a purpose they are the most famous these days. They are beautiful and simple to design with. Pick the one you like the most.

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