2021 Amazing Gray Hardwood Floors + Out Of Styles Floors

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gray hardwood flooring - hardwood area

Amazing Gray Hardwood Flooring To Buy Online and Out of style hardwood floors of 2021

Gray colors for hardwood have been increasing in reputation for the last 5-6 years. They are fashionable and attractive and you will find them in higher-end houses. They give your house a unique and up-to-date appearance. And, there’s also a pleasant little advantage that they manage to conceal dirt more.

Now, you can notice gray or sometimes term as gray-washed floors in a diversity of methods and finishes. You’ll notice light, mid or dark grays. You’ll notice grays blended with browns or beiges. You will discover some wire-brushed ones and some others that are smooth and even. And, you will notice some that have grain, knots, and distressed appearances. Most of the boards are more extensive, about 5 inches or wider, therefore they present you with a contemporary, large and spacious appearance. Or, they can also present you with a farmhouse and rural design, depending on your flavor and decoration.

Gray color hardwood floors work a little better on pre-finished floors as most constructors do not know the most proper way to refinish these floors, and you will notice more gray floors in an engineered form because it’s more comfortable and less pricey to do wider boards.

Notice that for those who have current hardwood floors and need to refinish them gray.
I’d give some information on choosing gray hardwood floors and some of the people’s preferences on the shops.

Advice on selecting gray hardwood floors

Here are some key points to think about when you want to choose gray hardwood flooring.

1. Solid or Engineered, which one?

Overall, I favor solid hardwood because it gives you the capacity to sand and refinishes multiple times. However, engineered wood usually runs great in warmer and more humid situations and houses or apartments that are built on a concrete plate. And, there are now several engineered outcomes that can be sanded.

You will notice that most broad gray woods appear in an engineered form because most people prefer more extensive boards when it comes to gray floors. Costs get much higher on wider solid wood boards.

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Do not forget that if you’re using solid hardwood in 5″ or wider, you will require to both nails and glue the boards because they develop and adjust more. This is a very simple mistake that Do-It-Yourselfer, amateur handymen, and common constructors make. Therefore, do not let it occur for you.

2. Width of boards

More extensive boards make your place seem more open. Most gray color hardwoods are 5″ or wider. Some even are as wide as 7 or 7 1/2 inches. While wider boards make your house seem more spacious, do not forget that if you have a very small place, a super-wide board such as 7″ or wider, will make it seem too wide and too fat.gray hardwood flooring - hardwood area

3. Wood species

Many gray hardwood floors go great with North American hardwoods like oak, particularly the white one, birch, and maple. Sometimes, you can notice some with hickory or ash. White flooring does not match well with red-toned woods such as American or Brazilian Cherry or pines, which normally have orange or reddish shades.

Birches and maples are lighter and more soothing, therefore the grays seem softer and less textured on these kinds. With some oaks and hickories, you will find a more powerful texture and more difference between the base color and the texture. it’s only a matter of taste.

Oaks have a more powerful texture, therefore if you like strong textures or need a wire-brushed or etched appearance, then you can select oak.

4. Level of glossiness

Many people prefer low gloss and even matte finishes currently, and when the subject is about gray floors, more people attract to matte. it just resembles better and more fashionable and works great for the appearance people are attempting to reach with this color of the wood. These types of colors need a water-borne polyurethane, therefore they are typically glorifying in appearance.

13 Gray hardwood floors

The fact is that sometimes it’s hard to describe what you love till you see it, therefore it’s better to look at some pictures on the internet and think about what you like more.

Which cabinet tones are the best matches for your gray flooring?

The first suggestions for cabinets would be white and ebony or black. If your floors are pretty light gray, then a mid or very dark gray will be great for cabinets. If your floors are dark gray, then a much lighter gray will be better. Be certain to do a gray-on-gray that they have plenty of opposition and are the same tone.

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Benefits of using gray hardwood floors

· Cover dirt more (because it’s similar in color)
· Match great with kitchen trends (white or gray countertops, white cabinets, chrome hardware, and, stainless steel instruments)
· Match great with cool colors
· Very fashionable

Which colors are the best matches for gray floors?

Usually, blues, white, navy, and conflicting grays work best with gray flooring. Also if your floor is light gray, a dark gray can be great. Or, if your wooden floors are dark gray, a light gray can be good.

Gray floors as a trend

They appear to be increasing in demand. Gray hardwood flooring has been increasing a lot for the last 10 years. They’ve been spreading among all kinds such as hardwood flooring, laminate floors, tile board flooring, and vinyl board flooring.
Nobody can foretell the future, particularly 10 years later, therefore they could go out of style 10 years from now. However, if that occurs, it will probably be time to refinish your hardwood floors. And, one of the benefits of hardwood floors is that they will remain for a lifetime and you are able to change the color paint so easily.gray hardwood flooring - hardwood area

Drawbacks of using gray hardwood floors

· Can usually cost more than standard paint colors. This is particularly true if you want to refinish your current hardwood flooring.
· Could go out of style in the next 10 years
· Oftentimes, they are a little harder to design with because these floors may restrict your color choices.

2021 out-of-style floors

Yellow colors

Yellow colors have become super old nowadays. When you pick a light color or even no paint color, and you utilize an oil-based polyurethane, you will obtain yellow floors. And, bypassing time, they amortize more from UV rays, therefore they become more yellow and sometimes orange depending on the wood and hardwood flooring paint color used. An easy solution to avoid this is to choose natural colors and utilize a high-grade water-borne poly.

Red tones

paint colors, as well as paints with red shades, are contrasting. And, they are challenging colors for decoration, particularly because cool colors are most common for either floors or walls.
The fact is that the browner you work with the paint, the more it will drown out the red.


About 10 years ago, bamboo was seen as an unfamiliar and interesting wood that seemed to be environmentally beneficial. Well, it has been failing because its only true advantage is that it’s cheap.gray hardwood flooring - hardwood area

Bamboo won’t remain well to scratches and damages, nor does it remain well to water, in comparison to other woods. And, of course, the guarantee of a green product has also been determined to fail, and it’s just a shopping trick.

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Foreign hardwoods

Many foreign hardwoods floors are red or have red or orange shades such as Brazilian cherry or Tigerwood. These kinds of wood are regularly more valuable, although their principal destruction is their color, reds, and oranges are very old and make limitations for your rooms’ color pallet.

Over the last 10 years, there has been much more of a favorite for homegrown residential woods. And, while so many people love the softer texture of foreign wood floors, they are more challenging to protect because they reveal damages much more.

Parquet floors

Parquet just seems so old and cheap. They will make your house seem busier and tinier. Over time, they depart more, therefore they will get out of adjustment and get dirty more.

These parquets are often used in older buildings because they could be stuck on top of concrete sub-floors and they cover flaws. Nowadays, most companies have stopped them, and they are sometimes challenging to repair.

If you now have parquet floors and can’t manage to restore them, I would recommend picking dark paint because this will hide the holes and spots more. Dark wood color will also make the floors seem less bustling.

Finishes that are bright or Semi-gloss

These ones are very old-aged, and they aren’t so efficient. Brighter floors are harder to protect because they reveal dirt, scratches, and damage more, because of the higher light reflection.

Therefore, you have to wash them more and you require to refinish them sooner.
Satin or opaque finishes are greatly preferred, as well as coatings that seem more natural like oiled floors). In current times we even notice variants of high-grade water-based polyurethane that seem more natural.


Consequently, these are some top trends for hardwood flooring for 2021 and beyond. Most of these woods have been created for years, and I assume they will increase more in popularity. You can notice that numerous of these trends are symbiotic and there is a definite preference for cooler colors, lower glow, and more detailed colors and textures. These trends are constant with paint color trends because the floors and walls require to match together in harmony.

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