6 Amazing Basement Wood Flooring Choices You Won’t Regret

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basement best flooring - hardwood area

Can you install hardwood floors in a basement in Malibu?

Of course, you can install hardwood flooring in a basement, as long as there is no water or moisture problem.

In Malibu, numerous basements are under grade or built right on the slab. Because of this issue, various basement wood floors, particularly the ones in older houses, usually have water problems or leaks or have extreme dampness. Sometimes the humidity can alter depending on the time of year.

If you have either of the problems, we at Hardwood Area would suggest that stay away from hardwood floors as well as the laminate floors. Numerous clients wrongly assume that laminate is waterproof, which is not! Alternatively, if you have damp problems, you are better off seeking a waterproof and water resilient covering like tile and vinyl.

If your house’s basement wood floor is under grade which means below the ground in Malibu, then you have to use an engineered hardwood floor instead of solid hardwood. Some engineered hardwood floors can be nailed and adhered and other engineered hardwood floors snap into position.
The decision among hardwoods is based on what kind of sub-flooring you have and how smooth it is.

If your sub-floor is PLYWOOD AND you are on ground base in Malibu, you are lucky. This indicates that you have a lot of versatility in your wood options. If you are on grade level, you can choose solid hardwood floors which can be nailed into the plywood sub-floor as well as engineered hardwood flooring which can likewise be nailed into the plywood sub-floor. This is the most suitable installation process and it requires a little less. From there, it is just based on which wood you like and how much money you have, of course.

If your sub-floor is PLYWOOD AND you are below the ground in Malibu, then you would have to place an engineered hardwood flooring, solid hardwoods floors are not recommended for below-grade places because there are large fluctuations in temperature and moisture which can make the flooring buckle and crack. Engineered hardwood floors are created in layers so that they can bear it better. You can read more about engineered hardwood floors on our website, https://www.hardwoodarea.com.

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basement best flooring - hardwood areaIf your subfloor is CONCRETE and you are under the ground in Malibu, you will have to utilize an engineered hardwood floor. If your flooring is soft, then you could place a regular engineered hardwood flooring by adhering to it. Your floors must be soft and moderately stable, otherwise, the glue will not adhere well to the surface and could rise. If the flooring is not even or level, it is necessary to smooth the flooring, although this can get pricey.

Alternatively, if your flooring is reasonably level but not soft, then you could choose a clickable wood floor that could be floated on top. Do not forget that if your flooring is rough, your floor can have lots of movement, just the same as laminate floors, and if it is very unlevel, you have to either straighten it or choose a different kind of flooring surface that can bear the unevenness.

If your sub-floor is CONCRETE AND you are on top of the ground level in Malibu, you have some options depending on your funds and how the house is built. The less costly way is to place an engineered hardwood floor on top of the concrete is to either adhere it or float it.

You also have the opportunity of placing a plywood sub-flooring and then placing solid hardwood floors on top. Solid hardwood flooring needs a plywood sub-flooring. If there is enough place, then you can place a 3/4 inches plywood sub-flooring. Collectively, you will be attaching 1.5″ to the height with the combination of the plywood and the solid hardwood floors, therefore it is necessary to control door heights and changes, particularly if you have any metal openings which are extremely challenging to or substitute.

You also have to look around the place to ensure there will not be other height problems, for example, if you have devices or cabinets there or change to other places. Therefore, if this will physically will operate, then it gets down to a statement issue because you require to spend additional for installing the plywood floors, and placing plywood floors over concrete is more costly vs. adding it to wood floor support.

With concrete, you have to utilize appropriate hilites and nail pieces to protect the plywood into the sub-flooring. The expenses can surely add up.
Therefore, if you add the plywood to your flooring, then you can utilize either kind of hardwood flooring, solid or engineered.
If you do not attach a plywood sub-flooring, you will require to utilize an engineered hardwood floor.

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The Most reliable Floor Choices for Basements in Malibu
Discover the best floor choice for your basement by analyzing price, convenience, endurance, looks, and installation details.
Many basements have streamed concrete flooring that is solid, level, and enduring. However, if you are preparing a basement repair plan, you will need a flooring rise to make the fresh living space more convenient, more beautiful, and simpler to keep clean.

The great news here at Hardwood Area is that you have got lots of basement floor choices to think about. Most maximum basement floor substances are DIY-friendly. Although it is necessary to remember that circumstances in the basement are distinctive than they are upstairs. These variations influence not only your floor options but also the way your floors are installed.

basement best flooring - hardwood areaSome Of The Best Basement wood Floor Choices

Epoxy Floors

This two-part layer can be used much like paint, though it produces a thicker layer that is normally softer, more long-lasting, and simpler to keep clean. With many epoxy operations, it is likely to spread plastic sheets or good sand over the surface immediately after treatment.
The sand gives texture, while the layers give both color and texture. Like painted floors, this floor strategy can be a great option for workshops and home gyms. Just ensure to examine the company’s guidance for safety matters. Some epoxy floors might produce dangerous fumes while applying and restoring.

Painted Floors

The least expensive finished flooring choice is also the most Do-It-Yourself-friendly one. If being cheap is a great priority and if you only intend to utilize your basement place as a working area or workout room, the paint can be your most suitable option.
The significant thing now is to select a paint formed for concrete flooring and correctly follow the guidance on the can of surface preparation, utilization, and drying time.

Vinyl planks or tile flooring

This basement floor choice gives an exceptional price for the money for the ones living in Malibu. Vinyl tile flooring and vinyl plank flooring are very simple to place, gratitude to their joints and you can also have these elements in an amazing diversity of models.

This floor can be produced to seem like different wood types or to look like a ceramic tile. Many kinds can be placed over concrete or subflooring. Placing a vinyl tile floor or vinyl plank floor is more comfortable than installing sheet vinyl floors, and any loss to the flooring can be restored simply, easily by substituting a tile or 2.

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Tile Floors

Placing the tile floors in all parts or some sections of your house’s basement gives you the chance to have some fun with the house’s style, while immediately wrapping up the concrete flooring.

Tile is obtainable in various dimensions and styles, and the cost range is fairly wide. If you buy in Malibu and arrange the installation yourself, tile flooring can be surprisingly cheap. However, this improves when you choose more expensive substances. No matter which one you select, ensure that your concrete flooring is in good shape. If there are holes or hard-surfaced places, these will have to be restored before the tile can be placed. If you need tile flooring that is not cold on your feet, use a basement subflooring before you place your tile.

basement best flooring - hardwood areaSheet vinyl floors

Purchasing a big roll of vinyl gives you fresh flooring for a very reasonable price. Sheet vinyl floors have other benefits, as well: They’re long-lasting, simple to clean, and available in a broad diversity of styles or patterns, providing you loads of options.

However, in the era you go for this alternative, consider how you would manage that big roll into your house’s basement wood floor, cut the roll to your favorable size, and fit it completely between the walls. That is correct–installation can be risky.

Sheet vinyl flooring has other limitations too: Toughness and irregularities in your house’s basement’s concrete flooring are anticipated to be revealed through the vinyl flooring. For the most excellent looks and a more sympathetic finished flooring, these floors should be placed over a subflooring.

Engineered hardwood floors

If you are intending for a high-end finished basement area in Malibu with the appearance and touch of real wood floor, there is great news. While solid hardwood floors are not proper for usage in basements, some kinds of engineered hardwood floors will work just nicely.


Comparable to plywood in its construction, this kind of floor has a thin coat of genuine wood, many distinct kinds are available, bonded to other hardwood layers or composite boards. Produced in boards with interlocking corners, basement-proper engineered hardwood floors appear with a permanent, factory-applied finishing.

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