2021 Best Engineered Hardwood Vs Laminate Floor In Malibu

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engineered hardwood vs laminate - hardwood areaEngineered Hardwood vs. Laminate Flooring & The Best Comparison In Malibu

People in Malibu usually confuse laminate floors and engineered hardwood flooring with each other as they can look just like each other. Although, despite identical looks, there are important differences between them.

Most importantly, engineered wood is made of a primary coating of solid hardwood while laminate utilizes a graphic sheet that is covered by a wear coating to get the wood-look cover.

An Introduction To Engineered Hardwood

Part hardwood flooring, part human-made substances, engineered hardwood floors offer the greatest of both classes. The real hardwood veneer cover gives the fashion and excellent appearance of naturally happening boards.

Engineered hardwood highlights a narrow veneer first layer of solid hardwood. The natural head coat makes engineered hardwood just as long-lasting as traditional woods and gives the corresponding timeless and classic appearance.

Then there’s the center of the board, normally created from films of plywood or fiberboard in high-density or you can call it HDF. These coatings are located perpendicular to each other, which forms a stable frame construction in the center.

The endurance and stability of the board come from this structure. A combination of wax and glue sticks this all to each other, which gives some water protection in comparison to solid hardwood.

engineered hardwood floor-hardwoodareaEngineered Hardwood Layering

Engineered hardwood is made of either structured sheets of plywood or from a particular solid layer of HDF.

Wear or Veneer sheet

Here is the place you see the veneer of natural hardwood that provides your floor its attractiveness and its unique appearance.

The hardwood veneer can be virtually any wood type you like, normally an old-growth hardwood such as oak or hickory flooring. Veneer films regularly expose the real sense of the wood with real cracks and knots.

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Center layer

HDF and Plywood centers give some humidity resistance, particularly if combined with wax or other water-repellent substances.

If you have a plywood center, the plywood sheets are situated to build a web structure, which gives stability and endurance. An HDF center is much denser than plywood, and it is a singular, solid sheet.

Backing part

This is the basis of the flooring. Normally it’s constructed of HDF or plywood.

Advantages of Engineered wood


An engineered hardwood floor can be placed on every level, making the opportunities infinite.


Engineered wood appears in hand-shaped, smooth, wire-brushed, and distressed coverings, providing you the opportunity of giving a little unique feeling to the product and matching it to your decoration.


Engineered hardwood floors give a more environmentally beneficial outcome and frequently use up to 70 percent repurposed hardwood consumption for the center and backing, which indicates all the recycle-loving people will support and it seems just as great on your floors in Malibu!

Disadvantages of Engineered wood


Not like solid wood which can be refinished, engineered hardwood flooring has a narrow wood coat on top. Always ask the Hardwood Area’s guidance before you think about refinishing. Trying to refinish the engineered hardwood could possibly destroy the product.

Way of thinking

Some people in Malibu prefer to acknowledge that hardwood is surely created of a solid hardwood board, exactly like buying designer jeans, you like to ensure it’s trustworthy. However, engineered hardwood is not created of 100 percent solid hardwood, you can consider it as “intelligent” hardwood, a true hardwood flooring that is much handier than a solid hardwood board. For some people, only solid wood will do, though, for many, the benefits of engineered hardwood flooring usually tip the scales.


  • Engineered wood is much more of an investment. Because the first veneer layer is real wood, it is single to every board with real twists and unique texture without any repeated pattern such as some laminates.

Because engineered hardwood looks, senses, and feels just like solid wood, it has a bonus value in comparison to laminate flooring.

An Introduction To Laminate

An inexpensive option to natural hardwood, laminate flooring is a long-lasting option that appears with a very realistic model layer that imitates hardwood boards or other substances such as stone or metal. Under this layer, you will discover a heart of particleboard constructed from heat-pressed hardwood fibers.

The laminate floors were the pioneer for true wood-look alike flooring in the years of the ‘70s, and other sorts of wood floors have taken on and have started releasing their authentic wood appearances. However, laminate flooring looks and senses like true hardwood and continues powerful as a favorite wood-look flooring gratitude to its low-protection cleansing system and a long-lasting, scratch-resistant facade.

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laminate flooring - hardwoodareaLaminate Floors Layering

Wear layer

The wear coating preserves the flooring from damages, scratches, and stains and gives the water resistance required for daily spills in Ventura houses, and is normally designed with texture. Numerous laminates are “Designed in Register” which means that the texture patterns are synchronized with the picture coat to produce an amazingly real wood-look flooring.

Model (image) layer

This contains the picture or pattern, giving the laminate appearance like wood. The picture layer can include more uneven, more real-looking shapes, and bonds exactly like the original one.

Center layer

A center layer provides the flooring its endurance and durability. This coat is normally constructed of medium-density that is compressed with fiberboard or aka HDF. This can immune water though isn’t significantly waterproof.

Backing part

Here is the backbone of a laminate board, supporting provide resistance for the flooring and serving to hold water from entering the floors from beneath.

Advantages of Laminate Floors


The laminate floor’s excellent stability makes it a great choice for high-traffic places or houses with children and pets.

Scratch protection

Laminate floors have a durable wear coating that preserves the flooring from damages, scratches, wear, and stains, all the stuff pets like to test the flooring on.

Simple cleaning and maintaining

Easily sweep or mop specks of dirt as required. No flooring wax is required.

Simple installation

Laminate floors are created as floating flooring, this means that it doesn’t protect the ground below.


Laminate flooring is a good-priced option in comparison to hardwood flooring.

Disadvantages of Laminate Floors

Not fully waterproof

While laminate has arrived from a long distance in its water-resistant abilities, it yet cannot bear standing puddles of water. Unlike vinyl floors, laminate floor’s water protection runs from top to bottom instead of bottom to top. If you have damp problems with your subflooring, you will however require a vapor barrier.

Noise and Sound

If placed unwell, laminate flooring can make an empty and hollow sound. Each product appears with precise hardwood floor installation guidance, and if you worry about it, you can always pick a specialist. Also, a great underlayment can arrange for a more peaceful and quieter laminate flooring.

Not true hardwood

While the first picture layer can highlight extremely realistic wood-appearance visuals, it’s yet not actual hardwood. It will not have an equal texture or touch in comparison to the solid hardwood veneer layer of engineered wood.

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Engineered wood vs. Laminate wood: The final comparison

engineered vs laminate flooring - hardwoodareaNow that you have the first things, let’s examine and compare engineered vs. laminate floors. Here’s how the 2 kinds of wood counterpart in the most significant sections to homeowners Ventura:


Of all the wood-look alike floor opportunities, laminate is the most well-priced. If the cost is critical to you, laminate floors give a quality, low-cost opportunity.

The Winner Is: Laminate floors


While laminate floors have come a hard way in buildings and diversity of images, engineered wood wins on its original attraction. With a solid wood first layer, engineered wood is as near as it takes to natural wooden flooring. Though as we all understand, appearance doesn’t tell the entire story.

The Winner Is: Engineered hardwood


Laminate’s strong, scratch-resistant damage coating makes this flooring powerful in the endurance section. The laminate floor is also growing in resistance to humidity. Meantime, engineered wood is a little weaker to damage and split because it has a real hardwood surface.

The Winner Is: Engineered wood


The laminate floor is far more comfortable to protect than engineered floors. Engineered wood is simple to clean, however, the substance also has more cracks and grains that can receive trash and dust, while the laminate floor is soft and simple to clean.

The Winner Is Laminate flooring.

Damp Protection

Both engineered and waterproof laminate floors are created of water-repellent substances like wax and glue. This indicates they are water-resistant, though not entirely waterproof. There are also solutions to place these flooring that can enhance moisture resistance, although they’re still not entirely waterproof.

The Winner Is: Tie!


Last Words

The winner of this competition depends on different things. Both are powerful, long-lasting flooring that is cheaper than natural hardwood, though laminate floors normally require less.

Both substances simulate a natural hardwood flooring elegantly, though if you’re all about natural elegance, you may prefer solid hardwood instead of engineered wood flooring.

Give each of these benefits and drawbacks some thought, and decide what circumstances are most significant to you. The best section? You can order free examples of both engineered wood and laminate floors from the Hardwood Area and compare them together and differentiate them for yourself.

Hardwood Area provides services and flooring installation in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, Calabasas, Camarillo, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Oxnard, and Ventura in a professional and quality manner.

Hardwood Area is located at The Oaks Mall, 2nd Floor, 474 West Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360, United States

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information or free consultation (+1 805-338-6952)

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