7 Best Hardwood Floor Design All Interior Designers Suggest

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hardwood floor design

Helpful Tips & Tricks In Hardwood Floor Designing and Refinishing

Hardwood is the central part of every house. They bring attraction and warmth to your homes, and they can work as a unifying symbol. At Hardwood Area we’re going to give some hardwood floor design information for the people who want to buy new hardwood floors or refinish their current hardwood. These teachings should apply to practically all designing methods.

1. highlight one or two areas, depending on the design of your house.

Note that this only works in some homes, depending on the design and size of the house and also funds. Often, there are buyers who are adding one or two areas of hardwood and they already have hardwood in the rest of the rooms. Sometimes, it seems classy and unique to highlight one or two rooms.

For instance, if want to attach hardwood to the living room or another big room, it’s better to think of adding a more extensive board and fixing it diagonally. This will make your place seem more spacious and help match the new wood and old one together. particularly if for example, the dining room and living room wood pieces fit in different ways. It goes mainly well in rooms that are square.

If you want to add hardwood to an entrance, and if it’s big enough and the form lets you, you may think of adding a border and then putting the hardwood inside the border diagonally. Or, you could try a chevron or a herringbone model.

Sometimes, I’ve noticed the borders or herringbone look accurate when they are in the living room and dining room which are divided by an entry with a single straight order. Combining a little bit of talent can make your home seem very special. Although, be informed that these systems of designs require more money because of the more complex operation, attached wood, and sometimes more valuable parts of the wood.hardwood floor design

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Do not overwork. If you add herringbone or borders in all of your rooms, they no longer seem unique.

And, think about the style you are going to choose. Borders and other woods are more common; chevrons and diagonals are more modern.

2. Choosing more extended boards if you are installing new hardwood flooring

Wider boards are more fashionable. They make your room seem more spacious and of course, there are fewer holes within the boards. The norm in most houses is 2 1/4″ and if you are searching to attach to what you have, you may want 2 1/4″ for stability. Although, if you are beginning from damages and placing new hardwood floors (or attaching them to the second floor), I’d suggest going a little more extensive for example 3 1/4″ or wider.

3. Choosing a satin surface. for fashion, practicality, and durability

The satin finish is one of the most famous finishes. Satin seems fabulous and classy and reveals dust, scratches, and damages less. It manages to seem much longer as well. Satin is even more critical for busy and crowded places such as kitchens and entrances.

4. Choosing the floor colors before the paint colors.

choosing a floor satin is much more limited than choosing paint and its options. so it is more intelligent to decide this at first and choose the paint color(s) later. Frequently people apply a similar stain color on all floors but alter the paint colors via rooms. it’s another reason to decide the floor paint first. The floors require to unify everything.

usually, housekeepers will paint their floors more than refinish them…or at least paint one or two areas, so you need a stain color that will have endurance and runs in all places.

Plus, make sure the color of the flooring matches the kitchen furniture. don’t forget that, White cabinets are one of the most famous cabinets and will fit with practically any floor coloring.

It’s better to choose between:
· Warm tones vs. cool tones: Warm colors can be golds, reds, and cool colors can be, grays, browns, and blues.
· Dark floors vs Light floors, and the combination of the color.

please notice that there are no right or wrong responses here. It depends on what YOU like or don’t like.

5. Using similar kinds and colors in all places

Using the same sorts and painting colors in all areas makes your place seem more open and extra cohesive. The less you alter colors or surfaces from room to room, the bigger your house will be seen and feel. By the way, this is one of the reasons so many people are attracted to hardwood floors in kitchens and also entryways. you can modify the width of the boards of wood in some places if you want but save the same sorts and color completely.hardwood floor design

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Most houses now have some hardwood and it’s commonly oak wood. don’t forget that there are two main kinds of oak. Red oak and white oak, and if you are combining wood to extra places for example kitchen or entrance), it’s necessary to identify whether you want to have red oak or white oak so then you can match.

6. Choose which of the hardwood flooring styles would you prefer

Again, there are no right or wrong responses about this. This is depending on what you prefer and the form you are going for. Do you like a more classical appearance or a more modern appearance? What is the style of your house and how do you want it to seem?

preferring on more or less graining?

· Commonly, red oak has more texture than white oak
· Commonly extremely dark and extremely bright tones show less texture.
· Commonly lower ranks of wood have more knots and color contrasts (for example, rustic or cabin grade vs clear, Select grade, and rifted)
· Commonly birch, maple, and exotic hardwoods (such as Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Walnut flooring, Santos Mahogany)

which one do you prefer? more or less color variety?

· Usually, foreign hardwoods such as Brazilian cherry, Brazilian Walnut, Mahogany) have much more tone variety. Oak is the one that has less color variation among woods.
· Higher ranks of wood have less variation than lower ranks, for example, cabin grade, rustic, etc.

preferring on lighter or darker woods?

· Oak is generally light however can be painted pretty dark (or any color in between). It is the same issue about Hickory flooring.
· Maple and birch are typically brighter than oak and usually, they are called blonde). They can be painted, but these woods are blocked hole ones, therefore they are more challenging and valuable to paint and frequently come out having stains.
· Foreign woods are regularly redder and darker and they can not be painted into lighter colors.

And, regularly, oak serves to be most general and least expensive, because it’s more plentiful.

7. Plan for a long time when you are deciding on the wood and varieties

don’t forget that hardwood floors should remain a lifetime. there are many floors from the 1700s and 1800s which now are refinished. Fashions and colors vary over time. Hardwood got damaged. Accidents occur. And, finally, you may probably sell your house (to people who might have various color choices.)hardwood floor design

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If you have solid hardwood floors, you are well preserved, and you can refinish them several times. You can also modify the color if you wish or you can keep it. If you sell your house to someone else, they can change the floors to make it suits their tastes.

here are Some woods that have not endured the test of time:

· Engineered wood – usually, it can’t be refinished, so if these woods are scratched, they require to be substituted.
· Pegged wooden floors with thick and extensive diagonal corners. besides, the truth is that these woods seem busy and very old, the large dark beveled points don’t sand out. And these obtain lots of dirt.

· Parquet – The bulk of the parquet is low-priced and very old. It seems busy and it makes your wood floor seem smaller. Over years, the stickiness loosens because of time and heat, and some of the parts slide around and there will be holes. This is a very old appearance and most new homeowners want to substitute it. Notice that you should not be confused with the extreme high-end parquet that is often described as marquetry and is so elegant and attractive. Most of this was designed in the late 1800s or early 1900s and can be appreciated.

So think forward to the long time when you want to buy hardwood. Make sure to choose a hardwood that you admire and can live with it for a long time and/or refinish to match your tastes.

Plus, always consider the future renovations you may do. Are you thinking of adding an extension? Is it possible that you would take down a wall later? Are you going to renovate your kitchen later? How does that affect your hardwood flooring? Will you be capable to attach more wood and harmonize it later? It’s better if you plan forward for what you may do. So this can help you make a wiser decision.

hardwood floor designConclusion

Positively, these pieces of advice are necessary. The 2 best bits of advice I can give you are to pick what you like and to think of your house holistically. The color paint of wood floors and walls and the overall color you like to install. I’d also suggest you watch other people’s houses and see what you prefer and what you don’t.

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