3 Best Waterproof & Scratch-Resistant Floors You Will Love

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waterproof flooring - hardwood area

Some Of The Best Waterproof And Scratch-Resistant Flooring In Thousand Oaks

There will be places and rooms that will explain the need of utilizing a floor that is both scratch-proof and waterproof. If you, for instance, own pets in your home, your flooring must have high scratch resistance that can remain well against potential damages and scratches that their nails could make. The floor must be water-resistant, giving you much time to clean the urine before it can make lasting damages.

Other places that may need the same kind of floor could be a kitchen, mudroom, home workshop, public shower rooms, garage, and any other places that will be exposed to high quantities of humidity, and traffic or movements. The right floor for these sorts of areas should both have great water resistance and high scratch-resistance features to remain a lifetime.

The listing of floors here in the Hardwood Area includes the ones that are both waterproof and scratch-resistant in Thousand Oaks. Before you continue to the list though, you have to learn the difference between the terms water-resistant and waterproof floors, and also the difference between the terms scratch-proof or scratch-resistant floors.

What are the Differences Between Waterproof and Water-Resistant Flooring In Thousand Oaks?

Waterproof floors are the ones that are built from materials that do not get influenced by high water or high humidity exposure while water-resistant floors are the ones that can resist water and any non-corrosive liquids for only a short amount of time before it begins getting damaged.

Except for highly acid liquids, waterproof flooring will not warp, swell, or bloat even when immersed for long periods in any kind of liquid. Water-resistant flooring, on the other hand, will finally swell, warp, and bloat when their water-resistance deadline has been reached. The water-resistant floors are held protected against liquids differs from product to product and from situation to situation.

What are the Differences Between Scratch-Proof and Scratch-Resistant Floors In Thousand Oaks?

The differences between scratch-proof and scratch-resistant floors are very similar to how you describe the terms waterproof and water-resistant floors.
When it comes to scratch-proof flooring though, there are no real scratch-proof flooring yet and most of them are only high scratch-resistant floors. They can however be damaged when done intentionally, with the proper material, and utilizing the right amount of strength.
Bear in mind that, the list of floors below includes the ones that are waterproof and are high scratch-resistant at the equal time.

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3 Most Excellent Waterproof and High Scratch-Resistant Floors In Thousand Oaks

Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles

waterproof flooring - hardwood area


Pretty simple to clean.
At a cheap cost.
Porcelain tiles have non-slip choices.
Available in a diversity of styles to pick from.
Has opportunities for wood and stone styles.
Works excellent with some underfloor heat systems.
High scratch resistance.
Scratch proof.


Smooth ceramic tiles can be slippery when they are wet.
Though and cold to the feet.
Not a DIY-friendly kind.
Incorrect installation can lead tiles to break or cut off.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are floors that are created from a mix of clay minerals, water, and sand, hardened and baked into a long-lasting material. Both ceramic or porcelain tiles are hard-wearing flooring and will remain with the correct consideration and preservation. More economical tiles can remain for up to twenty years though, higher quality ones could go for up to a hundred years.

Porcelain tiles are more difficult and thicker alternatives to ceramic tiles in Hardwood Area, although they seem the same, porcelain tiles are properly suited for high-traffic spaces. Most high-end tiles are porcelain, although higher valued than ceramic tiles, they are still comparatively cheaper in comparison to other floor choices.

You can usually recognize them visually by the tile corners. Porcelain tiles have a sharper-edged form profile, but ceramic tiles have a rounded-edged form profile. They also are more uniform in size tile to tile in comparison to ceramic tiles, which makes it likely to install them with smaller grout lines. Porcelain tiles are a higher and upgraded variant of ceramic tiles.

Both of them are strong and cold to the feet, however, you can place underfloor heating to pay for that. Both have high-scratch protection and will go well in houses with dogs or cats. They cannot get scratched as well.

They are not a DIY-friendly kind though and you will have to use someone professional to install these for you. An incorrect installation can make the ceramic or porcelain tile floor chip-off or cut in the future.
Both are so simple to clean, and normally only require a quick sweeping and vacuuming to have it clean. Avoid utilizing very hard chemicals on more affordable tiles because they can thin out the first layer and wear the tiles faster.

Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are aesthetically handy and are available in many textures, colors, designs, and sizes in Thousand Oaks. They can even be utilized as great options for wood or stone flooring because they are also available in excellent-looking wood or stone finishes. You can utilize them in areas that need wood floors though has to be both high scratch-resistant and waterproof at a similar time.

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Most ceramic tiles are smooth and can be tricky when they are wet, though porcelain tiles give non-slip choices that have excellent traction even when wet. They can also be installed outside the house.

Concrete Floors

waterproof flooring - hardwood area


Very strong and tough.
Will remain a lifetime when sustained well.
Very simple to clean.
Will work with underfloor heating.
Extraordinary scratch resistance.
Scratch proof.


Tough and cold to the feet.
Depending on the top layer, it can be slippery when it’s wet.
Limited in the design perspective.

Concrete floors in Thousand Oaks are generally used for places with the least, contemporary, or industrial kind designs. They are very long-lasting and strong and if sustained well, can remain the lifetime of your home or structure.

Concrete flooring requires to be sealed to make them stain-proof too, though they are 100 percent waterproof and will not get scratched even if immersed for a long time. Different types of coating can be used on concrete flooring, there can be some kinds though that can make the flooring slippery when they are wet.

It is hard-wearing and has high dent and scratch resistance, which makes it one of the most ideal floors to utilize for high-traffic places. They are also scratch-proof and can resist any high-impact actions. You can utilize this flooring for a house workshop or house gym.

However, they are normally grey, you can combine them in other colors in the concrete combination to give the floor a little character. Concrete flooring can be stained for a more customized appearance design.
Concrete flooring can also be polished or stamped with a particular pattern to combine some texture.
Concrete flooring is strong and cold to the feet, though you have a choice to install underfloor heating to pay for that.

Vinyl Floors

waterproof flooring - hardwood area


So simple to clean.
A DIY-friendly kind
Available in many colors and patterns.
Has opportunities for real wood and stone looks and texture.
Goes well with underfloor heating
High scratch resistance to a specific degree.


Can file bumps and rough surfaces of the subfloor if the hardwood floor installation is not performed accurately.
Can get enduringly scratched.
Cheaper goods can fade over time.

Vinyl floors in Thousand Oaks are a completely manufactured resilient flooring material created mostly from polyvinyl chloride or PVC, which makes it 100 percent waterproof. Vinyl flooring is possible in several alternatives and they can be described differently by diverse companies, though they are generally identified as vinyl sheets, luxury vinyl planks (LVP), vinyl tiles, and, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT).

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They are one of the most affordable flooring choices you can utilize in the Hardwood Area, which are both waterproof and have high scratch protection. They are also a DIY-friendly kind, which means anyone can simply learn how to place these themselves.
But for the rigid core models, the vinyl floor is comparatively thin and soft. This can be a matter if you have a rough or incomplete subfloor, and without accurate arrangement, these flaws can file to the vinyl flooring when installed.

Because vinyl flooring is resilient, they have a little of a “give”. In most circumstances, they normally jump back to their primary shape, though they can get lastingly scratched if a heavy thing, like a piece of very heavy machine, is located over a concentrated spot on the flooring.
However, more affordable products fade faster, they can remain up to 10 to 20 years. Most higher-quality vinyl flooring, such as luxury vinyl floors, can remain much longer.

Very like ceramic and porcelain tiles, vinyl flooring is beautifully handy and is also prepared in several colors, textures, and designs. They are also a great option for wood and stone floors because they have opportunities for excellent-looking wood and stone designs. Unlike ceramic or porcelain tiles, they can be placed straight edge to edge without the requirement of grouting.
Utilize vinyl sheets if you need seamless-looking flooring. They are normally utilized in high-traffic business places like in hospitals, or schools.


Luxury vinyl plank flooring, the LVPs or LVTs in Thousand Oaks, are common choices for houses because they have great opportunities for realistic-looking wood patterns, most suitable for houses that require waterproof and high scratch-resistant floors. These are available in a flexible peel-and-stick method or with rigid centers that are caught together and can be placed as a floating flooring.

Want to know more about waterproof flooring in Thousand Oaks? Visit our website hardwoodarea.com/blog and read our other articles about waterproofing in Thousand Oaks.

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