Best Way To Install Vinyl Plank Flooring + 5 Tricks You Need

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luxury vinyl plank flooring - hardwood area

Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring In Thousand Oaks

No doubt you purchased the vinyl plank floors in Thousand Oaks as much for the efficiency of installation as you did for its appearances. While you could have bought solid wood or engineered hardwood or porcelain tile floors or ceramic floors, you might well have picked vinyl floors as you understood you could do it all on your own and pretty cheaply.

Of all of the DIY flooring covers, vinyl plank floors which are also recognized as luxury vinyl floors are one of the easiest options for installation. It is so simple to cut, needs no bonding to the subflooring, and is snapping together end-to-end type or edge-to-edge type. Vinyl plank floors are also perfect for high-humidity places like basements and bathrooms because the material is totally inaccessible to water.

Hardwood Area Guidance

luxury vinyl plank flooring - hardwoodarea1. Prepare the Layout of Floors

Vinyl plank floors, such as laminate floors or wood floors, require to have a plan that is delightful to the sight. Commonly, this is performed by operating from the most obvious wall, normally, the one wall that catches the eye as you enter the place, then going outside toward the entrance. In a tiny bathroom, the most noticeable row may be the one that goes beside the bathtub.

You’ll put the first line of boards parallel to the most notable wall or place feature, then go your way over the place. Your last line may be insignificantly rough as few places are surely square. Though baseboards or footwear moldings will normally cover this unevenness.

Design to reel lines so that end connections do not fall at the corresponding point for the next lines. Hardwood Area suggests that end joints be compensated at least 6″ from line to line.

2. Removing Trims

For the efficiency of the hardwood floor installation, it is constantly great to eliminate the trim that makes communication with the flooring. Ideally, this involves baseboards, base footwear decorations, and case decorations around doors. Usually, eliminating doors from their joints helps with installing, as well. 

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The doorcase frame is comparatively simple to replace and remove, and eliminating it creates a more reliable installation. If you don’t want to remove entrances trims or if you have projections that can’t be eliminated, you can cut the vinyl floors to match around these restrictions.

The Trim frame is normally connected with thin brad-like nails, and it can be eliminated by precisely pulling it off with a flat pry bar. To exclude the brads from trims, pull them right through the decoration from the backside, utilizing pliers. If the trimming is yet in great form after removal, put it aside for re-installing after the flooring has been placed.

3. Make the Vinyl Plank Flooring Ready

Vinyl plank flooring can regularly be placed directly over current floors, though if there are any high places, they have to be sanded down to form a flush surface for the fresh floorings. Your purpose is to make the smoothest, flattest surface that is possible as the underlayment for the vinyl board floors.

If you want to place vinyl plank floors on a concrete subflooring, fill the holes or cracks with a concrete filler.

If you want to place the floors on a plywood subflooring, fill any holes with a floor-leveling mixture.

luxury vinyl plank flooring installation - hardwoodarea4. Examine the Front Line of Planks For Fitting

Analyze the first line of vinyl boards down the length of your walls. From a visual point of view, the floor plan will be most delightful if cut boards are of approximately equivalent lengths at the opposing sidewalls.

Begin with a complete plank at the middle, and go to either part, so that cut boards at the edges will be of equivalent length. Leave a 1.4″ hole at the wall and the edges; spacers could be installed facing the walls to place this expansion hole.

5. Trim Boards to Proper Size

Cutting vinyl boards to size is comparable to the way drywall boards are cut. At first, utilize a carpenter’s square and efficiency knife to obtain somewhat through the front face of the board.

Operate the knife gently across the surface of the board multiple times instead of attempting to split it in one pass. Luxury vinyl plank floors are tricky and slippery, therefore be really cautious when pulling back on the edge. On the other hand, you can utilize a fine-tooth saw to split right through the whole board. 

Next, flip the plank over so that the finished facade is facing downward. Gather the board back. It might snap off itself. If not, complete the splitting by gently working the utility knife into the fold.

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6. Connect the Floor Boards

Most maximum lvp connect end-to-end or edge-to-edge by a folding type and a lock type of tongue-groove method. One board is placed smoothly on the subflooring, while another board is kept at a point and put into the front board’s bearing groove.

Folding the secondary plank till it lies even and parallels to the primary plank helps to pull the planks together and secure them in position.

Once the front line is set, continue along with the flooring with the following lines, first attaching the boards end-to-end, then placing the new line along the side of the previous line, and then folding its tongue into the groove of the earlier line.

Ensure that edge joints are reeled so they are at most limited 6″ away from the last joints in the prior line.

Installation Tip & Tricks

At the last boards in a line, the end tip connections can be complicated to apply. A drawbar device can be utilized to smoothly remove the end board to snug up the joints. Pin one edge of the device over the very end of the board, next tap gently on the opposite end of the tool to pull the butt joint collectively.

luxury vinyl plank flooring - hardwoodarea1. Cut the Projections

Where you find problems like door moldings or floor pipes and ducts, vinyl planks could be formed by a utility knife or simply cut to the wanted form with tin snips or heavy-duty store scissors.

2. Fit Boards Throughout Projections

After doing all the cutouts, firstly connect the board to the adjacent board while keeping the cut-out board up, at an angle. Then gently fold down the cut-out board till it secures into position with the adjacent board.

Vinyl flooring is adaptable enough that it can normally be inclined adequately to become fit around opening moldings and other projections. Depending on the characteristics of the barrier, it might be essential to strike past boards to drive the cutout board into place.

3. Cut and then Fit the Last Boards

At the last wall, the latest line of boards might require to be cut longitudinally to become fit. Ensure to trim it narrow adequately to implement a 1/4″ hole between the boards and the wall. Longitudinally cuts are finely done with a utility knife controlled by a high straightedge, utilizing many ways of the knife till the boards are formed to the wanted sizes.

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Similarly, with prior lines, connect these narrow boards end-to-end, then wrap the tongues into the grooves of the preceding line. If required, a drawbar could be utilized to tug this last narrow board into position against the former line.

4. Trim Molding and its Reinstallation

After the flooring is installed, re-install the baseboards and cut. Nail it with a hammer manually, when probable, can simply break the trim, while a brad nailer doing this job without any effort.

If you want to do manual nailing, utilize a nail-set to break the pin ends below the facade of the trim. If the level of your hardwood flooring has been constructed adequately, it might be essential to trim the edges of door frame moldings to suit the decreased area.

Trimming Tip & Tricks

You might need to utilize this chance to substitute shoe shapings or other trim, particularly if the former trim was broken or destroyed when it was dismissed. Fresh shapings placed alongside new floors go for a pretty glossy, beautiful appearance.

luxury vinyl plank flooring - hardwoodareaHOUSE RESALE PRICE AND LV FLOORS

The resale price of luxury vinyl floors in Thousand Oaks is just not as great as it has to be. It is the sacrifice of being a brand-new floor that has not entirely caught on still, and we at Hardwood Area believe currently laminate floors have a better resale price in most maximum shops.

Most homeowners hear the word “vinyl” and think you’re talking about sheet vinyl floors, which is estimated one of or the lowest priced kinds of floors. Numerous people don’t recognize the distinction between the 2, which is a huge difference, as numerous real estate sites and arrangements just allow for “vinyl,” and won’t let you define luxury vs sheet.


With this in your memory, eventually, homeowners worry about appearance, endurance, and prestige when Hardwood Area talks about purchasing a house and floors. Luxury vinyl tiles or LVTs meet the first 2 criteria, it simply requires shaking the contrary fame of sheet vinyl.

The time it happens, Hardwood Area believes luxury vinyl tile will jump laminate floors though yet be behind hardwood floors in terms of value.

Hardwood Area provides services and flooring installation in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, Calabasas, Camarillo, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Oxnard, and Ventura in a professional and quality manner.

Hardwood Area is located at The Oaks Mall, 2nd Floor, 474 West Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360, United States

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information or free consultation (+1 805-338-6952)

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