COREtec Plus: An Amazing 2021 Flooring You Should Not Miss

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coretec plus flooring - hardwood area

COREtec Plus, a waterproof and luxury vinyl that Looks like hardwood and endures to water

Introducing Coretec Plus

Coretec Plus is the ideal combination of structure and function. It is the best quality and classy vinyl that seems and tastes real, and it’s created to endure in places that may have humidity like kitchens, basements, and, bathrooms. Coretec looks similar to hardwood, the boards are similar to an engineered hardwood and seem much more realistic than laminate. Many consumers do not even recognize they are seeing vinyl when they see it. That’s because of how original it seems. This is the most innovative floor stock of these 10 years.

Coretec Plus appears in luxury vinyl boards that seem similar to hardwood and luxury vinyl tile that seem similar to tile, concrete and, real stone. I fancy the hardwood design opportunities because they are more fashionable and seem more natural.

These vinyl boards and tiles are different parts with curved sides and original character and texture, therefore they seem natural incredible layer vinyl or cheaper types of vinyl or laminate that have affected graphics. The boards are placed in various ways so they seem much more like actual hardwood.

Coretec Plus provides you a luxury appearance and gives you the ideal way when you need a hardwood look, but there’s no need to get worried about water and humidity. It’s an excellent product as it explains lots of difficulties at one time therefore homeowners don’t need to negotiate. My constructors like it because it is a great product for consumers and it’s a thing that you can stand behind.

Coretec endures to water and washes up simply, therefore there is no need to worry about water problems in the kitchen such as the dishwasher’s moisture, pet damages from water dishes, drops while you are cooking.

The Creation of Coretec Plus

Coretec Plus is a definite high-end vinyl created in four layers, you can see three of them and 1 you can’t. The first layer which is notable is the luxury vinyl plank. It is created completely from a color paint, texture, and graining attitude, therefore it seems and senses real. The next one is the cleared wear coat which takes care against extreme damage and allows you to clean it easier. The central layer is from recycled limestone, bamboo dust, and wood and the last coat is a connected cork underlayment.

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These four layers are all waterproof.

The cork substrate benefits in several various ways. First, it attaches a little bit of cushioning. Therefore, this 2021 floor has a little more to present and it is more comfortable on your feet. Besides, it will support cover minor flaws in the floor. Do not forget that it will not hide steep or major roughness. It also provides a bit of cover because of the cork’s air pockets. Cork is originally antimicrobial therefore it is flexible to mold. And, the added cork support will also help the noise penetration.

The installation of Coretec

Coretec Plus is a floating floor which means that it matches together, the same process that a laminate is placed and is guarded at the sides of the place by the base frame. Since it’s a floating floor and does not require to be bound or stuck, it has more adaptability to wherever it can be placed.

It can be placed straight on the surface of concrete, and if your floor has insignificant flaws, there is no need to be worried about floor preparation and softening the space out. This compares with an adhesive down vinyl flooring that requires softening, regularly by a few skim layers, because sticking vinyl will flash all the flaws. As Coretec Plus is hard and thicker than adhesive vinyl, it will cover the insignificant flaws in the floor. The added cork substrated assists with it too.coretec plus flooring - hardwood area

While I would suggest expert hardwood flooring installation, skilled DIYers can place Coretec, because it is a floating clickable floor. If you feel certain about installing laminate, you could reasonably place this floor as well. But the critical part with all floating floors is the sides.

This floor can be placed under grade which means that it can be installed in places that are under the ground like basements, on grade which means on the ground, and higher levels, therefore it’s a very adaptable floor.

As it is a floated floor, it can be placed in any orientation. It can be prepared in a straight position or a diagonal way and does not depend on your support’s direction. Usually, I suggest attending the longest dimension of the area because it is more pleasant and makes your place seem more open from an aesthetic point of view. You can adjust the orientation of the floor in various rooms, but normally, it seems better to just pick one way and hold up with it.

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Color range and styles for Coretec

Coretec Plus has a broad variety of colors. They have light Mountain Oak, Rocky, dark, reds, and some grays or whitewashes. The 7 feet length has more whitewashes or grays.

Coretec Plus benefits

· It can be placed on top of most surfaces which includes tile, concrete, and hardwood granted that the floor is almost steady

· Coretec Plus can be placed on the radiant heat

· Coretec Plus doesn’t need to be set aside for compatibility on the contrary from engineered hardwood or laminate, therefore this reduces the timeline

The reasons why Coretec Plus is more beneficial than Engineered Wood

· Prices are less
· moisture-proof and Waterproof floor
· More enduring and remain better to damages
· No compatibility is required therefore you can place it faster.
· Less noisy
· Problem: It is not a real kind of hardwood flooring.coretec plus flooring - hardwood area

The reasons why Coretec Plus is more beneficial than laminate

· Coretec Plus is waterproof but laminate is not. Besides, laminate bends with humidity and if it wraps it won’t be repaired. Laminate also does exfoliate when it becomes wet after cleaning.
· Seems much more accurate and more real. Boards are single parts, while many laminates are 8 feet wide with a view that resembles many parts together.
· More permanent
· No compatibility is required therefore you can place it faster.
· Less noisy.
· Problem: It requires a little more than laminate

The reasons why Coretec Plus is more beneficial than Tile?

· Warmer on feet
· Prices are less
· simpler to clean
· more comfortable on feet
· Won’t get damaged

What are the disadvantages of Coretec Plus?

I think the biggest problem is that Coretec Plus does not work well when your floors are so rough. As it is a floating floor, the boards will dent or move a little when you walk on them if your floor is very rough.

If this isn’t a big deal for you, then it’s not a problem. But if it does bother, then you would have to upgrade the floor before placing it. Notice that if your floors are much rough and you don’t spend in the self-leveling mixture, the boards could fall apart.

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The other insignificant problem is that the vinyl can get damaged when you move large and heavy things such as refrigerators on top of it. Now it occurs on almost every other floor. The thick layer provides an extra assurance, but it’s better not to drag sharp things or very heavy things over your floors. Additionally, it’s almost easy to substitute a part or two if you want to later.

Coretec Plus waterproofing

According to the company, it is totally waterproof, therefore the floors can be placed in wet areas and will never distend when exposed to water. Coretec is durable and won’t increase or decrease under standard circumstances.

Please do not forget that if you have the main floor or lasting water, Coretec Plus should be eliminated. Rising water can cause a lot of harm to your house when it’s lying there and staying captured. Consequently, if you have a significant flood, I would suggest eliminating the Coretec Plus very carefully. Next, let it completely dry out and then reinstall it.coretec plus flooring - hardwood area

The one difference Hardwood Area has observed is when you have a sewerage problem. If you have sewage, you have to exclude the floor, no matter what kind it is. I believe this is clear, but I would be negligent if I don’t notice it. Some consumers had sewage in their basements. Half of their house’s floors had to be excluded, but the rest was accurate and then half of it was restored.


Coretec Plus is an innovative stock that is long-lasting and looks fabulous. It resolves many problems and it’s an excellent choice for places that may get humid or wet and have insignificant moisture. You know it’s a magnificent outcome when your constructor loves it and suggests it. There are many Coretec Pluses installed in many basements which include luxury $1 or $2 million houses, kitchens hardwood floors, and apartments and there haven’t been any complaints about it from the consumers. So I extremely suggest it.

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