Dark Hardwood Flooring VS Light Flooring | Pros & Cons 2021

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dark hardwood flooring vs light wood - hardwood area

The advantages and disadvantages of dark hardwood flooring vs light hardwood flooring?

When the subject is about hardwood flooring, there is no one-of-a-kind wood for everyone. Some people like light floors while others like dark ones.

And the things that are suitable for your friends may not be suitable for your house.
There are No perfect floors. It’s only a matter of what your taste is. There are varieties and only you have to choose which things are most significant to you and your family.

Here I mentioned some factors to think about when you want to choose the color of your hardwood floors:

· which colors do you like, which colors do you favor?
· How did you design your house? What is the style of your decoration?
· Do you have a crowded house or Do you have pets?
· How much do you clean the floors? How important is it to you when it comes to damage and dirt occurrence?
· What are the measurements of the rooms? What are the colors of the walls? and will you repaint them later?
· What is the best match for your furniture? What color matches the best with your kitchen cabinets?

The most in style and modern dark hardwood flooring paint colors

In some cities, dark hardwood floors are becoming a trend over the last few years and resume to grown in reputation.

However, just because dark is a new trend, doesn’t mean it can surely be the best decision for you. There are benefits and problems to both of them, keep reading.dark hardwood flooring vs light wood - hardwood area

Which floor requires more money?

This one depends on if you want to do pre-finished floors or refinish the current ones. If you want to place a pre-finished floor, the price is regularly the same for all tones on boards. Though, costs can be different based on sorts as well as a trademark.

If you are going to refinish the existing floors, usually natural can be less expensive than paint. And, if you want to improve to gray tones or whitewash, the payments will be a little more.

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Which one do you clean more easily, dark hardwood flooring or light?

Light hardwood floors have a definite benefit in this part. They do reveal less dirt than the dark ones. But, if you extremely love dark woods, choose a dark color that is somewhat lighter such as dark walnut rather than jacobean or jacobean over ebony. Plus, pick a satin finish because this reveals dirt, damages, scratches, and flaws less, despite paint color. it is also more fashionable.

And, of course, there is always the opportunity to clean more and take off your shoes at the entrance. Both of these will absolutely help to maintain your wood floors longer, too.

Do dark floors make the place seem smaller?

Dark floors will make your house a little smaller but light floors will make it seem a bit more spacious. However, the combination of tones on the floors and walls gives you the entire result and the wall space is more than floor space.dark hardwood flooring vs light wood - hardwood area

Dark floors work more properly in bigger houses and houses with more spacious rooms and open floor plans.

If you like to choose dark floors and you are worried that your house will seem over dark, reconsider going lighter in the staining and think of adding the above lighting or more light to your house. More floating window strategies that display more windows can help.

Which one has a higher value for reselling, dark floor or light floor?

Notice that, there are two parts to this equation, the numerator gives the decision, and the denominator looks at the price.

The trend/favorite is quite dark tones currently which are accompanied by very light. And, in common, red tones are less attractive. They polarize, therefore if you want to trade, I would not use them.

Although, it’s not actually as easy as that. You have to examine the style of your house to recognize what will work properly, For example, is your home modern or traditional?) and there is usually more than 1 answer.

In some modern houses, both very light or very dark seems best, and this depends on the style of decoration.
Since lighter woods gives your place a more spacious appearance, natural would be an excellent choice for smaller houses or townhouses, particularly the ones with less light. On the other side, if you have lots of flaws or stains on your floors, a darker tone may be better for you.
If there is already hardwood flooring in your house, then it’s cheaper to refinish natural rather than using color paint. And, it will dry quicker, therefore it will make the process simpler. For these reasons, comfort, price, and making the place seem bigger, many people will choose natural.

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If you want to choose dark, how deep should you choose?

This issue is based on people’s tastes. The most common one is currently jacobean, the second darkest wood.

Regularly, the darkest one is ebony. But sometimes ebony is not a dark as people assume, therefore you can do a “water pop” which makes it darker a little bit. Since dark color reveals the dirt more than others, I’m finding that many are choosing for a 50-50 mixture of jacobean and ebony. It’s a little darker than jacobean, and a little warmer than ebony.

If you want to choose a super dark color, you can choose Duraseal’s new color which is a new True black. It is darker than ebony and it’s more matte. It covers essentially all of the oak texture. But notice that these floors are a bit challenging to protect because they reveal every piece of dirt.

Dark Walnut flooring is a little lighter than jacobean wood and if you think jacobean is yet too dark for you, try this out. Next, a little bit lighter is coffee brown and antique brown. People’s description of the dark is different and for many, these are dark enough.

Just remember that the paint colors will alter a little based on the sorts of wood you use for example white oak vs. red oak. white oak is a little darker and lower in grade. lower grades have more variety in colors. The brightness of your house will influence how dark the floors seem. Plus, as wood ages, it gets a little darker too. The same color can simply seem different in various houses, so the best solution is to try it on your floors before performing to the accurate color. And, there are color variations amongst the boards. The main reason is that the paint seems different in a wider area over various boards.

If you want to choose light, how light should you choose?

This is a matter of taste as well. Most people that are choosing light, pick natural because so many like the original color of the wood. Natural color lasts longer and better and it also dries faster. There are opportunities to apply a water-borne polyurethane to make the floors lighter or even apply a whitewash.

Dark woods are better at covering problems

If the floor of your house is old and has lots of flaws such as stains, gaps, or, knots, darker colors will hide them better. Darker tones will cover stains and gaps better. Of course, if your floor is damaged or has some holes, new wood can be constructed for replacement, particularly if it’s a small area.

Which color reveals the damages more, dark or light?

All kinds of hardwood floor scratches and get damaged, but dark ones reveal the scratches more. The main reason is that most wood floor sorts are light and if the dark-colored paints scratch, it displays more like the contrast with the beneath wood vs. a lighter shaded floor.dark hardwood flooring vs light wood - hardwood area

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But here’s a great protecting idea, Reopen and stick again in the woods once every 3 or 4 years. It will give your floors an additional layer of polyurethane and keep your floors longer.

Which colors are the best matches for your cabinets?

If there is hardwood in your kitchen, you need to think about the color of the cabinets. If your cabinets are white, practically every hardwood color will be matched. If you have wood-colored cabinets, you need to choose a color with gentle contrast. Usually, lighter floors go better with darker cabinets and vice versa. And, don’t forget that you should not combine and match red colors because these normally do not work out well.

If you have difficulties making this combination try substituting, refacing, or painting the cabinets and/or try the more intense tones of light, dark, gray, or whitewashed hardwood floors.

Which colors are the best matches for your furniture?

You won’t believe it but, this is the most less important issue than you think. Most kinds of wood match with most furniture. It’s because the wood is neutral. Plus, people have various kinds of furniture in many rooms and even various wood colors and sorts in most rooms.dark hardwood flooring vs light wood - hardwood area

Overall, most kinds of dark wood floors and most kinds of light wooden floors match with most furniture. The trick is usually if you have red-toned or mahogany furniture in your house then it’s better to choose brown-toned floors, and either quite dark or quite light. In this example, you should not use floors with red tones because they may struggle with your furniture though you need that the furniture will be complemented by the floors.


Between the dark and light, which one do you prefer?

Either dark or light hardwood floors go really well, and the only one who can choose the best thing for your home is you. Dark floors can be more fashionable and cover flaws while light floors can reveal dirt less and remain longer. Your choice may differ based on if you want to stay in your house or you have plans to sell it soon. But the most important thing is that both light and dark hardwood floors are excellent choices.

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