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laundry room flooring - hardwood area

Five Exceptional Choices for Laundry Room Flooring and the ones to avoid

Restoring ripped, wasted, or old-fashioned floors is an excellent way to give a brand-new appearance to your laundry room. Although this special place has traditionally been hard to decorate because it’s unprotected to damage from various sources: paints from dropped or splattered bleach, twisting or mold increase from machine leaks and scratches from moving out one or both of the large and heavy devices. And, if your laundry room is placed in the mudroom, your floors meet extra problems like wet umbrellas and mud or dirt tracked in from the entrances.

To resist all of these problems, your new laundry room floor should have the following options at a minimum:

• Resistant to paint, to block everyday leaks and splashes from lastingly setting in
• resistant to Impact, to defend off damages and scratches from foot traffic or machines movements
• Beautifully pleasant, ideally allowing a variety of forms to suit the design project
• Last longer, to enable your floor to remain longer without restoring
• Resistant to moisture, to reduce moisture and humidity penetration and protect floors from inflammation, molding, and warping.
• Affordable, not a problem for your budget
• Simple to clean, to keep maintenance down

First, Hardwood Area evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of 5 famous choices for laundry room floors and order out 3 that are not deserving the money or difficulty.

Sheet vinyl

Benefits: Most affordable vinyl choice; provides lots of appearances

Drawbacks: More extensive sheets are tougher to place and restore; doesn’t contribute as much impression protection

The most budget beneficial vinyl option, at 0.50 dollars to 3.50 dollars every square foot, according to the Hardwood Area’s experts, sheet vinyl can look like a solid shade or a printed pattern. This kind of floor is stuck down to the laundry room subfloor in large, 6 foot to 13 foot extended parts, which makes for fewer joints than Luxury vinyl tile flooring however also a more complicated DIY investment. Additionally, when broken, complete sheets have to be restored at a time.

Like LVT, sheet vinyl is insulated or waterproof and paint resistant and persistent to damage, and, as a grout-free flooring model, it requires to be swept dry or mop wet. Though it’s more fragile than LVT, and consequently gives less protection against the sound and cold and is more inclined to scratching or denting from dropped things or machine movements. It remains just 5 to 20 years or more.

Vinyl tile luxury

Benefits: Places over the current flooring, Imitates high-quality materials at a lower cost.

Drawbacks: Requires more money than most types of vinyl; resembles imperfect when placed over a sub-par surface.

A luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is made of various fused panels of material, most usually a vinyl side, a vinyl core, a printed pattern that can mimic more luxury elements, and a cleared top “damage” cover. The outer face which is a protecting layer provides the flooring the waterproof and damage resistance, paint color resistance, and scratch resistance required to face the high amount of humidity, moisture, and foot traffic in the washing room or mudrooms. With just a dry sweep, a wet mop with soapy water, and the random finish with acrylic paint sealer, the laundry room floors will remain for about 10 to 30 years or more.

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Since you might presume from its title, LVT is more costly than sheet vinyl; it costs about $2 to $7 every square foot in elements, according to the Hardwood Area’s experts. However, some customers will say it deserves the additional money. LVT is thicker and therefore quieter and more peaceful, more isolating, and smoother.laundry room flooring - hardwood area

It is also a move up in the appearances section because the printed cover can be arranged to seem like higher quality materials, particularly hardwood or stone. You can place the tiles right over current floors, and their little measurement, normally 12″ by 12″, makes them more comfortable to substitute than sheet vinyl. Just be careful with exceptions or roughness in the layer, which may reveal within the flooring and make gaps or holes around corners.

Ceramic tile

Benefits: Most affordable admission price; DIY investment and replacement

Drawbacks: Grout grunge makes it difficult to clean; slippery

Wherever from 0.85 dollars to 2.50 dollars per squared foot, based on our experts in Hardwood Area, ceramic tile owns the best opening cost of any laundry room flooring. You may discover it sold finished or unfinished, unique sections of different shapes and sizes or in pre-arranged mosaic tile sheets that abandon the requirement for unique tile settings. And these tiles that are clay-based can be extra customized within the usage of stained grout between tiles. Although you will have to wash that grout clean with a disturbing thing like baking soda, as well as normally dry sweep and wet mop the tile to maintain and protect it.

Unless, finished ceramic tile gives strong humidity, chemical, and pint stability over a 10 to 20 year time, even when confronted with rising water a true probability in laundry-and-mudrooms combination. unfinished tile first requires to be sealed with a pointed tile sealer to implement this maintenance. Every ceramic tile is more insecure, noisier, and colder than other laundry room flooring choices, therefore know that the noise of the machine or dryer is more likely to reflect on this kind of flooring. Picking reliably heated or graining ceramic tile can produce more warmth and friction for you.

You can also read about the best wood floors for basements here.

Laminate Floors

Benefits: Resistant to fading; Better moisture protector when joints are stuck

Drawbacks: Usually more unsafe to moisture; seems empty

Laminate floors, available for 1 dollar to 5 dollars every square foot, according to Hardwood Area’s information, consists of simple to install interlocking boards produced of backer paper, a wood-based center, a printed paper sheet, and a damaged cover. The printed sheet can be created to seem like normal materials like wood or stone, complicated patterns, or simple solids. The damaged cover adequately protects the floor color when fronted to sunlight and preserves the floor from damages, scratches, and scrapes.

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However its center is a wood stock, the floors create an empty sound when you walk on them which can be annoying. Importantly, laminate flooring can increase or bend with heavy water vulnerability, which makes it a less perfect choice when your laundry machines are placed in a mudroom. This also indicates you should not wet mop it, just vacuum, dry sweep, and clean up spills when they happen, and dry sweeper it with a light water sprayer.laundry room flooring - hardwood area

If you like your laminate flooring to remain up to its possible lifetime of 10 to 30 years, think of utilizing a drop of water-resistant PVA that is polyvinyl acetate adhesive to the flat side of boards before interlocking them; it will work as a block to humidity. So, recognize and fix laundry room leaks quickly, and withdraw clothes drip air dryer in a laundry room where this kind of floors are fixed.


Benefits: Remains the longest; increases your home value which can balance high prices

Drawbacks: Charges the most; big and heavy tiles prevent Do-It-Yourself investment and replacement

You can not defeat the stability of natural stone tiles produced of slate, marble, limestone, travertine, or comparable things, not when they allow between 20 years to an ultimate time of maintenance from moisture, spots, and scratches! You will spend a high price for the rich appearances and practical indestructibility, anywhere from 5 dollars to 10 dollars every square foot, according to Hardwood Area, though this price can partly be balanced by the higher resale price of houses with stone facades.

Additionally, to dry sweeping or wet mopping the stone tile with a stone explicit or soapy water or another pH-neutral cleanser you will require to de-grunge the grout with an irritating instrument such as baking soda and water, as well as seal the tiles with a stone sealer to stop floor damages.

Similar to ceramic tile, stone laundry room flooring will seem cold and slippery, however, you can prevent this by placing textured and heated stone. Do not forget that the heavyweight and huge size of the tiles anyplace from 12×12 to 18×18″ joined with the possible requirement for 2 sheets of subflooring makes it challenging for most housekeepers to fix or restore themselves.

The cost of expert hardwood floor installation and any replacements should be factored into the expected price of this flooring.laundry room flooring - hardwood area

Ignore These Three Kinds of Floors

When LVT, ceramic tile, sheet vinyl, laminate, and, stone each have the formulations to be charming and long-lasting laundry room flooring, there are however some choices that are not suitable. Be careful of the deadfalls of these three options:

Hardwood Floors, ready for 2 dollars to 20 dollars per square foot, are absolutely useful in other interior places where they can be anticipated to remain 20 years or more. Although its original warmth, light, and endurance are all reduced in the laundry room. Moisture can distort and spoil it, while great foot traffic, movements of devices, and spills can cause flakes, gouges, or stains. You can surely repair gouges with wood stuffing and seal the hardwood flooring to increase its humidity stability, however, these responsibilities have to be repeated on a routine basis, which will not be useful in a non-public area such as the laundry room.

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Carpeting, although comparatively low in cost, about 0.25 dollars to 10 dollars each square foot, based on the Hardwood Area and friendly and warm underfoot, is the worst nominee for laundry rooms. Its surface easily catches laundry dust and dirt as well as incorporates water from leaking machines, floods, and cleansers or other chemical sprays. The longer the dough, the later the carpet takes to get dried completely, and probably it is that mold, spots, and dusty smells will take a source in your carpet. You may also notice yourself required to restore it before its 10-year lifetime is finished.

Bamboo Floors, constructed from bamboo poles and stems, could be 2 or 3 times more difficult than some kinds of hardwood floors like pine and give a comparable lifetime, 20 years and more, for the cheaper price of 2 dollars to 10 for every square foot, according to Hardwood Area. However, the tolerable floor material will be prone to damages or scratches from pets, foot walking, or devices; if your boards have been painted brown within a carbonization method, they may have been produced even smoother and weaker to such influences. In addition, high moisture, spills, flows, or insignificant flooding can make the floor swell, twist, or rot, while too dry circumstances can shorten and damage the floors.


As we said restoring ripped, wasted, or old-fashioned floors is an excellent way to give a brand-new appearance to your laundry room. Although this special place has traditionally been hard to decorate because it’s unprotected to damages from various sources: paints from dropped or splattered bleach, twisting or mold increase from machine leaks and scratches from moving out one or both of the large and heavy devices. And, if your laundry room is placed in the mudroom, your floors meet extra problems like wet umbrellas and mud or dirt tracked in from the entrances. So consider all the tips we mentioned in this article and for more information you can read our other articles here.

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