2021 Best Trendy Hardwood Flooring Paint Colors In Malibu

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hardwood flooring paint colors

Top Trends In Hardwood Flooring Paint Coloring

When we talk about hardwood floors paint colors, there are both dark and light colors in an extreme way. Light paints make the place a pleasantly warm, spacious, and delightful look; dark paints of hardwood make the place a more formal and modern look. while, dark appears to be a better choice between these two, but it can be different based on the people who are living in the house and their tastes and style of the house.

Besides, across the last couple of years, a new trend has developed and a past one has been reinvented. Gray is the current enthusiastic trend. And, the whitewash has been reinvented.

For refinishing hardwood floors, we usually examine 3 colors for a consumer on their hardwood. It’s a necessary thing to do because all kinds of wood differ from each other and receive the paint differently based on the sort of wood, its age, and the form of wood. Plus, wood coloring alters, so it’s more helpful if you examine it in several sections, for example, some areas are lighter and some darker to get an actual view of how the paint will look.

color choices for hardwood flooring and the most popular ones

Light colors

light colors are so lively as well as neutral. They’re great for new-looking homes as well.
often, if someone wants light colors, we will suggest them this color, as it is the lightest you can choose, and it regularly requires less than adding paint. Lighter, particularly natural manages to hold up great and last longer, and display less dirt. Golden Oak, Ipswich pine, and fruitwood are good choices too – just a bit darker and add a little gold color for more intensity.hardwood flooring paint colors

Note: don’t forget that The kind of polyurethane you are using (i.e. oil-based vs water-based polyurethane) can have a great influence on the color, particularly for very light ones. Oil-based polyurethane is a little darker but more amber. Many consumers love this; others are trying to keep a distance with the yellow/golden appearance, and rather choosing a brighter and more natural look.

Dark colors in hardwood flooring paint colors

Dark colors are apparently the most fashionable and exciting. There are several related colors, so I think it’s better to try each and see which one is exactly the right tone for your taste.

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– Ebony color is so fashionable and exciting for a deep espresso appearance. The jacobean tone is quite similar to Ebony, so it’s much better to try that paint, as well. Jacobean is one of the most popular colors at this time. we often examine a 50/50 mixture of Ebony and Jacobean which many of our clients love.hardwood flooring paint colors

– Across the last year or two, many consumers are starting to use darker and darker colors. even much darker than ebony. Ebony is a pretty cool-toned color, but there are still some textures of the oak in it. because of this high interest, last year, a new color was introduced that is called “True Black” and it is stunning. So, if you want an extremely dark tone, you should try it.

Many people who like dark floors more are going for a much opaque appearance – the ones that show the texture less. It may be because of the perfect photos on Pinterest. (Note that dark floors usually look darker in the photos vs actual life.)

The darker the wood will be, the fewer texture and color variations would be visible on the wood boards. Many people prefer this appearance because it’s more modern and also because the floors are more smooth which makes it simpler to design. Others prefer a little bit lighter color because it’s easier to protect and clean.

– Dark Walnut color is also like Ebony and Jacobean, but it’s a little lighter, which makes it a better choice for some consumers. Jacobean and dark walnut makes the dirt less visible than ebony.

– the Royal Mahogany color has a little bit of red mark in. It’s a mixture of Red Mahogany and Ebony.

colors with Red tone

Red tones are not as popular as brown tones and don’t matter if the colors are light or dark. Red-toned colors are more challenging for designing because they are more challenging to balance other wood furniture, and also paint windows, and pillows. Many people and interior designers believe that the red tones are limiting.

Famous red-toned colors include red mahogany, mesquite red, Sedona red, and red oak. these are much red.
Then, there are brown/red combinations like English Chestnut. This is a mid-toned red-brown paint.
and for a lighter one, for example, there is Colonial maple (slightly orange) and Golden Pecan which is comparable to golden oak, but with a taste of red.

colors in mid-tones

Mid-toned colors work best for traditional houses. they just appear to work shade and style-wise. They also manage to cover some of the flaws as if the wood is old.
Provincial is one of the most famous mid-tone colors. It goes well because, it’s brownish paint (and does not have a red mixture in it), so it’s pretty neutral and works with almost everything.

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Special Walnut is quite similar to Provincial but a little more brownish, so I usually suggest that a client tries both tones on their floor to see which they prefer. Provincial frequently goes great in more traditional houses and special walnut often seems a little more modern.
Chestnut is like special walnut flooring, but lighter. Please remark that all these colors will seem different in everyone’s houses depending on the varieties and age of the wood.

The most trendy one– gray and white ones:

Gray hardwood flooring

Yes, gray is the newest hot color. this color has been very common in carpet and tile for years and it’s now been making its way into hardwoods for the last few years. Gray is a little difficult to obtain and more pricey than normal tones as you need to mix two colors and utilize a water-based polyurethane (unless it will be yellow).hardwood flooring paint colors

remember that the floors that are painted gray go better with white oak than red oak and are even better on maple.

Finally, I’ll notice that a new series of 6 gray combination paints have been launched recently. These are a combination of gray colors, browns, and beige colors.


this is one of the trendiest and also most expensive, building a wire-brushed appearance. This is essentially when you have the central color (usually a darker tone) and then you wire-brush the flooring to bring out the texture, and then, you can combine a second paint, and most of the time the second color is white. so it forms a polish and contrast on the textures. This usually goes best on strongly textured floors such as oak and hickory.

It’s a complicated method, and often you will notice it in pre-finished hardwood flooring. There are a small number of builders that know how to design and build this result on-site.

floors that have been Whitewashed

The most surprising resurgences are white-washed hardwood floors. about 7 years ago, it was quite the 80’s, but now it’s returning! The trend looks to be made of two parts. One is the gray trend and the other, high-end shore resorts in Hamptons and now the Jersey beach. The trend started in NYC and now it’s moving to other small cities as there are so many people who travel from City to City for work. It’s particularly common with more extensive plank flooring.

White-washed flooring is more valuable. like gray hardwood floors, you need to apply a water-based polyurethane, and this takes a little more and you often require to add another cover for more stability. Besides, using a higher-rank water-based polyurethane like Bona Traffic will help you make your flooring last a long time and will be less responsive to yellowing, but this kind of poly costs more.

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Duraseal and Minwax paint tones

Minwax color

There is a paint chart for Minwax colors. but don’t forget that it is a picture of another picture and because of this it may not be the accurate color. Although, paint colors go different on different wood floors and also various parts. It’s always best to examine some colors on your flooring.

· Golden Oak
. Natural
· Puritan Pine
· Ipswich Pine
· Special Walnut
· Jacobean
· Weathered Oak
· Colonial Maple
· Provincial
· Red Oak (the color, not varieties)
· Gunstock
· Red Mahogany
· Early American
· Ebony
· Red Chestnut
· Driftwood
· Pickled Oak
· English Chestnut
· Golden Pecan
· Cherry
· Fruitwood
· Classic Grey

Duraseal colors

And there is also another chart specified for the Duraseal color. Again, it’s better to try these colors on your own flooring first and then perform them. They will be shown differently on various kinds, ranks, and ages of wood. Also, there is an overhang of paint colors between Duraseal and Minwax. (both of them are made by the same company: Minwax).

· Provincial
· Golden Pecan
· Colonial Maple
· Golden Oak
· English Chestnut
· Jacobean
· Fruitwood
· Red Mahogany
· Special Walnut
· Medium Brown
· Coffee Brown
· Cherry
· Weathered Oak
· Sedona Red
· Chestnut
· Dark Walnut
· Driftwood
· Neutral
· Gunstock
· Classic Grey
· Antique Brown
· Spice brown
· Mesquite Red
· Rosewood
· Nutmeg
· Country White
· Golden Brown
· New color: True Black
· Royal Mahogany
· Ebony
· Early American


As we said, across the last couple of years, a new trend has developed and a past one has been reinvented. Gray is the current enthusiastic trend. And, the whitewash has been reinvented. So if you didn’t read this article carefully, read it again and you won’t need any help choosing your wood floors. Read also our other articles on our blog.

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