Best Hardwood Floors Alternatives In 2021 In Thousand Oaks

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hardwood floors alternative

The benefits and drawbacks of hardwood floors alternatives vs Tile Boards that look similar to wood?

We get lots of requests and remarks on our website, Hardwood Area questioning whether we think hardwood flooring or porcelain boards which look similar to wood are more suitable?
It’s a really challenging subject to talk about either because “it depends” or because there are advantages and disadvantages for each alternative.

Many people prefer hardwood, though they are worried about damage
and water, particularly if they are investing flooring in a kitchen or if they
have pets. The explanation of what’s most useful can also be depended on your sub-floor as well as your environment and climate.

Now, I want to begin by demonstrating that there are two principal formations for hardwood flooring – Solid hardwood and engineered hardwood.
For this article, I want to compare solid hardwood vs porcelain boards. Commonly, solid hardwood floors will remain longer than engineered hardwood.
Overall, if you are selecting between engineered wood vs tile, I would usually suggest tile over engineered wood, if all the other things are similar.

Although if you want to select between solid hardwood and tile boards,
I think they are both great choices. Of course, each one has its disadvantages too and none of them is excellent. The only one who can answer which of these circumstances are most significant is you and consequently which choice is more suitable for you, your family, and your house.

hardwood floors alternativeBenefits of Tile which looks similar to hardwood and hardwood floor alternatives

Tile flooring is practically waterproof

Tile floors are water-resistant and this is a great benefit of wood flooring, particularly in places that may be likely to water, for example, Entrances, bathrooms or powder rooms, and kitchens. You will not need to worry about insignificant drops from food and cooking, nor the pet tapping over the water bowl.

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You also do not need to be worried about laundry machine or dishwasher floods or damage, or problems in the powder room. And, if you have tile boards in your entrance, you won’t need to be concerned about water from snow or rain or your pets coming to the house without cleaning their feet.

In Hardwood Area we will warn you that if you have significant flooring and you have a lot of remaining water, and your underneath sub-floor is plywood, seldom, the water will enter underneath the tile, for example, through
the cabinets, through the grout, walls, or sides. Consequently, tile is not 100 percent waterproof, though commonly no surface will last well to severe situations like fire or extreme flooding.

Tile can be placed practically anywhere also humid places

Tile can be placed in basements or under grade. They had remained well in humid areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms flooring, and basements. They are very handy.

Scratch proof

Porcelain tiles are so scratch-proof in comparison to other floor choices. You will not need to be worried about your children or pets damaging and scratching the floors. You also will not need to be worried about furniture scratches.

Simple to attain whites, grays, and whitewashes

It’s critical because the fast increase of gray and whitewashed boards has also created a renewal in growth and a taste for these color shades in the hardwood floors. And, it is much simpler to get clear and cooler color shades of gray and white in porcelain than it is with true hardwood.

The wood and texture and cuts of wood absorb the paints separately so you notice more color tones variation with the whites and gray colors which are lighter and brighter than normal wood paints. Porcelain begins with a white bisque, therefore it’s much more comfortable to stain it a special color.


Porcelain boards that seem like hardwood are apparently the most common tile out there nowadays. You will notice many opportunities and color shades now, and it’s usually simple to find alternatives that match the color of your cabinets.

Drawbacks of Tile flooring that seem similar to wood

Tile feel hard on feet

Your feet are the primary part of your body to feel exhausted and
you will see this in the places where you spend your most time, for example, the kitchen hardwood floor. Your dog and cats will as well.
Here is a solution to help.

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The solution is to get one of the soft and comfortable rubber rugs by
the kitchen sink and main workplaces. You will not believe what a contrast these can make.

Notice that tile flooring can additionally influence your pet’s feet and
it’s not so pleasant to lay down on.

hardwood floors alternativeTile feel cold on feet

This could be a real problem for houses in cold environments, particularly throughout the winter. And this can be an advantage in more temperate environments, particularly throughout the summer. If you reside in a cooler environment, you could think about placing radiant heat beneath the tile to make the floors warm. Area rugs could also be a good help.

Expensive Installation and more Preparation Needed

Tile is usually much more expensive to place than hardwood because there is more workforce for tile. Additionally, there is usually floor preparation required for tile. The tile has not to be situated directly on top of plywood or wood because it will break. Wood extends and contracts when the temperature and moisture differ and tile is fragile, therefore it will break as the sub-floor varies.

The tile has to be placed on top of concrete, a dirt job which is a kind of concrete or cement plank. You should always place it on top of a
level unless the tile will not line up and it can break. This is particularly obvious with porcelain boards. These boards are usually “improved” which means that they have complete straight sides and the grout materials are very thin.

Therefore, if your flooring is rough, the sides of the boards will not align and it will be noticeable, consider the marble or granite tiles and the way the sides are close and require to align. Consequently, you may need to spend in leveling out the flooring. This will add workforce and supply prices.

Much Louder

Tile reflects sound and noise much more, therefore usually it’s louder. You will see this even more if you have children or pets. This can be relieved with more area rugs and carpets.

breaking or scratching

Even though tiles are tough, they can break and they can
also scratch. This occurs most frequently when the tile is not placed accurately. This can additionally occur if you drop massive things. Scratching occurs more usually in ceramic than porcelain, although it can occur in both kinds.

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It May become out of style in a decade or two

Flavors vary over time. I’ve noticed lots of tile works from the
The 80s and 90s are very out of style. I’ve also observed some from a decade ago that just does not seem good anymore. Tile is more costly to be ripped out vs. hardwood can simply be refinished and you are able to change the color paint without substituting it.
Therefore, if you remodel your, for example, kitchen, you may need to choose something that is timeless.

Slippery tiles

Can be resolved by arranging tile with some texture for more
friction as well as entrance rugs and area rugs.

Where to purchase porcelain boards that look similar to wood?

There are lots of shops in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, and Calabasas which are great places to purchase porcelain boards online. They produce a nice variety, and they are reasonably priced. I think their shipping price is free as well.

If you would like to observe some more of our beloved wood looking tile
recommendations, check out our website.

hardwood floors alternativeCleansing stocks and flattering things for your flooring:

Hardwood cleaners:

To get started examine the full Bona Hardwood Flooring Caring System, a four-Piece collection with Bona mop and a microfiber dust pad,
a microfiber cleaning pad, and 32oz cleaner.
Most clients utilize this size on a regular schedule.

Tile cleansers

For tile cleansers, we would suggest Bona’s Laminate and Tile Cleaner. It’s eco-friendly, as well.

Felt Pads

The Felt Pads could make a big contrast and they are particularly significant for furniture that moves the most. In Hardwood Area we recommend our clients to purchase additional felt pads as they tend to decrease regularly particularly on furniture that is moved constantly. You can purchase the felt pads online.


Tile Boards or Hardwood floors:

As you can notice, there are benefits and drawbacks to either wooden flooring or tile boards. I believe they are both excellent choices, however, you will need to decide what is the best choice for you and your house’s demands.
Let us know your ideas in the comments.

Hardwood Area provides services and flooring installation in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, Calabasas, Camarillo, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Oxnard, and Ventura in a professional and quality manner.
Hardwood Area is located at The Oaks Mall, 2nd Floor, 474 West Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360, United States
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information or free consultation (+1 805-338-6952)

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