7 Types Of Floors That Are Easiest To Clean In Thousand Oaks

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7 Easy-Cleaning Types of Flooring & 10 Tips to Clean Vinyl Floors In Thousand Oaks

Which Types of Floors Are So Easy To Clean And Protect?

Let’s discuss it; some kinds of floors are more comfortable to clean than other types in Thousand Oaks. It can be exhausting when you have floors in your house that need lots of maintenance.

Nobody likes to spend so much time washing their flooring each day. Therefore, if you want to buy the best new floors for the kitchen or another high-traffic area and if you are thinking about what kind of flooring need minimum protection, then Hardwood Area is the right place for you.

When you are finished reading this article at Hardwood Area, you will have a much more reliable knowledge of precisely what kinds of flooring are most comfortable to clean and the reasons.

Hardwood Flooring In Thousand Oaks

Hardwood floors that have been finished need restricted protection. It will maintain its polished appearance; everything you have to do is to vacuum, mop dry, and dust it. Irregularly, in busy places, hardwood floors have to be refinished to continue in natural form.

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This is usually the only long-term maintenance you require to be conscious of. In only limited situations, such as loss caused by floods or water, your flooring requires to be substituted.

hardwood floor-hardwoodarea

Ceramic Tile Floors

Ceramic tile floors are one of the best choices when it comes to low-protection floors in Thousand Oaks. These kinds of floors are hard to damage and the clean-up system is easy.

On more occasions than not, a vinegar or water blend and a bit of bend grease will do the deal. This kind of floor is also extremely long-lasting, therefore the possibility of breaking one of these tiles is comparatively weak. Because ceramic kinds have a variety of patterns and shades, this is perfect for any home in Thousand Oaks.ceramic floor-hardwoodarea

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floors can be created to seem like tile, stone, or even like hardwood floors; it’s just as simple to clean as well! Sweeping and mopping it daily will help it sustain its smooth look.

If you mention that your house’s vinyl flooring is a little dull, you can continually add a bit of jojoba oil to the mopping water.

This will give them shining like they are fresh. Although it’s simple to clean, the vinyl flooring is not excellent for families with pets, because it damages simply.

vinyl floor-hardwoodarea

Concrete Flooring

Concrete floors will require to be sealed before you begin utilizing them. This will help stop any fluids from leaking down inside the concrete floors and spotting them.

Concrete flooring is excellent as they seldom suffer from flaws, damages, or scratches. They will require to be resealed regularly to help ensure they persist guarded.

Other than this, daily sweeping is all that requires to be arranged to keep these flooring in line. Mopping can be done as well, though it isn’t important.

concrete floor-hardwoodareaStone Floors

Stone floors are one of the most expensive choices, though washing them is easy. They are immune to regular wear and tear, they’re waterproof, and they’re almost improbable to break or damage.

Stone floors are extremely long-lasting and can endure almost anything. Stone floors just require to be cleaned in situations, however, they will require to be dusted constantly to have it seeing its greatest.

stone floor-hardwoodareaLaminate Floors

Not only is laminate cost-efficient, but it is also pretty simple to have it looking clean. Sweeping and mopping are everything that requires to be performed to guarantee a new appearance.

When you notice a dent on your laminate floors, simply rub a bit of vegetable oil and that dent or scratch will vanish immediately.

The most important problem with laminate floors is that if they get injured, they can’t get refinishing; they will have to be substituted.

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laminate floor -hardwoodarea

If you also like to read about cleaning waterproof laminate floors click here.

Porcelain Flooring

Porcelain floors are a little more pricey than ceramic floors, though it is even more long-lasting. Porcelain flooring will remain for many years and rarely requires to be substituted because of breaks or scratches.

Sweeping and vacuuming the tile flooring will have it seen fine daily.

For more accurate washing, you can mop clean it with a dash of vinegar plus water. The single drawback to porcelain floors is that it requires to be dried instantly after it is mop cleaned to withdraw water stains.

porcelain floor-hardwoodareaNow Let’s Talk About The Right Way Of Cleaning Vinyl Flooring And Some Tips & Tricks You Have to Know

Vinyl flooring is a great choice for long-lasting, low-priced floors. Here at Hardwood Area learn the best way to clean vinyl flooring and maintain them from scratches and dents.

Regularly Sweeping 

The answer to having any flooring in a high-grade form is to keep it clear and fresh, and sheet vinyl is no different. clean the dust off before it gets stuck in, and the vinyl floors will remain much longer.

It’s a great design to get in the manner of immediately using a soft broom over the kitchen hardwood flooring each night after you wash the dishes.

Utilizing doormats

The primary thing you have to know when we talk about vinyl flooring cleansers is how to stop them from becoming dirty at first. A doormat aids block your vinyl flooring’s 2 most famous enemies: chemicals and dirt. Stuck-in dirt indicates additional broom time.

Dust functions like sandpaper that removes the finishing from your wood floors. And although you cannot see them, chemicals can attach first to shoes and then to your flooring, making them become yellow.

Learning cleaning methods

Hold the appeal to throw away dust and trash with huge cleansers. Rather, determine how to clean vinyl flooring utilizing the finest probable system. Vacuum and sweep it each night, and clean up spills immediately.

To wash dirt and dust that the vacuum or broom cannot get, utilize a mop moistened with warm water. If anything else failed, utilize soap, however, ensure the detergent or soap is suitable for your floors.

clean hardwood flooring vinyl - hardwoodareaDo not soak pieces of vinyl

It’s critical to memorize that water is not ALWAYS the most reliable vinyl flooring cleaner. The water of a too-wet mop will find its way into the holes, breaks, and edges.

The time there, it can damage the adhesive bond that keeps down the vinyl, causing it to become loosened or corners to curl.

Utilizing the correct cleaner

Here’s the way to clean vinyl flooring that is created with no-wax vinyl: Clean them with a cleanser created particularly for no-wax flooring, using the instructions on the box.

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If you have old-aged vinyl floors in your house that need waxing, clean them with a bit of warm water and cleanser. Moisten a sponge or mop with the blend, and clean the flooring only enough to release the dust.

Try not to clean the wax as you will have to apply it again. Wash with clean and cold water unless you’ll make debris on your flooring.

Wash thoroughly and remove all cleansers (soap)

Soap might work as a fabulous luxury vinyl plank flooring cleaner, though its residue makes a layer that gathers dust and dirt.

Till your flooring requires a severe cleaning, use moist mopping with only water. When you have to clean the flooring, utilize 2 mops, 1 for washing the floors and another one only for rinsing.

Maintain the finish

“No wax” definitely means “Do not wax.” No-wax vinyl floors have a cleared poly layer that makes them glow. Wax will not stick well to the layer and will cause a mess that you’ll need to peel off. And do not utilize mop-and-wax goods, as well.

If your house’s no-wax flooring misses its shine layer, replace it with a sealant or polish layer created for no-wax floors. Ensure the flooring is completely clean and implement 1 or 2 narrow layers as shown.

It has to keep your flooring shining layer for at most limited to one year with just regular wet mopping. If you have an older-aged flooring in your house that needs waxing, wax it when it misses its sheen, however, utilize just the amount asked for on the box label instructions.

Utilize guarding “feet” on the furniture and big devices

The weight of huge and heavy devices like refrigerators and tables that have lasting areas in the kitchen can scratch vinyl floors.

Stop these scratches by arranging the furniture with flooring maintainers, that you can buy from hardware shops and house renovation markets.

Abandon rolled casters

These, also, can destroy the facade of your house’s tile flooring. Rather, think of appropriate chairs with felt pads, that won’t hurt the vinyl floors.

Put huge devices and other heavy things on a plywood route, before long movements

More frequently than not, the time we substitute or move devices, we pull and push them over the flooring instead of lifting them, though moving them will just damage and scratch your vinyl floors.

To have the vinyl floors in great shape, put a bit of plywood layer along the way that you are gonna take out of the place, and push it or walk the devices out onward the plywood route.


As we said at the beginning of our article no one likes to spend their time cleaning the flooring every day. So, if you use the ways and methods we mention earlier in the article you will clean your floors way easier and better. If you have any further questions write them for us in the comments and Hardwood Area’s experts will help you. If you like to read more about cleaning types of hardwood flooring check out our blog.

Hardwood Area provides services and flooring installation in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, Calabasas, Camarillo, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Oxnard, and Ventura in a professional and quality manner.

Hardwood Area is located At The Oaks Mall, 2nd Floor, 474 West Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360, United States

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