The Best Ways To Mix Wooden Floor With Furniture Like A Pro

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mixing wood floors and furniture - hardwood area

Great Tips on Combining Wood Furniture With Your Wooden Floors In Calabasas, Part 2

Wood gives a warm and classic appearance, therefore there’s no surprise so many homeowners in Calabasas select it for flooring and furniture items. All that wood can get a little risky to combine, though.

Do you usually match wooden pieces of furniture and wood flooring? Do you prefer contrasting tones? Do colors matter to you? It may look intimidating, though our experts in the Hardwood Area mention tips on combining wood furniture with wood flooring to make the job much more comfortable.

Why Not To Match Wood Colors

You need your wood floors and furniture to show your style and act well, that’s a given. In research on furniture selection and habits in 2013, approximately 67 to 72% of members stated they think that their furniture displays their personality, and their houses must have something to say about them.

And wood furniture is constantly a preference. When participants in the same research were questioned about how long they believed their furniture would endure, about 92% preferred wood as the most stable.

Consequently, how can you use a classic and quality wooden piece of furniture in a place with hardwood flooring in a form that matched the area and fits your favorites? The response might be different from what you think.

Harmonizing the finish of your furniture items and flooring looks like a reliable option. How can you do it wrong when you utilize the same tone for both? It is an opportunity, although there are a few things you may need to avoid the matching plan.

mixing wood floors and furnitureAt first, matching all kinds of wood in the room can make the place look dull and boring. Consider it as too much of a great thing. When all kinds of wood are the equal color, it mixes and misses its beauty. Nothing reaches out as a unique thing. By combining various finishes, you give visual depth and beauty to the room. The parts rise and show off unique beauty and elegance.

Working in various wood finishes produces an attractive atmosphere in your home. The place becomes homey. Matching all kinds of wood parts can feel like you’re working too difficult.

Another difficulty with matching the finishes specifically is the fact that most homeowners in Calabasas don’t purchase everything at once. Older parts frequently have an old look about them, therefore even if they have the same finish, it won’t significantly resemble the same as a new thing with that finish. Some people purposely select various items rather than a matching set to produce an eclectic, renewed appearance.
This doesn’t mean you cannot have any kind of wood match, though you may need to bring in conflicting shades to give some dimension to the room. Viewing the different features of the wood finishes can aid you to discover items that work great with the tone of your current hardwood floor.

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Factors That Change the Appearance of Your Wood

The shade of the finishing is only one perspective of how the wood seems, whether you’re speaking about the flooring or your furniture items. Various factors work together to make the ultimate appearance of a wood piece.

Before you can examine and compare these factors and discover the ones that go together, it’s essential to know them.
Some elements that affect the appearance of the wood are:


Different kinds of wood have different texture appearances. Some of them have different, striking texture patterns that stand out. Others have detailed wood texture patterns that are less prominent. Textures can look swirly, straight, or patterned in different ways.

Wood varieties

The kind of wood the item is created of affects the way it looks, even if the item is painted. The wood species also influences things like character and endurance.


Painted wood flooring and wooden furniture can change the shade of the natural wood. Paint can make the wood take on a distinct tone or a darker appearance.

hardwood floor and furniture - hardwood areaExamine Your Flooring Features

The wood floor gives a classy touch to any house. Did you know that about 54 percent of house buyers in Calabasas are more likely to buy or pay a more expensive price for a home with hardwood floors? If you now own a house with hardwood flooring, you’ll need to do your best to strengthen the true beauty of your floor as much as possible.

Here at Hardwood Area, we tell you how to do it. Because your hardwood floors are placed, it’s so simple to begin there and select other wood items that complement it. Before buying new wooden furniture, take a close look at your hardwood floors to discover more about them.

Look at elements like the coloring, how light or dark the floor seems, the texture patterns, and any other unique features. If you have an example of your floor, take it with you so that when you see the furniture you can see how well it goes with different parts.

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Restrict the Number of Wooden Finishes

Combining wood finishes that go great with each other is a reliable idea, though you don’t want to have too many distinct finishes within one place. When you pull in too many different wooden things, the place can look busy, unsuitable, exhausted, or disjointed. 2 or 3 various finishes are great opening points. If you have a big space to furnish, utilizing 4 different finishes can be good.

Places work great when you have one principal wood finishing. Because you’re working in a place with wood flooring, the finish of your flooring is possibly going to be the principal shade. It is the one constant that wraps the whole place and isn’t going to shift except you go through the complex refinishing method. The other one or 2 finishes will complement that central wooden color.

Once you have your shade options, duplicate them everywhere in the place. You might want to use dark wooden photo cases or frames similar to the color of dark hardwood flooring while using a lighter wooden finishing on the, for example, dining table and furniture. Utilizing each wood finishing more than one time ties the place together and makes a feeling of balance.

Develop Related Wood Colors

To build balance in the place, utilize the space to spread out the various wood colors you pick. Rather than bumping all parts of one shade together, put them in different sections of the place.

If you have a deep mahogany item on one side of the place, balance it with a correspondingly shaded item on the other side. This combination of the finishes produces a more natural appearance without making one part of the place look heavier or darker than other parts.

Get a Unifying Feature

Selecting wood species to go together can be difficult. You don’t want the wood colors to be too comparable, though you also don’t want too many quite distinct finishes. Mismatching wooden items can build a disjointed, too-busy atmosphere that lowers from the items.

Alternatively, use at least one feature that the different kinds of woods have in common. You may pick 2 items with similar big texture patterns, or you could choose 2 kinds of wood with rustic colors. The 2 types of wood may still seem quite different, though they have that common feature to unite them.

wooden floor- hardwood areaThink About the Wood Undertones

All kinds of wood can have undertones, or detailed coloring, that influences the entire appearance of the item. The undertoned colors of your wood flooring and wooden furniture items should go together. Undertones can be cool, warm, or neutral in appearance.

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Warm colors in wood seem yellow, red, or orange. If the wood gets a gray shade, it means it has cool undertones. Neutral undertones give wood a beige-colored look without any different coloring.

Because the wood flooring isn’t simple to change, concentrate on the undertones in that wood first. Woods with equal kinds of undertones normally go great together. For instance, if your dark wood floor has warm undertone colors, choose other wood items with warm undertones, as well.

You’ll get the greatest effects if you select undertones of equal particular color. If your flooring has red undertones, select furniture items that have red undertones as well. If your flooring has a yellowish appearance, choose furniture that also has that yellow hue.

If your hardwood floors have neutral undertones, then you are lucky. You can choose cool, warm, or neutral woods as they all look excellent with the neutral wooden floor. Though, if you add various wood finishes to the neutral place, ensure all those extra wood pieces have similar undertone colors.

Don’t forget that the undertone isn’t the equivalent of the darkness of the wood. A part can have red undertones and be so light, so dark, or someplace in between. While the parts you pick might all have red undertones, you can build variety by selecting parts of different darkness levels and with other single features, like different wood texture patterns.


Combining hardwood flooring with wooden furniture gets easier with items that seem natural. In reality, many different kinds of wood grow mutually harmoniously. By having your wood items as close to that original position as possible, you can properly adjust the parts.

Wood with a dense shellac layer ends up looking abnormally bright and soft. The finish takes away lots of the wood’s natural appeal and features that make it simpler to match with other woods. Select items with natural colors and finishes to provide for higher versatility when it comes to matching various wooden items.

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