2021 Best Introduction To Engineered Wood Floors In Malibu

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engineered wood floor

An Introduction to Engineered Wood Floors In Malibu

There are numerous wood flooring choices out there, though nothing surpasses the warmth and beauty of a wooden floor. It is a long-lived tradition of richness and timeless elegance. If you like to buy one of them but are postponed by the possible erosion and great protection, another opportunity to think about is the engineered hardwood floor.

What is it exactly, and is it the most suitable choice for your house? We at Hardwood Area have some significant and helpful information for you to keep in mind while you analyze engineered wood flooring possibilities.

The Production Of Engineered Wood In Malibu

Unlike traditional hardwood, which attains right out of a tree and into your house, engineered hardwood floor is a much more complicated product that includes various layers. The external layer is a hardwood surface, that is a slim part of the wood approximately less than 1/8 inches of whatever variety you like. The interior layers are created of plywood, hardwood, or high-dullness fiberboard.

The central layers make the output more durable than normal solid hardwood, while the external surface layer adds charm and beauty. To read more about the distinction between engineered and solid hardwood, keep on reading in Hardwood Area.

After their creativity in the 1960s, engineered hardwood flooring has developed in looks and performance. They are obtainable in dozens of wood varieties, and now with fresh facade consequences, like hand-shaped, these planks seem just appropriate in any style home, whether it’s a vintage style, 70’s retro, or even modern!

Building and Surfaces

Engineered hardwood flooring is one of our specialties. They offer many significant benefits over solid hardwood; long-lasting, efficiency and price of construction, and endurance.

Today’s engineered hardwood flooring provides urethane, ceramic oxide, aluminum oxide, thermally-cured oil, and UV-cured oil finishes that all present different benefits. The surfaces are implemented in a controlled way laboratory conditions which drive to a more long-lasting and smooth finish than one which is implemented on-site.

Multi-level finishes could also be created more practically with elegance and refinement that transcends even the hardest on-site finish. A floor with a factory-implemented finish places more instantly and it does not include the dirt and smells that an on-site finish makes. With pre-finished flooring, you understand what you are receiving rather than risking with an on-site finish.engineered wood floor

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Engineered flooring can be stuck down right to the concrete plate rather than attached to a plywood subfloor. A plywood subfloor will attach to the overall length and price of the floor construction.

When heat or moisture alters, woods increase and decrease in size. Engineered flooring has a mixture of the layered or mixed directional center. It is this substrate or center that provides the basic endurance that stops the plank from twisting, bending, cupping, and breaking.

The Places You Can Use Engineered Wood

Engineered wood floor, unlike solid hardwood, is proper for nearly every place in the home. It’s ideal for high-trafficked places, like entrances and kitchens. Some engineered flooring can even be carefully utilized in places that solid hardwood isn’t suggested, like basements and bathrooms which have more important than average humidity levels.

Installing Assistance

Hardwood Area suggests expert and professional hardwood floor installation in places such as Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Malibu, Camarillo, Oak Park, Oxnard, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, and surrounding places. Our specialists in Hardwood Area will take time to complete your project right the first time and we will last behind our work.

Varieties of Engineered Wood Floor

When choosing an engineered wood floor, it is necessary to think about the various finishes, widths, and surfaces possible to make the right decision for your house. Engineered wood floor is available in several forms to suit your house’s beauty.


The surface method also differs. For example, an oily facade brings out the texture of the wood although needs more attention than finishes. Lacquers appear in satin and matte finishes. Matte lacquer provides a really natural appearance, and the satin finish enhances the endurance of the wood.


There are many coatings obtainable in the store nowadays. One of them is a brushed finish, which supports represent the graining of the wood. Another one is the distressed finish that provides it with a charming ancient appearance.


The variety of thicknesses for engineered hardwood floors differs from 3.8 inches to ¾ inches. If the floor is thinner, then it will not be refinished, and based on the traffic the place has, its existence can last up to 20 or 30 years. The thicker the floor will be, the more long-drawn it will remain. The first layer is the thicker one, which will assist you to refinish and sand just about 2 or 3 times throughout its extended lifetime.engineered wood floor

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Therefore, based on if you choose thicker and repeatedly the quantity of traffic your place gets, it will even remain 40 to 80 years. It’s a victory no matter what!
Now that you understand a little more about the engineered wood floors, check out the available opportunities to find the most suitable one for your house!

Board Style

Hardwood flooring comes in a diversity of styles. Whether your house is changeable, modern, up-to-dated, rural, traditional, or artistic, the conventional hardwood floor will improve your place and bring together every other character of your house.
Surely, every style, texture, and shade will offer a special touch and appearance which one of the flooring specialists in the Hardwood Area can help you to choose.

Wire Brushing

Wire brushed flooring gives detailed graining to a floor while protecting a soft look. The wire brushing method removes the smooth texture from the growth ring dropping the center shown to the outside. These assists produce a more long-lasting floor that can hide disasters from everyday events.


Hand-scraped flooring presents an especially attractive and charming appearance. Each added board is uniquely hand-shaped by device or by expert workers, whose creativity mixed with character, ensures that no 2 boards are identical. Every board carries the sign of the artist who designed it.

Smooth Hardwoods

Soft hardwood floors present both a more conventional appearance with varieties like oak and a more modern appearance with kinds like maple. Smooth flooring suggests the capability to sand or refinish to eliminate damages and change paint color, presented it has a thick damage cover.


Reclaimed or restored regularly means to use antique wood recycled from ancient houses, shelters, and rural buildings that are older than the 1930s. Antique boards, dimensional wood, and finish are selected and re-worked to create a no-aged antique board flooring utilizing substances that have been granted a second opportunity.

Distressed wood

Numerous methods are applied to create old and weathered color outcomes, textures, and detailed style marks like holes and cuts, adding individual detail to every board. The outcome is elegant-looking, character-stylish, rural wood flooring.


The kind of hardwood flooring that you choose is a significant decision. Different classes will alter in color, texture, and hardness. Your lifestyle, children, pets, and daylight can each be critical things in choosing your hardwood flooring. Our specialists in Hardwood Area are here to help you choose a hardwood floor that will be the best for both your house and lifestyle excellently.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Engineered Wood Floors

The engineered wooden flooring has lately grown a lot in popularity. If you’re considering constructing engineered wood floors in your house, there are numerous things you should think about, from price to stability. To assist you to select, we’ve collected a complete list of the benefits and drawbacks of engineered wood floors.engineered wood floor

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Engineered hardwood owes its reputation to several different advantages. Engineered wood floor is created to decrease the humidity problems compared with solid hardwood. Its panels prevent humidity and add further resistance to your floors. It will also not twist or swell, which causes it very low protection.

Not only are there plain benefits, but also engineered wood floor is recognized for being much more environmentally friendly than conventional solid hardwood for some reasons.
The surface is sliced instead of cut, which means no saw is created so that all the tree’s wood can be utilized. The sawdust created when producing solid hardwood planks is decayed wood.
The trees utilized for solid hardwood increase more slowly than the ones utilized to construct engineered hardwood flooring centers. This is due to more cover area being created to make the veneer.


While there are so few disadvantages to this flooring choice, engineered hardwood floor is not complete, nor is it totally reliable for every house designing plan.
Similar to solid hardwood in words of price, engineered wood floor is still much more costly than other flooring choices like carpet, tile, and laminate. That stated, the most important concern to withdraw is alternative or subsequent engineered goods or companies.
Extremely thin coverings will block refinishing and sanding possibilities that will increase the lifetime of your flooring. Furthermore, over-thin coverings that are inadequately prepared can untimely twist or discolor the floor.

Center layers must be constructed from high-quality wood. Some companies attempt to make corners by utilizing fiberboards that may endanger the durability of the flooring, which will drive to a low-rated flooring.


Now that we have explained all the essential circumstances to think about when buying if you want to have engineered hardwood as your flooring choice for your house, rest guaranteed you will be happy with its work and persistence, even the particular matter that it will add more extra worth to your house like conventional solid hardwood.

Hardwood Area provides services and flooring installation in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, Calabasas, Camarillo, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Oxnard, and Ventura in a professional and quality manner.
Hardwood Area is located at The Oaks Mall, 2nd Floor, 474 West Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360, United States
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information or free consultation (+1 805-338-6952)

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