LVP Vs LVT & Laminate: 10 Main Differences

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LVP Vs LVT & Laminate - hardwood area


With numerous soft and hard flooring choices available in Calabasas, it’s essential to choose the best one for your house as well as your lifestyle requirements.
There is no surprise that LVT floors have grown to one of the most wanted floor options by homeowners in Calabasas. The reason is that it gives realistic wood or stone appearances, endurance, and low protection.
LVP or Luxury vinyl plank floors and LVT or luxury vinyl tile are both great choices for a repair or new build. While they might be utilized mutually within the floor manufacturing, there’s more about it than just being a wood-look like lumber or just being a stone-look alike tile.

They both give lots of identical advantages; yet, they do have some distinctions that require to be analyzed before installation. However, one thing is obvious: LVP and LVT are not at all identical to vinyl sheet floors. In this Hardwood Area article, we will go through the distinctions and similarities of these modern and popular vinyl flooring types.

LVP VS. LVTlvp vs lvt flooring- hardwood area

LVP flooring appears in a plank form and usually gives the appearance of real hardwood with realistic embossing and scraping. LVT appears in the traditional square tiles, highlights more concrete and stone appearances constitutes a surface pattern and texture for an exact appearance, and can even be placed with grout.
Though some people think of them as board vs. tile, in reality, various floor manufacturers recognize LVP to be vinyl tile floors in plank style. That might be because they are produced the same way.

LVP and LVT are both created of various layers. Whether it is a tile or plank, it is made of a long-lasting wear layer, a designed printed layer, a PVC center, and an optionally added support for extra convenience and quietness under your foot. They’re available in various thicknesses and wear coat thickness for additional assurance.

Although some people assume the design possibilities for LVP and LVT as wood vs. stone, luxury vinyl flooring printing can appear in so much more, which includes ceramic tile, fabric, bamboo, art, or also animal picture scans.
The printed image options are limitless, particularly with improvements in technology, and the capacity to perform various patterns can also substitute the floor appearance, from, for example, herringbone boards to combining several tone square tiles for a mixed style.

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Both luxury vinyl flooring kinds are reasonably-priced options to the expensive price of real hardwood floor or stone since they require just a part of their original counterparts. They even have comparable shades, patterns and, grainings, and textures as the original thing.
Besides their price, these strong flooring choices are simple for installation, therefore whether you’re a DIY-er for the first time or a professional, you’ll receive extra price savings by installing it yourself.

There are numerous other luxury vinyl plank and also luxury vinyl tile advantages to taking benefit of in Calabasas. For example, if you have a full and busy family with messy children and pets, then you can relax easily knowing that the fresh flooring will remain well over time.

LVT is smoother than tile or hard stone, which is better for children, and various luxury vinyl stocks come with characteristics such as scratch resistance or water protection, which is ideal for your pets’ nails, disasters, and spills by active children. Also, depending on the kind, you can place luxury vinyl in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms flooring, or basements, whereas you would not need to add real hardwood in these water-prone or humidity-prone places.

One of the most important advantages to LVP and LVT is the plain vinyl flooring protection and maintenance. It’s most satisfying to constantly sustain your fresh floors with easy cleaning. To keep trash off your flooring, clean your vinyl flooring every day or utilize a vacuum without a mixer bar so that you withdraw from damaging the flooring.

If you want to irregularly do wet cleaning, then utilize a wet mop with only a little warm water. If spills happen, likewise any surface, it’s great to clean them as quickly as possible. If a tile gets broken or damaged from scratches or humidity, then it has to be repaired separately.


One of the most important differences is the kind of product and the vinyl floors installation techniques in the result. LVP and LVT appear in either floating-click vinyl, which means the boards or tiles click collectively and float over the subflooring, or glue-down floors method, which means the product is adhered or taped right onto the subflooring.

The most significant takeaway from these 2 kinds is that glue-down LVP and LVT might not be waterproof similar to the floating-click products, which can be simply eliminated if water loss happens. That’s why the extra chemicals utilized in the adhesive might not be waterproof vinyl flooring, therefore it’s essential to verify with the company.

Glue-down luxury vinyl is quite fit for more extensive installations and high-traffic places because it gives more endurance, particularly when there’s a lot of traffic. This kind of vinyl floor is also more difficult to place on your own, therefore you have to consider additional labor prices if you choose to have an expert except you have enough knowledge installing glue-down vinyl.

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Though, the product is normally much more cost-effective by square foot than the floating-click vinyl boards or tiles, so that might make up for some of the attached workforce prices.


If a strong surface is the best floor option for your following project, then think about putting LVP or LVT at the top of your list. You cannot go incorrect with either luxury vinyl option as its attractive design opportunities, humidity protection, and simple care. LVP or LVTs give less trouble about a lot of little disorders, the consequence of heavy traffic, or noisy pets.

Not only will they immediately renew your house for a portion of the price of real hardwood flooring and stone, but also when correctly protected, the versatile flooring will remain for so many years to come. Whether you select to update 1 place or the whole flooring, your home will be immediately revitalized by the luxury vinyl.


vinyl plank vs laminate flooring - hardwood areaLaminate and vinyl floors are, in common minds, the same. And while that might have been slightly true about 20 years ago, the differentiation of 2 decades has separated the floor solutions into different resorts, particularly with the installation of LVT.

To most excellent show the similar features of premium vinyl vs. laminate floors, we at Hardwood Area should separate floors into 3 quantifiable characteristics: Appearance And Style, Endurance And Stability, and Price.

Appearance And Style

When we talk about design honesty at Hardwood Area, the vinyl vs. laminate floor comparison is rather constant. Since both are created utilizing a 3D print technology, each of them can replicate the appearance and behavior of natural substances like wood or stone, though at the section of the price. They are customizable and designable in a limitless way, both of them provide the versatility required to finish any interior designing plan.


Laminate floors can replicate the appearance and behavior of natural substances
A section of the price of other substances
Customizable – designable


LVT can replicate the appearance and behavior of natural substances
A section of the price of other substances
Customizable – designable

Endurance And Stability

Both vinyl and laminate floors are created in comparable ways, usually with a wear coat, graphic picture, and a backing arrangement. The composition, though, differs.
Laminate floors are normally produced from HDF or dense fiberboard, which is built up of recycled pieces of hardwood. Laminate floors are not waterproof therefore they are not suggested to be placed in high-humidity or damp places or areas that usually have spills such as in supermarkets or restaurants. The laminate floor is most suitable to install in climate-controlled places.

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Vinyl floors, though, are a much different story. Parterre vinyl especially is a solid, closed-cell vinyl floor providing for the goods to be more water-resistant and perfect for higher-humidity places. A sealant is not needed for vinyl though is advised for high-humidity places for an attached layer of maintenance.
Laminate is a thick and hard product, however, tends to be hollow. The subflooring beneath must be soft and smooth. Vinyl is perfect for heavily trafficked rooms because of its capability to develop and contract. And, both are so simple to clean.

vinyl plank vs laminate flooring - hardwood areaLAMINATE FLOORS

Laminate floors are normally produced from HDF or high-dense fiberboard
They are not waterproof


LVT floors are much more water-resistant and excellent for higher-humidity rooms
Don’t need a sealant


The added vinyl vs. laminate gap eventually finishes. At 50 to 5 dollars for each square foot, laminate floor matches and also appears in under premium vinyl floor, which might cost from 2 to 5 dollars by the square foot for commercial goods. With such comparable costs and unique features, the decision looks like a no-brainer. Premium vinyl floor wins when factoring in the adaptability it provides in terms of designing and utilization.


Depending on the color, size, and character of the tiles, the laminate floor comes within and far beyond the cost of LVT


LVT floors are not just less expensive than laminate floors, they give a much more important value


As we said with lots of soft and hard floor choices available in Calabasas, it’s necessary to pick the one that fits your needs and  your lifestyle requirements. LVP and LVT both give lots of similar benefits; yet, they do have some differences that need to be analyzed before installation. Now that you finished reading this article you can decide which one is better for you and your house more easily. But if you needed any further information or help just call us or come to our store. And do not forget to check out our blog to find your answers.

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