Maple Flooring: 9 Advantages & Disadvantages You Should Know

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maple flooring - hardwood area

Maple Hardwood Flooring In Westlake Village: Advantages And Disadvantages

Read about Maple wood floors, and about engineered and laminate Maple floors, shades, stains, durability, grades, and the price at Hardwood Area.

In our hardwood installation articles in the Hardwood Area, we are going to have deep look at the wonderful opportunities available in maple hardwood floors in Westlake Village.

With its fine texture and creamy-blonde colors, maple hardwood has always been a tough favorite choice for house flooring in the Westlake Village and is becoming a more common choice in these recent years.

Therefore if that is a design you are interested in, then maple hardwood floors are great hardwood choices for you, although, there are other things to think about to guarantee that maple flooring is the perfect opportunity for your house.

Different Kinds of Maple Hardwood

If you are searching to buy maple hardwood floors, then be informed that there are 2 general terms utilized when talking about maple hardwood: hard maple woods and soft maple woods.

• Hard Maple woods are utilized to define 2 types of maple trees: Sugar Maples and Black Maples. Both of them are utilized for producing maple hardwood floors and various wood furniture goods. The Sugar Maple is also the place we receive all our sweet maple syrup.

• Soft Maple woods are utilized to define 4 other species of maple trees: Silver maple wood, Red maple wood, Boxelder, and Bigleaf Maple wood. This type of maple, as its name implies, is not as strong or as tough, so it is not utilized for flooring however is perfect for wood-worked decoration objects, furniture covers, cases, and beds.

Maple Purchasing Choices

As with most other kinds of hardwood floors, there are various maple flooring opportunities available in the stores of Westlake Village:

• Solid Maple flooring is normally 3/4 inches thick, however, appears in a wide variety of lengths and widths pending on the company. Various brands give solid maple hardwood in both pre-finished and unfinished models. Pre-finished wood indicates that the boards have been used already with paint and sealant, and with some sort of textured exterior.

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• Engineered Maple hardwood floors appear in much thinner diameters, from as small as 1/4 inches thick. Widths, lengths, and finishes differ pending on the company. Though as with engineered hardwoods regularly, there is normally a much broader variety of shade finishes than with solid kinds of hardwood.

• Laminate Maple hardwood floors are another choice, particularly if you have a low budget. Board diameters in laminate vs hardwood floors are the more standard 5 inches, although the variety of colors and styles on presentation is pretty wide.

maple flooring - hardwood area

Maple Floors Shades, Paints, and Graining


In Hardwood Area’s designers’ opinion, a classic American kind of maple wooden flooring is quite left in its original position, with a cleared sealant finishing to let the beautiful texture and buttery colors shine through.

Though maple hardwood floors are also penetrable enough to take paints moderately well, therefore you can adjust the shade to accommodate your feelings, from more distant dark brown colors to smooth gray hardwood floor colors. At the same time, DIY maple hardwood flooring painting can be complex, and usually entirely left to the pros. Fortunately, various brands now give pre-stained maple wood boards in Westlake village, therefore you do not actually have to choose the DIY painting way unless you have a really different or custom-mixture tone in mind.

Also do not forget that there are many various texture finishes on presentation which include hand-shaped or distressed, smooth, and wire-brushed, each one providing a distinct character to compliment your house’s interior design.

Do Maple Floors Change Color Into Yellow?

This is a difficult question to give a direct response to as it is based on different things. It is sure that natural light color hardwoods, such as maple hardwood or American oakwood, can change the color of amber with aging. This is certain because it is partially down to the oxidation of the original oils in the hardwood. Though, the changing of patina can be increased by oil-based poly sealants responding to light. Notice sealants that are oil-based already present light-shaded wood with a yellowy color from the first utilization.

The answer is to choose a water-based poly finishing in the first case, that will easily improve the natural elegance of your maple floors without adding a yellowish hue. If you have places maple hardwood floors that have been pre-finished by an oil-based sealant so you have to think about adding blinds, films, or stained glasses to the house’s windows to withdraw too much hard, direct sunlight fading your flooring over time.

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maple flooring - hardwood area

Maple Flooring Prices

• If you are choosing maple hardwood, then there is great news in Westlake Village: there are lots of famous hardwoods to select from, which also indicates that you will likely discover a maple flooring to match your money. On the other hand, narrowing everything down to the kind of structure, texture finishing, and tone finishing will make your research so simpler.

Maple Flooring Toughness and Endurance

Maple hardwood floors have a Janka hardness rate of 1450 which is a great bit tougher than oak wood floors, the business standards for hardwoods. This indicates that maple hardwood floors are very strong, less likely to be scratched, and are very strong, it is a common option for places such as bowling alleys for this reason.

Though, if maple hardwood flooring is not layered in a durable poly finishing it will damage, and its soft texture makes the damages look more visible.

Generally, maple hardwood is a reliable floor option for most busy families; although, we at Hardwood Area suggest that you guarantee your maple flooring are correctly sealed and that you buy runners and area rugs and carpets for high traffic places like entrances to keep your floor at its greatest condition.

Maple Hardwood Floors Advantages and Disadvantages

Maple Flooring Benefits

• One of the most important benefits of maple flooring is that it is generally available and there are lots of options; additionally, as it is sourced regionally and responsibly in the Westlake Village, it is more suitable for the environment than foreign kinds of hardwoods.

• As Hardwood Area stated earlier, maple hardwood is a broadly available and very good price choice; various categories and kinds of maple hardwood are available to accommodate most budgets.

• Maple flooring has a nice texture that provides each board a reasonably consistent appearance; maple flooring, consequently, gives a clear backdrop that will go for most interior plans. This makes it a great choice if you like to improve your decoration frequently, or as a property to advance to broad viewers.

• The natural lighted-colored maples are ideal for modern, clean, and open decoration, it is a very common option for nowadays’ house owners.

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• Maple hardwoods are moderately great on the toughness rate, making them less likely to scratch and more long-lasting.

• As with most types of hardwood flooring, maple floors that have been accurately finished are simple to keep clean and protect.

maple flooring - hardwood areaMaple Flooring Disadvantages

• As with many kinds of hardwoods, maple hardwood flooring can respond poorly to conditions with fluctuating moisture levels, inflammation, and compacting because the levels change. This seldom happens in warping and breaks. We at Hardwood Area suggest utilizing engineered maple hardwood floors in places likely to damp, like bathrooms or basements, as engineered hardwoods are more durable and properly accommodated to places with high moisture. You may also counter significant humidity by buying a dehumidifier.

• Maple flooring scratches simply, however you can reduce this with a great protecting sealant, and the increase of strategically located carpets and areas rugs.

• Whilst you can paint maple hardwood, it can turn out a little uneven. It is a job that is completely left to specialists, or you can choose pre-painted boards.

• Maple flooring will turn a darker color over time, and if it is finished with oil-based poly then they can respond poorly to direct light and yellowish. Utilizing water-based sealants and using regards against light loss can help reduce this.

• Maple flooring is not the appropriate option for you if you need a floor with an attractive texture, the nice texture in maple hardwood provides a much more stable, detailed appearance.


Last Maple Flooring Tips to Think About

American hardwood maple flooring is a classic, and also a substantial property because it has excellent durability, not just in real terms as its endurance, but as it is a common option that is unlikely to work out of fashion.
But as with all hardwood flooring, your purchase is only as great as the installation. Ensure that you have a stable subfloor and underlayment before the installation of your maple boards.

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