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popular trendy flooring - hardwood area

2021 Popular Trendy Floors, Materials, Colors, Styles

1. Simpler designs

Most clients are giving a great priority on simpler designs, more near a particular width board in a straight arrangement, and a move apart from various widths, chevron, herringbone, diagonals, borders, etc. Buyers require a clear and simple appearance for their floors. Some of these other choices confuse your eye and seem overcrowded.

Buyers require a clean appearance with fewer confusions. This is also notable in kitchen cabinet common choices that many are picking a Shaker method. Making a balance decreases disorder. And, it would allow homeowners to utilize more models with rugs and throw pillows.

2. Solid hardwood flooring which will remain a lifetime

Depending on the priority, most people choose solid hardwood floors over more affordable and shorter-term options like bamboo or engineered wood. Solid hardwood floors will usually remain for more than a hundred years. There are so many refinished floors from the years of 1800 and 1700s. For the people who are searching for a long-term floor and a floor that increases the value of their house, this could be a great choice.

Solid hardwood enables you to do sanding and refinishing and changing the colors as fashions and priority change, as well as letting new residence buyers pick their favored tones.

People are recognizing inadequacies for engineered hardwood flooring, for example, they normally can not be refinished or sanded, therefore if you get dents, or pet scratches, or water damages, they may require to be fully replaced.

Despite, in some places, and engineered hardwood floors can be a more valid and more efficient way and a reasonable solution, for example, in warmer environments where houses are created on plates or concrete sub-floor in basements or apartments, they stay famous.

Plus, many more people are getting informed about traps and misleading purchasing of bamboo floors. Bamboo is a kind of grass and it doesn’t remain well to measure pets or traffic. It gets damaged very easily and reveals more than the oak wood, and it does not remain well in water, for example, the water which is in entrance places, small leakages, and pet accidents.

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Furthermore, Bamboo is not a green stock because of long transportation ways from China, enormous volumes of adhesive, and at last, some from some stores may be bound with formaldehyde.popular trendy flooring - hardwood area

I have never seen a kind of wood-and don’t forget that it’s not wood; it is grass- have so many clients and installer arguments. Hardwood Area did stop placing it some years ago.

A reason why bamboo costs less than others is that it’s clearly poor and usually won’t even remain for 10 years, despite the assumed 25-years warranty rights, won’t remain. And also, when you remove it, it leaves the glue on the sub-floor behind and would require more than a new wood price.

3. More extensive boards

More extensive wood boards make your home seem bigger and better. An interesting fact is that they make modern houses seem more modern and older houses seem more authentic and rural.

More extensive boards have increased in demand across the last ten years and they are favored over the official 2 1/4 feet pieces that were set up from the ’30s to the ’90s. These days, it’s an uncommon thing to place anything under 3 1/4 feet for current installations unless you want to match it with the rest of the house’s floor.

4. More extensive opportunities for popular trendy floors, styles, and forms

Since buyers are educating more and more about the hardwood floors, and since companies are innovating more and more and finding out consumer favorites, Hardwood Area now sees a broader size of woodcuts.

Many years ago, if someone had suggested, for example, quarter-sawn or rifted wood, the buyers would haven’t any idea about it. But nowadays, some buyers demand rifted hardwood because of the beautiful linear pattern that they love so much. And it is also more contemporary.

Rifted hardwood extends and shrinks less, so you have stronger and tighter boards.

On the other hand, many people are choosing the facing extreme and demanding more character-based wood that is wider. When these kinds of wood are used with more modern colors particularly with grey blends and white-washed and joined with smooth matte coatings, they make the room more natural.

5. Customs of a Farmhouse

Farmhouse customs and rural appearances have been increasing. Farmhouse decoration and shiplap are throughout the internet. In flooring terms, there is a great variety of farmhouse fashions based on the style of the house, walls, and the homeowner’s flavors.

Frequently you will observe a priority on wider boards, more complex, lighter, and cool shades, for example, gray mixes, grays, whitewashed floors, floors with more powerful texture, and more twists. Sometimes, you will notice various width boards, and frequently distressed and rural floors, and also mid to darker browns.

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Farmhouse decoration is a return to a more genuine, simplistic, and natural appearance, a return to a more simplistic life.

6. A transformation to white oak instead of red oak

Oak makes up about 80% of hardwood flooring in the United States. While red oak or white oak constitutes the maximum of this wood-because red oak is richer and turns to wider boards than white oak-more and more customers are favoring the softer texture and more modern appearance of white oak.

popular trendy flooring - hardwood area

The straight stripes combined with this more contemporary look contrasted with the strong texture of common red oak. White oak provides a more extensive variety of paint colors which contains light grays and whitewash.

And, another great advantage of white oak is that it’s more water-resistant than red oak because of its molecular formation.

White oak also has a higher character for a modern vintage or shabby chic method and, this leads us to the next point.

There is also a sharp increase in French Oak which is often called White French Oak. This sort of wood is usually used in French winemaking because of the higher tannin levels.

As the years pass by, the tannins will react to the components and give the hardwood a nice patina appearance. This feature enhances the wood with attractive cuts and knots for a simple and natural form.

7. Development in America

The trend is to American cultivated wood floors, mainly white oak, but they are all reviving, maple, hickory, red oak, old recycled pines, etc.

This is made by a combination of circumstances including originality, a priority for decreasing the carbon usage, increase toward dark, light, and cool colors which will be obtained more simply with oaks instead of more foreign yellower and redder woods. It is also a movement away from Chinese and lower-grade woods.

8. A returning to Originality

Why do you think that hardwood is so popular? One of the reasons is that everyone loves hardwood flooring because of its major artistic trend towards Originality.

With all this happening in our daily lives, and the great trust issues that exist, like the government, banks, or other things, we all require things and people that are True and Natural. Hardwood Area feels comfortable with the ones and things we can trust. We prefer to remember the past, the good old days of the past, the more simplistic times when we had an easier and less complex life.

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Hardwood floors are an excellent illustration of a product that represents that emotion. First, because they are an old kind of wood, usually it’s been used for more than a hundred years. Second, hardwood flooring will remain here for at minimum another hundred years continuing into the ages. Third, as hardwood is a plank of natural wood, it has a natural difference. Every part is varied, some parts are darker, some are lighter; the texture and twists are various on each part. And, as time passes, it grows and it becomes more attractive with age. It absolutely is a remarkable product.

How is it shown in these days’ trends? There’s an evolution of the wood’s personality, the flaws and tiny strips, overused forms, and colors, wire-brushed or hand-scraped forms, more extended boards like the old ones, flatter surfaces and, even recycled wood.

9. Kitchen Hardwood floors and almost every where’s floors

Using hardwood floors for kitchens has been becoming a trend and is sharply increasing for the past decade. It’s more fashionable, simpler to keep clean, more comfortable on your feet, and makes your house seem more spacious.

With the increase in extensive concept house plans, hardwood flooring is becoming a must-have thing for kitchens.popular trendy flooring - hardwood area

There is also a definite favorite for hardwood in the entrances, particularly if this entrance joins the living room or dining room that is already in hardwood floors because it builds an identical appearance and color, making the area seem larger.

We also found it interesting, that some articles or journals are attempting to produce dramatic titles by saying that hardwood is no longer a number one. They say that just 24% of homeowners preferred hardwood and 26percent of them wanted tile, and then they continue to state that 17% picked engineered hardwood.


Well, the news for them is that the Engineered wood is also a kind of hardwood so totally it becomes 41% which is much greater than 26%. there’s no need to mention but in colder environments, there are numerous houses that consumers have hardwood and easily decide to refinish and improve its color.

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