8 Best & Pro Tips To Mix Wooden Flooring With Wood Furniture

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mixing wood furniture with wood flooring - hardwood area

How to Mix and Design Wooden Flooring and Furniture in Agoura Hills

-Combine Textures Carefully

Textures relate to the patterns and lines or shapes that naturally happen in the wood. As the wood ages, texture forms based on the holes and the cells in the wood. The wood types usually define the overall kind of texture as the growth models differ from one type to the other.

Though, every part of the wood has its own different patterns, even inside the same types. Some wood species have noticeable texture patterns while others are less prominent. That variety displays in the finished result, particularly in parts with natural finishes.

The texture is defined as closed and open. Open texture models happen in wood with big holes, like elm, ash, pine, and oakwood. The wood usually has a rough appearance. It may seem much more textured than soft.

Closed texture kinds of wood have tinier holes that reduce the look of the lines and patterns. Also recognized as fine texture, this wood species include birchwood, maple, alder, hickory flooring, and cherry.
Texture also differs in the way patterns look. Some wood types highlight a straight texture. The patterns and lines in the wood follow an almost exact path.

These kinds of wood floors are a little more complex in look than other wood textures. Some wood types have unique texture patterns that may seem swirly, wavy, twisty, or differently complex patterns. They reach out in the finished wood flooring and wood furniture item as they are usually unique and more obvious than straight shapes.

The texture kind influences the form or style of the wood shapes. Big texture patterns extract an informal color. Nice texture patterns are connected with formal forms. Bear these impressions in mind when choosing items for your place so you can build an overall color that suits your style.
The texture is an essential characteristic when choosing various wood parts to go together. There is no need to attempt to match the textures precisely. Though, if you’re having too many items with noticeable textures that seem quite distinct, they can struggle with one another rather than building a suitable appearance in the place.

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If you select a part or have hardwood flooring with a noticeable texture, adjust it out with other parts that have subdued texture patterning. If all your items have an outstanding texture, they should have a comparable pattern to assist them to match together.

wood floor and furniture - hardwood area-Contrast Creates a Focal Spot

If you need to highlight one item of your furniture or a specific section of the place in Agoura Hills, select a finishing shade that contrasts with other kinds of wood components in your house. You may pick a dark-colored dining room table to converse with light-colored wood flooring, for example.

The distinction doesn’t have to be too powerful. You can match a light color with a medium color emphasizing the identical undertones, for instance. A dark wood color, like cherry or mahogany, can have enough contrast with medium wood color.

In Agoura Hills, the texture is a solution to create a part that stands out and to build dimension in your place. If your wooden flooring is so smooth and polished, pick a rustic kind, chunky piece of furniture with loads of texture to make a contrast.

-Use Other Shades in the Place

The shades you utilize for the walls, window treatments, decorating items, carpets, and emphasis items perform an important role in the way the wood parts match together. A wood furniture item can seem quite distinctive against a neutral white color background then it would look against a light yellow wall.
If you utilize many different wood finishes in one area, neutral tones for the walls, and other factors work properly. The neutral color palette supports match the various wood colors together and build a feeling of balance in your home.

-Using Soft Elements

Having wood flooring and wood furniture in Agoura Hills can sometimes seem a little strange if there is nothing in your house to balance all that wood. Include smoother elements into the place to balance the area. Area rugs and carpets go well in places with wooden flooring. The carpets break up the wood appearance and give it a smooth touch underfoot.

An area rug is likewise a great visible separation between the flooring and the wood furniture, which can assist you to think more conveniently about combining woods. Throw pillows or cushions on furniture also help split up a huge space of wood.
You can also use other element species to tone down the appearance of your wood. You may use metal light or glass emphasis items, for instance.

wood floor and furniture - hardwood area

-Light Furniture Plus Light Flooring

Light-shaded woods make a space look airy and usually make the room feel relaxed. Light-colored wooden flooring has a neutral color, though some lighter-colored woods have warm tones. Verify for a powerful yellow or red undertone.

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If you don’t see one, your light-toned flooring is neutral, and you have lots of options with mixing in Agoura Hills. If you notice a red and/or yellow color, attach with other light-colored woods that have the same shade undertones.

If you need to utilize light-toned furniture with light floors, try to get insignificantly different wood colors to make some contrast. You may pick wood items a tone or 2 darker than a pretty light flooring, for instance.

In Hardwood Area’s opinion, this gives dimension and attention to the room decorating while providing special details pop, though you still hold the overall appearance of the place light. You can also utilize a carpet or rug to divide the light flooring from the light-colored furniture.

Choose a darker shaded rug to create a contrast that assists to build much more dimension in the area. The accessories also help evaluate all the light-colored kinds of wood. Work with some different elements and significances to contrast with the light-shaded wood items.
The shades don’t have to be dark or bright. You may add a smooth green color or blue for a feeling of hue without being too strong.

wood floor and furniture - hardwood area-Dark Furniture Plus Dark Flooring

Contrast aids build depth, though you can mix dark-colored wood furniture with dark-colored wooden floor and yet make the place seem attractive. Dark wooden finishes have a conventional appearance, and they give an exciting feeling to your place. The solution is to give some balance to neutralize the dark pieces of wood so the whole place doesn’t seem dark, heavy, and cave-like.

One tricky solution is to select furniture that is some tones lighter than your flooring, particularly if the wood flooring is much darker. You still have the dark furniture appearance, however, you support lightening the area overall.

Another opportunity is to attract some much lighter wooden items to balance all the dark-colored finishes. To assist build that offset, use 2-colored furniture with lighter colors on top and legs that harmonize the dark flooring shade.

Another significant circumstance in a place with dark wooden flooring and dark-colored wooden furniture is the rest of the area’s tone palette. Matching lighter-colored walls with dark wooden items help preserve the place balanced overall.

Crisp white-colored walls go well with darker kinds of woods, though you can work with other light tones, like cream or light gray hardwood floors.
Implement a light-colored separation between dark wood flooring and dark wooden pieces of furniture with a light-toned carpet or area rug. For instance, put a light grey area rug beneath a dark-colored wooden dining table to give that obvious division with a shot of brightness.

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wooden flooring and furniture - hardwood area-Dark And Light Wooden Items

One of the simplest options for harmonizing color tones is dark-shaded wooden items with light-toned wood, whether that means light flooring plus dark pieces of furniture or dark flooring plus light-colored furniture.

Sometimes if you decide to match 2 dark kinds of wood or 2 light kinds of wood, the results seem like you attempted to harmonize the tones but failed. When you work with 1 light and 1 dark alternative, it’s obvious that you weren’t attempting to harmonize the wooden finishes.

-Wooden Pieces of Furniture on a Wooden Flooring

Matching woods isn’t just a problem indoors. Selecting wooden furniture for your outside places can be a difficult thing to do if you have a wooden deck. The identical rules implemented for matching wood finishes out-of-doors.

If you select the equal finishing on your furniture as you have on your deck, the items may not seem identical. That’s particularly accurate if the deck is more aged and the furniture is kinda a new brand. Over time, the sunlight, weather, and other outside factors take duty on the deck. The look changes. When you buy brand-new wooden items, the finish seems fresh and new, therefore it won’t seem the same as your deck anyway.


Alternatively, pick wooden furniture that is either lighter or darker than the wooden finish on the deck. The difference lets your gorgeous fresh furniture items stand out on the deck. Just like your interior furniture tools, exterior furniture should have identical undertones to your deck to form a cohesive appearance.

You can attach other contrasting details for extra visible attention. Complement the wooden theme with stone or metal ornamental components, for instance. You can combine color through flower pots on your deck.

Area rugs pr carpets produced for outdoor utility can also help split up the wood tones by implementing a buffer between the 2 wooden finishes.

For more interior design hacks click here to read Hardwood Area’s experts’ opinions about interior design.

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