Red Oak Vs White Oak + Hickory 10 Pros & Cons In Ventura

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red oak vs white oak

The Comparison between Red oak vs White Oak wood floors + benefits and drawbacks of hickory

Oak floors are the most attractive sort of hardwood in many countries. Oak is a very efficient wood, is easily attainable, grown and produced in the United States, quite affordable, and very simple to paint therefore you can get the color you like. But many customers do not recognize that there are 2 kinds of oak, red oak, and white oak floors.

If you want to install new hardwood flooring in your house, either red oak or white oak will be good, and your decision will reasonably be based on which appearance or color you like as well as the cost. The costs of white oak and red oak fluctuate, therefore in usual there is not normally a significant cost variation, however, it can change slightly at any time or based on the mark, rank, and, diameter of hardwood you want to choose.

· If you now have oak flooring, and want to add extra oak floors, you will need to match what you already have, in that case, you will have a uniform appearance and wood will receive the paint colors the equal way. It happens too often where a consumer or constructor has matched the wood with white oak in some places and red oak in other places wrongly. It implies that your wood will never perfectly match, the texture will be altered and the paint color will be modified.

The differentiation between red oak vs white oak?

1. Textures

Red oak has a much stronger texture than white oak hardwood. White oak has a little bit of a softer appearance. Some customers prefer the strong texture of red oak, both because they love the appearance and because the powerful texture supports to cover the damages and scratches; others like the insignificantly softer texture of white oak and believe it’s a less busy oak vs white oak

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2. Toughness

White oak floors are a little harder than red ones. On the Janka hardness scale system, White oak has 1360 and red oak has 1290. However, as I said, even though red oak is a little less tough, it shows the scratches a little bit less.

3. Color

Red oak has a little reddish tone which is a bit lighter than the white oak. White oak is a bit more brownish, darker, and more yellowish. Because they begin with various colors and have different frequencies, white oak, and red oak absorb paints differently. When you paint them, the contrast between the two kinds declines, particularly the darker you paint. With lighter paints, the red oak manages to have a little red shade in the color.

4. Cost

Overall, there is not a significant cost differentiation between red and white wooden floors. Because unfinished hardwood is a merchandise item, the cost fluctuates every week. At some times, red oak values more; at other times, white oak requires more. the money amount will often alter pending on width and texture. And, frequently, I have the red oak in one size as more costly, and white oak of another measurement is more costly, and it substitutes all the time.

It is stated that when viewing wider boards, particularly 5 inches and wider, white oak is a bit more pricey. That is most like because most red oak trees raise taller and have a wider broadness, as well as the point that red oak is richer vs. white oak.

5. White oak is more waterproof than red oak

Because white oak is a closed-textured wood, it is more watertight to water. Many benefits are filled with tyloses making them more immune to mold and trash. That’s why it is used more frequently in boat construction. And, it’s also why it’s more suitable to utilize white oak on front door frames as well as other places that may be more uncovered to water and natural oak vs white oak

Final thoughts on Oakwood floor

Both red oak and white oak are excellent choices. Some people like the appearance of red oak while others like white oak. If you are beginning from scratch, choose your favorite. If you are adding to current hardwood, it’s usually best to match.
My suggestion is color interviews to inform consumers on paint colors and paint options.

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Hickory Flooring advantages and disadvantages

Hickory hardwood is among the second strongest wood that can be found in some countries such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, and India. Although, it includes less than 5 percent of the hardwood floors business in the United States. It makes it less popular and provides you with an opportunity if you are looking for something unique and unusual.

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Hickory floors come from a hickory tree, that has about 16 kinds. It makes one of the most enduring, tough, thick, and shock-resistant floors. Hickory flooring has pretty strong impressive contrast colors and seems good with paint finishes. The flooring, however, is much costly, expanding, and not Do-It-Yourself’s friendly. Here are some ideas on the advantages and disadvantages of hickory floors.

Examples of hickory floors

Hickory hardwood has a Janka scale rate of 1820, among the toughest, hard and elastic wood. In the flooring business, you will notice merchandisers and hardwood flooring professionals or stockists with the below trademarks of hickory.

· Engineered hickory floors:

The cost of these marks requires from 2 dollars to 8 dollars for every square foot of the floor.

· Laminate hickory floors:

This is the cheapest of all marks with a
maximum cost range of 5 dollars for every squared foot of flooring. This floor is sealed laminate with the hickory photographic vision. It is available in 3/8 inches or 1/2 inches depth, with a width between 5 inches to 8 inches on boards.

· Solid hickory floors:

This is the most excellent quality that subsists as finished and unfinished outcomes. It goes for 3 dollars to 10 dollars every square foot. It is possible in 3/4 inches depth with a width of between 3 inches to about 5 inches boards.

Benefits and drawbacks of Hickory floors



Hickory flooring is remarkably long-lasting. It’s one of the most suitable floors for places with high traffic. It also can be capable to maintain everyday damage and loss for a much longer time than other floors.


Hickory has various kinds to pick from. In the flooring business, there is also the opportunity for several forms. There are also different kinds to pick from; Solid, laminate, or engineered wood floor. The boards have also various widths, paints, and finishes to pick from.

Expands House price

Among the most advantages of hickory is expanding the house or home value to the possible clients. It can assist improve your house resale price a lot.

Low-Price Sustaining

Just like other hardwood floors, hickory requires little or low-price sustenance. The flooring once established and correctly sealed, can remain for long. It just wants easy cleaning: daily cleaning, vacuuming, or random mopping.
You may think about refinishing after five years for solid hickory. Choose engineered hickory with the thickest wear surface, for example, you can just refinish it one time in its oak vs white oak

Shock protection

Because of its thickness, strength, and elastic hickory flooring are immune to injury and shock. Falling things may leave no hurt on your hickory flooring. It’s also good damage endurance than walnut flooring.

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Makes your rooms lighter

Light hues of hickory may help lighten your darker places. It can help make your home seem brighter. It is a good opportunity for you if you like light color flooring.

Disadvantages of flooring


Hickory like any wood floor is likely to spoil and rot. It can also be hit by bugs. You have to put suitable standards to overwhelm this underlying difficulty.

Hard to fix

Because of its hardness and flexibility, it’s hard to construct. It’s not a good idea to Do-It-Yourself, in case you are intending to. You may think about prefinished or precut plank for Do It Yourself.
Hickory shrinks therefore if you Do It Yourself it may bend or twist. It would not be difficult if you use a trained constructor.

Collapse and splint

Hickory is sensitive to shrinking and breaking. It’s notably essential to guarantee your floor is completely dried before construction. Also, it may not be a great flooring option for humid circumstances like laundry, kitchen, or bathrooms.

Rural look

However it is still a benefit, some people may not be satisfied by the rural appearance. It may not be excellent in places or with someone who needs a fresh contemporary appearance.

Is Hickory suitable for your floors?

Hickory presents one of the best flooring elements. It occupies second in the listing of most difficult and long-lasting hardwood with a Janka scale rate of 1820. It’s one of the unique floors with regular knots and beautiful different colors.

Hickory VS. Oak, Which one is better?

Hickory is stronger than oak and therefore a more suitable flooring for your home. Hickory has a more striking appearance and is possible in a more extended board than oak and maple.

Do hickory flooring got damaged simply?

Hickory is much flexible and difficult to scratch. But, care and protection are required to be taken for it to remain longer. In addition, any abuse will cause scratches on your hickory floors. Select a specialist to construct your floor to withdraw splitting and warping which might be a difficulty if you do Do-It-Yourself.


Does hickory give your house more value?

Yes, hickory flooring can greatly add worth to your home. Hickory is a hardwood that offers one of the most long-lasting, elastic, convenient, and has a friendly and soft feel on your feet. House clients will examine the house floor amongst other circumstances. Read also our other articles

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