13 Secret Interior Design Hacks – 2021 Trend You Should Know

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interior design hacks - hardwood area

2021 Useful Interior Design Hacks And Tricks In Calabasas

To the unenlightened inhabitant, building a beautiful house looks amazingly simple. All you have to do is paint the walls, choose some furniture, and use accessories in your home, right? NOPE.

Whether you have spent so many hours painstakingly building the ideal mood board on your Pinterest or had an inner discussion over which nightstand works great with your bedroom, renovating a room is way simpler in the Hardwood Area’s opinion.
And even after you’ve chosen your tone palette, furniture, and your accessories, you will have to be certain your house is well-proportioned and makes the most maximum of each square inch.

After all, your house is the place you spend most of your hours, therefore shouldn’t it be effective, beautiful, and welcoming?

To help you to design a beautiful place, Hardwood Area demanded some expert decorators in Calabasas to distribute their go-to design advice and hacks.
These people design and decorate houses for a living, therefore you can trust they have a treasure trove of hacks, tricks, and tips that will assist you to get the job completed. And, if you use them in the right way, many of these tricks can help you save much more time, money, and the pain of suffering and failure.

From layering the lights to exchanging your cabinet handles to purchasing a piece of faux shearling, you’re simply a few steps away from having the ideal house of your dreams.

Make The Lightning Layeredinterior design hacks - hardwood area

Never undervalue the strength of the great light. While attaching another table light or sconce to the place might look like destruction, having multiple lighting sources can transform your place into a friendly, welcoming place.

“Use artful lighting.” Kellie Sirna, an expert in this field says, “Work with tabletop illumination and uplighting to your help to spotlight excellent decoration significances or cover places of your house in need of a refreshment.”

Design a Solution For The Storagesinterior design hacks - hardwood area

Transforming your bathroom into a peaceful retreat is simpler in Hardwood Area’s experts’ opinion. After all, it is one of the tinier and more useful areas in your house. Luckily, it is probable to discover a storage solution that is similar parts functional and attractive.

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“Very frequently we find bathrooms are requiring storage for sheets,” says Joe Berkowitz. “This is a great hack. Utilize a ladder to pile towels vertically, or use a basket near the tub or shower for roll. Your smart storage also shifts to charming accessories!”

Let The Light Flow Ininterior design hacks - hardwood area

In an ideal world, you’d live in a place with huge, sun-drenched windows. Though, in actuality, you might live in a place with little-to-no natural lighting. Don’t be concerned about it: If you live in such places, you can always fake it.

“When you have a dark or small place that doesn’t get good light, build your own,” says an interior designer in Calabasas. “Try an emphasized mirror wall to open the place and give it an airiness lighting which will pass through the area for exciting impression.”

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Numerous Colors Of Whiteinterior design hacks - hardwood area

In the beginning, recognizing the distinction between white, cream, ivory, and ecru may look incredibly difficult, and not especially fascinating. Though, all those various colors of white may be the answer to a well-appointed room.
“For a neutral decoration enthusiast, utilizing various tones of white in a diversity of materials builds dimension and depth in a minimal design that never tires.”

Furniture Leg Up

In order you didn’t get the reminder, drawer handles aren’t the only part of furniture you can customize on your preferences.

“Custom furniture legs can dramatically modify the appearance of your sofa or bench, without the necessity to renovate the whole place,” says Hardwood Area’s expert in interior design.
Gratitude to this designing trick, sitting beautiful has never seemed so great.

Using Right Rugsinterior design hacks - hardwood area

Think it’s true or not, the right-sized rugs or carpets can both create or destroy your place.

Our interior designers in Hardwood Area say that they can directly tell when a person purchased a rug without understanding what would go best. Too frequently it is too tiny and the pieces of furniture are set around it, hovering around the corners or off the carpet or rug.

When a rug is bigger, it packs the place and all your pieces of furniture can remain within its borders. It makes a place feel larger and produces a pleasant backdrop to the rest of the design.

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Combination And Match

Are you ready to give your place a touch of character? It’s so simpler than you imagine. And, unlike various tricks and hacks, there is no need to break out the DIY chops to make the designing ideas a reality.
Nothing yells catalog similar to an interior that is essentially bought from one or 2 merchants. By spending the time to curate a combination of furnishings from various stores and even adding a pair of custom items is what makes an interior design stand out.

Disseminated To Completion

If you look at a tube of fabric that punches your wishes, why limit it to the enclose of some throw pillows or upholstered seats?

Have you ever loved a piece of fabric so damn much and hoped it was your wallpaper?” says an interior design specialist in Calabasas. Not so many people know that there are organizations that can prepare fabric to make it fitting for Wall fixing. You can change your loved one textile into a single wallpaper for an appearance all your own!

Make A Contrastinterior design hacks - hardwood area

What is white, black, and chic all over? Your house, with the aid of Hardwood Area.

When we talk about hardwood flooring, white and black can be easily beautiful, the Hardwood Area’s interior designer says. It’s so useful and handy in the way that they can go as great in a modern house as a traditional one. When matched completely with neutral-colored walls, the flooring becomes a central point and can make excitement and depth to a small room.
The time you have the basic things down, punctuate your place with energetic shots of color and shades.

Make The Ground Look Like A Global Attraction

With the normal combination of a chair, a desk or table, and maybe a carpet, most places can seem the same after a time. According to Hardwood Area experts, you can simply inject a personable flair with some mementos.

Constantly bring back souvenirs. Whether you are missing the sea atmosphere, the streets of cobblestone, or that great lunch place, the only way to have the spirit of happy-go-lucky days is to bring them back to your place. Art, rugs, tile, throws, or patterns are excellent souvenirs and elegantly echo the time you spent away from your home.

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Amaze Everyone With Your Wallpaper

No matter how attractive a design is, wallpapers can usually get a wrong blow for looking aged and old. Just like something that your grandmother would have in her house, no offense. If you need to use wallpapers in the 21st century, it is all about combining and adding a bit of surprise.
A design trick we at hardwood Area can swear by is adding wallpaper to unexpected areas. For example, a powder room, an entrance hall, and hallways are constantly excellent places to use wallpaper because people don’t spend much time in these areas, but in a bedroom or a dining room, you may need to keep it more relaxed.

A Classic Kitcheninterior design hacks - hardwood area

There was a time that tile floors became the go-to floors in kitchens. Though, if you need to refresh your place, dare to walk away from the standard.

Tile flooring can seem and feel too cold for some certain kitchens and it is recognized to be ruthless on your knees and back when walking on it for longer periods, says hardwood area’s interior designer. Wood floors are an excellent option as they bring a more welcoming, more comfortable feeling to your kitchen.”
If you like to add some character, you can always soak your island in a new layer of paint.


Attraction is in the eye of the viewer, and excellent art is no exception. Rather than holding with a traditional gallery wall, create a statement with a large part of art.
Whether you are in a small or big place, having a big statement creation of art can change a place.
Now, all that is left to do is to discover some artwork that talks to your beauty. Luckily, we at Hardwood Area have a lot to say about it. Check out our blog or contact us and our interior designers will help you.

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