7 Most Popular Hardwood Flooring You Can Install In Ventura

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popular hardwood flooring- hardwood area

2021 Trendy Hardwood Flooring In Ventura

Hardwood floors are increasing in reputation, and they are almost the most chosen flooring type for houses. Actually, there are lots of companies trying to create products as similar to hardwood flooring as they can. It doesn’t matter if it is an engineered vinyl plank that seems like wood, porcelain tile, or a complete sort of another thing.

However, people still require the real thing, The REAL HARDWOOD. It’s fashionable, suitable, comfy, timeless, simple, and remains for over a century.
Hardwood is the thing that makes your house looks like a home, and it allows you to refinish it over years for changing the color and form because trends and favorites vary over years. Because of all these ideas, most people prefer the true kind and appreciate the value improvement that it gives to their houses.

You should consider that different persons have different flavors, but the more necessary thing is to pick the thing you like the most instead of the trendy thing. There are many home fashions and various decorations, therefore pick what you like and the one that goes the best with your house.
Floors are the basis of your house and they establish the shade for your color theme and furnishing way. You need to choose the most suitable thing for your house because they will be there for a lifetime. But stain colors or styles may come and go, though a suitable hardwood floor will never go out of style and will be there for over a century.

There are also some contradictory trends such as either very light or very dark paint colors that are both stylish. Again, this is based on the different kinds of houses and various tastes for different people.
Every color won’t work in every house, and you require to think about your complete decoration theme as well which includes wall colors and furniture, therefore decide to choose a thing that you love the most and you can predict you will admire it for a long time.

So here are the newest trends of hardwood floors for 2021:

1. Natural and matted light color Hardwood Flooring

On the other hand to dark colors, the second most famous floor option is a light color which means choosing natural. However, the idea is constant. Some people prefer to delete the yellow colors and choose a cooler shade. Therefore the more trendy colors are running for the special level and more environmentally and friendly waterborne poly, particularly the Bona Traffic HD.

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popular hardwood flooring- hardwood area

Bona Traffic HD is great merchandise. First, because it provides a more simple, lighter, and more modern appearance. The wood seems much more natural and it does not have that little bit yellowish tone. Oil-borne polys present a more yellow color, and they amortize more by passing time.

Besides, Bona Traffic is more suitable for the conditions and it stinks less. And, it will dry and heal much faster. It is more valuable, though it deserves it if you want to go for a light and original appearance.

2. Gray colors and their combinations

Gray hardwood floors have been increasing in popularity, and you will see them everywhere, in the wood itself, in tiles that seem similar to wood, and gray vinyl boards that resemble wood. I think the first time it became a trend was about 2010 – 2011. First, I just noticed it in pre-finished floors and it was about 2012 when customers started to request for refinishing their current floors and changing them to gray.popular hardwood flooring- hardwood area

Of course, refinishing your house’s flooring gray is not the easiest thing to do, and you will need a specialist who has done it multiple times before.

3. Hardwoods in dark tones and cool tones

The trendy dark colors wood floor are increasing more and more. And it has been raising for the last 10 years. There are two kinds of customers:popular hardwood flooring- hardwood area

1) The ones who would rather style over the protection and they manage to reach darker and darker floors, these people are the kind of families without children or the ones that their children are gone to college or richer families that have additional help to maintain and clean the floors.

2) The ones that extremely love dark colors but want to pick a little lighter floor so that maintaining the wood floors will be way easier.

In both ways one point is constant: Everyone strongly prefers cool shades. There is a great transit apart from warm shades such as red/brown mixtures, reds, or yellow suggestions, and favor towards brown colors that are simpler and cooler.

People prefer cool tones both on the walls and on floors, and these ones will work together. I sometimes notice some buyers want to mix a bit of gray with the dark browns to both make it a bit lighter and also to make it cooler and more depth to the color.

People who want to go darker in color should usually mix ebony and dark walnut, jacobean and ebony, or check out the new true black color. True Black is the latest color, and as its name refers, it’s surely the blackest color you can find. It’s also more matte for a darker appearance and more contemporary character because it covers most of the texture you can see in oak.

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Darker floors are a little harder to wash and protect. For the ones who want to go dark, but not too dark, try antique brown, dark walnut flooring, special walnut, or coffee brown, or a mixture of them.

4. Finishes which seem natural

Satin and matte sheens are the most famous finishes and it is all about low light. Low light and bright surfaces are out of style and very challenging to protect, because they reveal every bit of dirt, damage, and scratch. Across the past few years, flatter sheens have grown even more in popularity since more and more homeowners are deciding to choose water-borne poly, particularly the higher rank Bona Traffic. For walls, there are flat color finishes which are also more attractive and fashionable.

The best news for satin and matte coatings is that they are both famous and useful. You can clean them more easily and they seem greater longer.
These sheen priorities are accompanied by other coverings such as countertops.

5. Whitewashed floors

Whitewashed floors are back again, and they are very popular now. It is good news for the people who liked whitewashed floors from the ’80s, and they will be happy to find out that these kinds of floors have been modernized and improved.popular hardwood flooring- hardwood area

Today’s whitewashes are more opaque and many of them are more detailed in personality. If you want a modern look this floor will go best with white oak. The mineral stripes make the wood looks more linear for a modern form in contrast to the dense texture of red oak which has a more classical appearance.
The newest form has been to do a more detailed whitewash therefore the floors seem more natural, but a little lighter and a bit whiter than normal floors.

The sealer which is used as the first surface is gently painted with white color. Therefore, you can now have detailed white paint, without needing paint. You also have the possibility to add various layers to make a whiter appearance till you reach what you want.

Also, these days’ whitewashes that use a higher rank water-borne poly like Bona Traffic HD provide a more superior look and much more powerful stability than the whitewash from your parent’s or your grandparent’s age.

6. More important standard and more environmentally and pleasant oil or poly finishes

The decision is to utilize a high-rank polyurethane that is both long-lasting and friendly with the environment. Individually, I believe the most suitable choice for this is to have a high-rank waterborne poly like Bona Traffic HD.

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Therefore, there is an extra idea that has been increasing, and that is oiled flooring that is different than oil-based polys.

Oiled hardwood flooring has no VOCs which stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, and they don’t have poly. Rather, these oils enter the wood and make it seem a wealthy and more original patina. They also have a more matte surface.

7. Textured and wire-brushed flooring

Floors that are wire-brushed are scratched with a detailed strategy to heighten the texture of the wood. They are a more contemporary model of distressed woods. They give you a truly vintage appearance because the wire brushing improves the texture of the wood.popular hardwood flooring- hardwood area

Wire brushing removes the smooth texture from the wood and leaves the heartwood revealed to the exterior. It is fashionable and helps you to cover everyday damage and dirt.

Wire brushed ones have a little bit of texture, though it’s not sharp or rough such as hand-scraped or distressed woods. Some wire-brushed wood is multiple toned, but most of them are two-toned, prepared with two tracks of paint, regularly a darker layer for the central color and, then a biased finish with a lighter paint.

You normally would see wire-brushed wooden floors in a pre-finished model because wire brushing is a very difficult labor job and it has to be prepared by hand and very there are few installers who know how to do this method.


As we said people now require the real thing, The REAL HARDWOOD. It’s fashionable, suitable, comfy, timeless, simple, and remains for over a century.
Hardwood is the thing that makes your house looks like a home, and it allows you to refinish it over years for changing the color and form because trends and favorites vary over years. Because of all these ideas, most people prefer the true kind and appreciate the value improvement that it gives to their houses. Now that we mentioned all the tips and tricks you may need when choosing your hardwood flooring you can trust yourself and choose the thing you want more easily.

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