7 Steps To Install Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors + Tips & Tricks

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installing luxury vinyl plank floor - hardwood area

Installing Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors In Malibu

Getting an ideal-looking new floor in one day if you are in Malibu ( Luxury Vinyl Plank )

First Things About Luxury Vinyl Planks

Luxury vinyl plank or LVP floors are strong and beautiful, and the most comfortable floor material you will ever install. These pieces of advice and tricks will help you get the work done properly.

There’s no doubt you purchased your luxury vinyl plank flooring as much for the comfort of installation as you did for its appearances. While you could have purchased solid or engineered hardwood or ceramic tile or porcelain, you may well have picked luxury vinyl plank floor as you understood you could do all the work by yourself and very cheaply.

Of all of the DIY floor coverings, luxury vinyl plank floors which are also known as luxury vinyl plank are one of the easiest floors to install. They are simple to cut, need no bonding to the subfloor, and close together end-to-end or edge-to-edge. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is also perfect for high-humidity places such as bathrooms or basements because the material is totally invulnerable to water.

Luxury vinyl flooring or LVPs are much similar to sheet vinyl, although they are thicker, more long-lasting, and simpler to install. They appear in tiles and boards, though our article includes boards only. It’s floating flooring which means it is not connected to the subfloor, it lies there.
Luxury vinyl plank floors are the fastest-growing section in the flooring industry. LVP begins at about a few dollars by the square foot, comparable in cost to medium-grade laminate. It is available at flooring shops and home centers in Malibu.

lvpp1 - Flooring Installation - LVT & LVP Flooring - Hardwood Flooring

7 Steps In Installing Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors In Malibu

If you are in Malibu and you want to install Luxury Vinyl plank, first prepare a Flooring Design
Luxury vinyl plank floor, like laminate or wood floor, requires to have a design that is charming to the eye. Usually, this is achieved by working from the most noticeable wall, normally, the one that addresses the eye while you enter the room, then working outward to the entrance. In a small bathroom, the most obvious line might be the one that goes alongside the bathtub.

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You will put the first line of boards parallel to this most notable wall or place feature, then go your way across the place. Your last line might be somewhat irregular as few places are actually square. Though baseboards or shoe decorations will regularly hide this unevenness.
Plan to reel lines so that end joints do not bend at the same location for nearby lines. Companies suggest that end joints be offset at a minimum of 6″ from row to row.

Hardwood Area’s Step one

Sanding Down the Higher Places

Discover the high or low places on wood subfloors with a straightedge.

notice that: The floor’s height must not increase or decrease more than 1/8″ over the measure of 4 feet.
Sanding down the high points with a belt sander provided with a coarse-grit belt.

Do not forget that: This is a dirty job, therefore turn off your heater to avoid spreading dirt and dust all over your house, and use a dust mask.

Pro-tip to remember: Utilize the roughest sanding belt you can obtain, like 40- or 60-grit.

Hardwood Area’s Step two

Filling in the Low Places

Fill the low points with a floor application, and feather it out with a cloth.

Pro-tip to remember: Withdraw self-leveling flooring application. The floor does not have to be level; it just has to be even.

Start and End with Half a Board or More

If you place the boards parallel to the largest wall as you are installing vinyl board flooring, you will end up getting fewer cuts. However, do not begin that first line with full boards without thinking about how wide your latest line is going to be. Neither the beginning nor the last line should be cut down much smaller than half a plank.

installing luxury vinyl plank floor - hardwood area

Estimate the width of the place, and split it into 2 parts by the width of the displayed piece of the board before you begin to install vinyl board flooring. For instance, if your place measures 123″, and your floor is 5.75″. wide, you would divide 123 by 5.75, which results in 21.39. That is, it would take 21.39 boards to finish the flooring. As this 39 serves less than half the diameter of a board, you would need to cut down the first board by an inch or more to enhance the size of the last board.

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Hardwood Area’s Step three

Give an Extension Gap Along the Walls

Implant shims to create about a 1/4″ to 3/8″ gap between the floor and the walls.

Notice that: These gaps let the floor extend freely with temperature fluctuations.

Hardwood Area’s Step four

Lock the Board Together

Close the boards in the first line together end to end.
Push the tongue of the first board on the 2nd line into the groove of the first line at a low angle and place it on the flooring.
Install the 2nd and following boards in every line by locking the edges together, and then you go your way down the board, pushing the tongue into the canal as you go.

Pro-tip to remember: It serves to turn and bend every board into position.

Installing Luxury Vinyl plank Floors In Malibu

Mind Your Floor’s Height

The new floor lifts or drops the last height of the hardwood flooring, which can make sudden problems. Below are some things that you should remember:


In most situations, there is sufficient space above the dishwasher so that you can increase the flooring level a little and yet reinstall the dishwasher. However, examine the gap between the head of the dishwasher and the countertop first just to ensure.

installing luxury vinyl plank floor - hardwood area


If you are removing old floors that are thicker than your fresh material, you will end up with holes under the doorjambs. To stop this, you could treat the subfloor with a sheet of 1/4″ underlayment to increase the height of the whole flooring.

Current layer vinyl and carpeting in Malibu

If your kitchen flooring is layer vinyl and the dining room is carpeting, do not forget that the layered vinyl will have a 1/4″ underlayment below it, however, the carpet will not. If you need to install the LV floor in both, you will have to eliminate the underlayment of the kitchen or add some to the dining room.


Take care when replacing floors that butt up to a staircase. Construction regulations permit no more than a 3/8″ difference between the heights of the tallest and lowest stair risers. Replacing the wooden flooring height at the top or base of stairs will change riser heights and can make a trip dangerous.

Hardwood Area’s Step five

Reel the Joints

Reel the joints at a minimum of 6″, and do not begin or end any line with a board less than 6″ wide.

Pro-tip to remember: Begin several boxes at a time and combine them to make sure of a diverse pattern.

Hardwood Area’s Step six

Place Bridge Frame

Cover the increasing gap between the floor and the first trim.

Pro-tip to remember: Do not nail into your floors, that will stop the floor from growing freely.

Installing Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors In Malibu

Around the Doors

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Boards Parallel to Entrances

Land the joint in the door opening

It’s more comfortable to work away from doors than into them, although sometimes that is not an opportunity. When working parallel to a door opening in Malibu, be sure the seam on the line that divides the jamb lands inside the door. Mark and form the first board, then hit it into position utilizing a piece of floor and a tapping block.

Bend the second board into position

Mark and cut the 2nd board to apply, and then push it beneath the jamb. Bend it up in the center so you can bolt it into position. This is another circumstance where the versatility of this product comes convenient. The larger this 2nd board is, the simpler it is to manage.

installing luxury vinyl plank floor - hardwood area

Boards Straight to Door Openings

Tap the first board beneath the jamb

Sometimes you will have to cut around jambs while laying the boards straight to a door. This is simple if the door drops on the equal side as you began your lines. Easily mark and cut the first board to size then tap it beneath the jamb with a tapping item.

Tap the last board sideways

It is more complicated to work around a jamb while the door is placed at the end of the lines. One way is to mark and cut the last board to size and tap it along the end channel of the former board. You might not be capable to lock it into position without eliminating the bottom edge on the board you are locking it into. If you eliminate more than 6″ of the edge, use a seam sealer to adhere the boards together.

Hardwood Area’s Step seven

Place Shoe Decoration

Once your floor is installed, place shoe molding to hide the extension gap between the floors and the first trim.

Pro-tip to remember: Be cautious not to pin the floor down in the process. Finish the frame to suit the trim, not the floor.


At the last boards in a line, the end butt parts can be tricky to place. A drawbar device can be utilized to smoothly pull the end board to snug up these joints. Pin one end of the device over the far end of the board, then tap gently on the other end of the drawbar to pull the butt joint together.

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