10 Amazing Living Room Flooring You Should Consider In 2021

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popular living room floors - hardwood area

The Most Popular Floors for Living Rooms In Camarillo

At Hardwood Area, we studied about 250,000 living rooms and from that information set determined which are the most common living room flooring materials. Below are the most popular ones to the least popular ones.

· Hardwood Floors: 72.84%
· Carpeting: 10.19%
· Ceramic Tiles: 3.30%
· Concrete Floors: 3.29%
· Porcelain Tiles: 3.11%
· Travertine Floor: 1.27%
· Marble Floors: 1.42%
· Vinyl Flooring: .76%
· Limestone Floors: .68%
· Laminate Floors: .65%
· Painted Wood: .67%
· Slate: .41%
· Bamboo Wood: .55%
· Terra-cotta Tile: .35%
· Bricks: .09%
· Cork: .10%
· Linoleum Floors: .11%
· Plywood: .13%
· Tatami: .07%

Ten Kinds of Flooring Suitable for Living Rooms

Here at Hardwood Area, we describe the 10 kinds of flooring choices for living rooms. We introduce estimated prices, benefits, and drawbacks, so if you live in Camarillo this article is the one for you.

Hardwood flooring in dark, medium, and light colors

Hardwood floor is a favorite and classic option amongst homeowners in Camarillo regarding upgrading their flooring. Usable in colors varying from light, medium, to a dark, wood floor is an excellent way to give your house a timeless beauty and rich character. Soft, polished, and covered with an artisan carpet or rug, hardwood flooring is beautifully suitable in a wide variety of environments and decorations, from classical to contemporary, and even Asian and Mediterranean designs.

Hardwood floor is normally available in 3 types which are strip, board, and parquet types, and begins with a special size section. A diversity of wood species are available, including although not restricted to cherry, walnut, oak, and unfinished types which can be painted to your favorites.


· Easy protection
· Increases largely to the resale price of houses when installed in living room
· Broad collection of styles obtainable


· Expensive installation and supplies
· Needs intermittent refinishing

Ceramic Tile in living room

living room floor - hardwood area

Ceramic tile flooring is a wonderful choice for the ones who are looking for water and stain-resistant floors for their living rooms in Camarillo. Extremely long-lasting, ceramic tile is created of a strong material that can endure years of usage.
Ceramic tile appears in both glazed and unglazed alternatives. When covered with protecting glaze, ceramic tile becomes very resistant to damages or stains from water and can endure high-moistured conditions.

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Simple to clean, ceramic tile floors are ideal for those likely to have allergies. Unlike carpet floors which can hurt allergens, the tile floor is soft and needs just a wipe to eliminate dirt and dust, so we at Hardwood Area recommend it.


· Permanent and can remain for years when correctly preserved in living rooms
· Broken tiles are easy to replace
· Simple to clean and protect


· Pretty expensive
· Tiles could break when exposed to damage

Carpet Floors in Camarillo

Carpeting, particularly wall-to-wall carpeting, is the most popular option amongst homeowners for living rooms.
Obtainable in a broad collection of hues, patterns, or textures, carpeting can be easily and ideally harmonized to your tastes and unique decoration.
Carpeting gives a comfortable, warm, and welcoming factor to your living room flooring. Usable in natural or artificial styles, you can select from wool, olefin, nylon, polyester, or acrylic.


· Simple protection and requires just regular vacuuming
· Power saving because gives insulation in cold and hot weather
· Sound lessening


· Can annoy allergy sufferers
· Water can make it mold and rust
· It’s hard to remove and clean the stains

Porcelain Tiles for living room

Porcelain tiles give a shining richness and real dignity to your living room floors.
Porcelain tile in Camarillo is similar to ceramic tiles, however, varies in that it is built from thicker clays and burned at much greater temperatures.
The result is a kind of tile that is resistant to damages and scratches and spots, supremely long-lasting, and durable enough to endure commercial utilization.

living room floor - hardwood area

Simple to clean and just needing an easy wipe to clean dirt and dust, porcelain tile in Camarillo is ideal for those with allergies, or the ones who are just searching for a nice and low protection floor choice.
Installation of porcelain tile yourself is a really unmanageable task. Because of the dense, heavy, and thick material, it is hard to form in a specific style. Using a builder for installing the porcelain tile floors will be your most reliable chance to guarantee expert results.


· Strong and permanent
· spots and water-resistant
· Fire-resistant
· needing a low protection
· Can endure frost or freezing situations


· Unmanageable installation because it needs the proper environment
· Expensive supplies and installation

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Concrete Floors in Camarillo

A concrete floor gives exceptional endurance and functionality compared to other floor choices. Needing only a minimum amount of protection, concrete floors only require to be sealed one time a year.
Available in a collection of shades and textures, concrete gives a soft surface that can be covered with favorite comfortable carpets or rugs for unique versatility and endless design choices.


· Very handy
· Friendly to the environment
· Anti-allergen
· Permanent durability


· Strong surface can determine to be dangerous for children and old people
· Needs intermittent resealing to preserve humidity
· Cold surface requires the usage of carpets and rugs for comfort

Travertine In Camarillo

The travertine floor in Camarillo is unique in its structure, natural coloring, and stylishly organized appearance.
A kind of limestone, Travertine floor appears in a natural palette featuring smooth muted shades like gold colors, browns, tans, creams, beiges, or rusts.

Travertine in Camarillo is a great way to add a touch of patina to your house decoration; its amazing natural coloring gives an old-world character and rich opulence at the equal time.


· Simple to substitute
· Water and humidity resistant
· Friendly to the environment and a “green” choice
· Very attractive


· So much protection needs constant usage of sealants and finishes
· Excessive porosity needs holes to be routinely listed
· Hard to DIY; expert installation suggested

Marble Floors

The marble floor in Camarillo explains the one-of-a-kind richness and beauty of living rooms. With its naturally wide offering of natural spirals, colors, and shades, marble is a precisely single and upscale floor choice that gives beautiful visual attraction, timeless looks, and permanent endurance.

living room floor - hardwood area


· Unique natural elegance and luxury of living room
· Increases resale price of houses


· High protection; needs regular cleanings
· Large porosity cover is likely to stains
· Abstract surface for children
· Likely to breaks
· Difficult to match tile to tile

Bamboo Floors

Bamboo flooring in Camarillo is an eco-friendly option because of the bamboo floor’s sustainability, general availability, and its state as a quickly renewable supply.
High-quality bamboo is praised for its endurance and is similar to hardwood flooring. Bamboo is a great addition to contemporary or modern living rooms and adds immediate beauty to your decoration.

Various forms of bamboo are easily available for flooring designs. Vertical bamboo is utilized when steadiness and straight smooth lines are wanted, while horizontal bamboo has an original pattern with insignificant modifications. Strand woven kind of bamboo combines the grass fibers in an interlocking device for permanent endurance and hardness.
Bamboo floor is normally available in its original bright color profile, but carbonized kind of bamboo that has a darker shade is also easily available.

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· Gives importance to the resale price of houses
· Eco-friendly
· Wide collection of styles available


· Bamboo originated from abroad may include toxic chemicals
· sensitive to water damage
· Does not do well in extremely humid environments
· Lower quality bamboo does not give the endurance of top quality bamboo and will reveal scratches

Slate Floors

The slate floor is at the junction of functionality, stability, and affordability. With the capacity to remain for fifty years or more, slate flooring is a dependable choice for homeowners who are searching for floor supplies they can count on, that we in Hardwood Area represent.
Slate’s original endurance gives it resistance to stains, damages, scratches, breaks, and cracks.


· Adds important resale price to houses
· Typically slip and stain resistant
· original, natural earthy beauty and glamour


· Precious supplies and installation
· Cold surface
· Heavy and thick substance makes DIY-installation hard; expert hardwood floor installation is suggested


Appreciated for their permanent safety, linoleum floors can remain up to 40 years. Available in a sufficient number of shades, patterns, and textures, linoleum has a handiness that will present itself perfectly to your home’s decoration as well as your budgetary requirements.

Linoleum comes in 2 basic styles; linoleum tile floors and floating linoleum floors. Linoleum tile floors are moisture-resistant, eco-friendly, and soft on the feet. Likewise, floating linoleum floors give the same characteristics as linoleum tile floors but vary in that it is normally the go-to select for DIY’ers because of their comfort of installation. Easily snap the linoleum sections into place, and use no glue, used specialists, or mess needed.


· Simple protection
· Water-resistant
· Broad collection of styles available


· Extreme moisture can cause sides and edges to curl up
· Needs intermittent sealing
· Linoleum gets yellow with time and age.


We at Hardwood Area mentioned the best 10 types of flooring choices for living rooms. We introduced estimated prices above, benefits, and drawbacks, so if you live in Camarillo read this article again to find out about the details.

Hardwood Area provides services and flooring installation in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, Calabasas, Camarillo, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Oxnard, and Ventura in a professional and quality manner.
Hardwood Area is located at The Oaks Mall, 2nd Floor, 474 West Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360, United States
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information or free consultation (+1 805-338-6952)

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