The Best Top 10 Hardwood Flooring In Thousand Oaks 2021

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types of hardwood flooring - hardwood area

Different Types of Hardwood Flooring In Thousand Oaks

A wood’s kind is related to the kind of tree it comes from. The appearance and touch of a hardwood floor are mainly defined by its species, and there are thousands of species to pick from, varying from residentials like oak or walnut to imports like teak or mahogany.
But before Hardwood Area starts to talk about the specifics of your hardwood floor opportunities, we have to discuss the Janka scale.

For more information about different kinds of hardwood flooring, check out our website, Hardwood Area, and read our articles.

Measuring the Toughness of Hardwood Flooring In Thousand Oaks

Hardwood Area uses a scale called the Janka scale to estimate the toughness of different kinds of hardwood flooring. Actually, it’s universal guidance to a hardwood floor’s resistance to scratching and breaking.
Speaking from a technical point of view, this scale measures pounds of strength required to force a steel ball midway into a section of wood. The more pounds of energy required, the harder the hardwood is.

The Most Popular Species of Hardwood Flooring In Thousand Oaks

below are some of the most common wood sorts for flooring the interior of your house and their Janka rates.

Oak Wood

types of hardwood flooring - hardwood area

Oak is doubtlessly the most popular kind of hardwood flooring in Thousand Oaks, CA. Most indoor oak floors are one of 2 types: red oak and white oak.
White Oak has cooler, green-gray shades and a softer, more stable texture looks, although with less style and variation than red oak wood.
Red Oak has a warmer tone between these 2. It creates hardwood flooring with reddish, pinkish, or rust undertones, and has a great amount of texture variation and style.
Both of them are excellent flooring choices, with white oak 1360 rating just a little higher than red oak 1290 on the Janka hardness rating.

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Walnut Wood

Although it is one of the smoothest hardwood flooring choices with a Janka scale rate of 1010, walnut owns a rich, chocolate-brown shade of color and wonderfully detailed texture. If you’re searching for something that tastes luxurious, it’s a suitable choice.

And note that Hardwood Area is talking about American walnut, not the Brazilian walnut. While they may seem similar, they are completely different kinds of hardwood flooring.

Ash Wood

If you are searching for modern hardwood flooring types, you couldn’t find a better choice than ash flooring. Ash owns an outstanding Janka rate (1320). Besides, its light texture goes super great in contemporary designs. And, it’s recognized for its capability to take paint, which means that you can personalize it to your tastes.

Maple Wood

Maple floors are the second popular choice after oak wood. Varying from, creamy white to light, pale, reddish-brown, maple flooring is popular for its elegant, subdued texture.
Don’t forget that maple can be hard to paint though it takes neutral finishes properly. It is also one of the more difficult residential kinds, with a Janka scale rate of 1450, therefore it’s a good hardwood flooring for pets and children.

types of hardwood flooring - hardwood area

Mahogany Wood

As it has to be imported, mahogany is regarded as “foreign” wood and can be a little more expensive than its residential counterparts.
People say that it’s preferred for its richness, warmth, and gorgeous wavy texture. In our opinion, mahogany seems like old-fashioned property, and elegant leather chairs, and….
Additionally, natural mahogany has an insanely high Janka rate of 2697. Natural mahogany and Santos mahogany are 2 different kinds of wood floor, like American walnut or Brazilian walnut flooring.
You will notice a lot of those sorts of retailing tricks when you are buying flooring.

Hickory Wood

If you’re searching for hardwood flooring with dozens of quality, hickory flooring may be the right option for you. The texture is complicated and different, therefore it’s best performed in long, broad boards. Like oak and maple hardwood, hickory rates high on the Janka scale rating with the number 1820.
Notice that hickory hardwood flooring is the most difficult residential wood species that exist. You can keep reading about the advantages and disadvantages of hickory floors on our website, however, most of the problems of hickory floors are about people disliking their appearance.

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Teak Wood

Another imported wood, teak is full of original oils that give it shine even with the smallest finish.
If you take a look at some of the teak’s benefits and drawbacks, you will find that it could be a little on the expensive side, however, its warmth and brightness make it a permanent preference. And it has a great Janka rate as well (2330), therefore it’s another great option for houses with children or pets.
Just remember that illegal teak collecting is causing extensive continuing problems with deforestation, therefore ensure to only purchase teak from a certain trader.

Cork Wood

Developed from tree skin, cork floors are one of the most durable floor choices around. Flexible and comfy underfoot, it also has excellent insulation and acoustic features. Additionally, it’s excellent for those with common problems as it’s so light. And all the best cork floor outcomes are anti-microbial which makes them ideal for people who have allergies.

That stated, there are advantages and disadvantages of cork floors, and we would be careless if we did not consider both sides of it.
Most of the problems of cork floors are about the material’s flexibility. Specifically, it’s more sensitive to scratching and damage. It is also sensitive to dampness and moisture, which can make it warp or curl in specific environments. And that sensitivity means it also requires to be sealed more frequently than other kinds of hardwood flooring, which can be a trouble.

types of hardwood flooring - hardwood area

Pine Wood

While pine floor is technically softwood instead of hardwood, it is still one of the most common species of wood floors. And when you feel its knotty texture and rural vibes, it’s clear to see why.
The hardwood vs. softwood specification is about whether a tree is deciduous or coniferous, not whether its wood is more difficult or smoother on the Janka scale rating. Actually, Heart pine owns a Janka rate of 1225, which is much higher than many common “hardwood” sorts.
If you are searching for wood floor species that are local, beautiful, and renewable, see some pine floors’ benefits and drawbacks.

Bamboo Wood

If you have ever had bamboo hardwood flooring in your house, you will understand that it can develop to the majority as few as 3 to 5 years and that it is difficult to get rid of. They also present it as an amazingly eco-friendly construction element.
Plus, pending on how it is created, the best bamboo floors can be as tough and long-lasting as oak, with Janka rates between 1600 to 1900.
While it is technically a kind of grass, bamboo wood is bought, finished, and placed in an identical way as any other kind of wood floor. You can refinish it if you are so tending.

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Cut Patterns of Hardwood Flooring

The point at which wood is formed from the tree is the most important factor in deciding its ultimate texture pattern. Therefore when you are considering how various kinds of wood floors are going to be seen in your house, you should be considering both kinds and cuts.
Below there is a short guide to the most wanted hardwood floor cut patterns.

Simple or Flat Pattern

This style is precisely what it says, an obvious, flat, even cut upright to the growth circles of the tree. As it moves vertically throughout the tree’s circles, it creates curved,3 different textures. It is by far the most popular kind of style.

Rift sawn Pattern

A rift sawn tree is formed like a pie before being cut into pieces or boards, which causes straight textures that seem comparable to quarter sawn, though without the streaks.

Quartersawn Pattern

Quartersawn hardwood floor is one of the first ones that are cut into quarters, then sliced crossed the texture. Difficult to imagine, the primary point to know is that this pattern creates soft texture, a rotten look, and a steady grain that is less likely to break.

types of hardwood flooring - hardwood area

Live sawn Pattern

Live sawn boards are just vertical cuts throughout a tree going bottom to top. That implies live sawn planks are usually the broadest of the 4 and have the most noticeable natural variety.


What you should remember when selecting woodcut patterns
As we discussed above, these cut models are utilized to be most critical when selecting solid hardwood floors.
Though, it is growing more and more in popularity to find various cut patterns in engineered hardwood too. It is based completely on the company.

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