2 Best Types of Wood Floor: A Complete Guide in Malibu

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softwood vs engineered wood hardwood floor - hardwood area

2 Main Types of Wood Floors: A Complete Guidance For You In Hardwood Area

Hardwood Area knows that everyone has an idea when it comes to hardwood flooring. Engineered or solid or oak or walnut. And with more and more kinds of flooring coming to the market all the time, it is becoming harder and harder to understand what is what.
That is why we have put together this article to understand a guide to all the hardwood flooring choices. We will discuss engineered hardwood vs. solid hardwood; we will discuss toughness levels, and we’ll discuss finishes.
Hardwood Area is going to lead you through everything you will need to select the right kinds of wood flooring for you. So don’t be worried.

Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Hardwood

When it comes to selecting hardwood flooring in Malibu, you have got 2 principal kinds to think about: solid hardwood and engineered hardwood.
What are the distinctions between solid and engineered?
While solid hardwood floor is constructed from a single piece of wood throughout, engineered hardwood is made of a thin layer of solid wood which is called the veneer layer, glued on hard plywood or high-density fiberboard center.

Solid wood normally appears in ¾” thick pieces that are between 1½ and 2½” wide, or in boards that are between 4 and 8″ wide.
Engineered wood layers usually measure between ½ or ⅜ inches thick and because it’s less sensitive to warping than solid hardwood, you can discover it in boards up to 12″ wide or more.
Nowadays, most of the greatest hardwood flooring brands sell both engineered and solid hardwood, therefore you’ve got no lack of opportunities.

Is solid hardwood flooring more useful than engineered hardwood flooring?
No! Each one has its benefits and drawbacks. An engineered floor is seldom introduced as a “fake wooden floor”, however, there is nothing fake about it. Solid and engineered are just different kinds of wood flooring.softwood vs engineered wood hardwood floor - hardwood area

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood Flooring In Malibu

As Hardwood Area stated, both solid and engineered hardwood have their benefits and drawbacks. We are going to go through some of the most important ones to present you with a more reliable idea of which one of these wooden floor species is best for you.

Benefits of Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid wood can be refinished over and over so many times
Since they are constructed of solid wood all the way through, solid hardwood flooring can be refinished and sanded repeatedly. Seriously; if you protect solid hardwood flooring accurately, it can remain a lifetime.

Solid hardwood gives a ton of customization possibilities

You have lots of opportunities to choose from when you are picking out solid hardwood flooring, from the varieties to the cut design, even to the way it can be finished. We will talk about all of that further down so keep reading and for more information visit our blog or contact us, Hardwood Area.
That does not mean engineered hardwood isn’t handy. It is! But there are limited opportunities for personalization, particularly when it comes to cut designs.

Solid hardwood feels great on feet And You Can Find It In Hardwood Area

As Marvin Gaye stated, there ain’t nothin’ like the real stuff. And that is so true when it comes to solid wood flooring. While engineered hardwood is fabulous, solid hardwood just feels good when you walk on it.
Of course, almost all kinds of wood flooring appear in both solid and engineered types, and these days, many people would have difficulty recognizing the difference.

Drawbacks of Solid Wood Flooring

Here are several problems with solid wood floors.

Some kinds of wood floor cost much more than solid boards

Hardwood Area will discuss pricing now, though it’s worth noting that some wood floor species will require more when they’re bought as solid boards. This is due to the fact that solid boards utilize more “high-quality” (veneer) wood than engineered boards do.

With that in mind, as any person who’s noticed what children or pets can do to hardwood flooring will agree, solid hardwood may not be the most suitable choice for busy houses, although it gradually depends on the wood and its finishes.softwood vs engineered wood hardwood floor - hardwood area

Solid hardwood hates water and moisture

Solid hardwood can be badly sensitive. Since its texture goes throughout the width of the board, solid hardwood is likely to warp or swell, therefore it should never be placed anywhere that is going to come into connection with moisture, humidity, growing damp, or severe fluctuations in temperature. That includes:

· Bathroom
· Kitchen
. 3-season rooms
· Basements
· Mudrooms
· Over underfloor heating systems
· Any place below ground

There are some water-resistant wooden floor choices, however, they are almost all engineered ones or composite ones. Few solid hardwood flooring has water-resistant features.
That means if you are searching for mudroom floor opportunities, we would suggest working with something like wood-look tile and RevWood, instead.

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Solid hardwood requires a lot of maintenance

Before you place a solid hardwood flooring, you require to leave the hardwood in its future house for at minimum a few days before placing it.
Wood textures grow or shorten depending on the place’s temperature and moisture changes, therefore if you do not adjust the material beforehand, your floors may twist which is what we in the Hardwood Area call a “major bummer”.
Besides, solid hardwood requires additional protection even after it is placed, too. It cannot bear too much humidity or moisture, requires additional cleaning, etc. overall, it’s the more sensible choice.

Benefits of Engineered Wood Floorssolid vs engineered wood hardwood floor - hardwood area

Now that we’ve discussed a bit about the benefits and drawbacks of solid hardwood, let’s talk about the advantages of engineered wood flooring.
Engineered hardwood is less sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and moisture
As Hardwood Area mentioned, engineered hardwood is constructed of a rigid HDF or plywood base coated with a slight veneer of natural wood. This structure gives it less sensitivity to fluctuations in temperature and moisture than solid hardwood.
Many of the most long-lasting wood floor options are created of engineered hardwood because it does not warp as simply.

This means it can be used where solid hardwood cannot

As engineered hardwood is less sensitive to environmental fluctuations, it can be placed in areas where solid hardwood cannot be used.
Do you want walnut flooring for your kitchen? Engineered wood. Bamboo for the basement? Engineered wood. Hickory for your master bath? You already recognize it, engineered hardwood is the way to go.
Anywhere you cannot put solid hardwood, you can put engineered.

And engineered hardwood can be more affordable, as well

If you need to put in foreign hardwood flooring for a fair price, engineered hardwood can be an excellent choice. That’s because it utilizes fewer foreign hardwood varieties than solid hardwood does.
Therefore if you have been wanting some super-rare ebony floors, for instance, engineered wood is going to be the more affordable choice.

Problems of Engineered Wood Floors

Of course, there are some engineered hardwood problems, too. Below are some of the most crucial ones.

It can not be refinished regularly

More importantly, engineered hardwood is just as sensitive to damages, scratches, and dents as solid wood floors are, after all, the first coat is solid hardwood.
But as engineered hardwood only has a tiny veneer coating, it cannot be sanded or refinished as many times as solid hardwood can. Even the best-engineered hardwood floor choices can only be refinished a few times at most.
If you have children or pets and need your flooring to remain a lifetime, engineered hardwood might not be the most suitable type of wood floor for you.

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Engineered wood is not waterproof

We are going to say this for a second time louder for the people in the back. Engineered hardwood floors are not waterproof.
Is it a more suitable choice than solid hardwood for kitchens hardwood floors or bathrooms? Yes. Is it a kind of flooring you should use in your shower? Surely not.
If you require something waterproof, you would be better off with a hardwood flooring option like vinyl board or laminate. All the best vinyl board floor brands suggest waterproof products.

Engineered wood is not always the more affordable choicesolid vs engineered wood hardwood floor - hardwood area

While it can make foreign wood classes more affordable, engineered wood is not always cheaper than solid hardwood. When it comes to residential wooden flooring species like oak, the cost is usually similar.
It’s all about obtaining the balance between appearance and efficiency. If you have any questions about a particular floor usage and need to understand if engineered hardwood is the best choice, contact us and visit our website Hardwood Area, or come and visit us in person in Thousand Oaks, California.

Installation of Engineered vs. Solid Hardwood Floors In Malibu

One of the big differences between solid and engineered wood floor opportunities is the way in which they can be placed. Here are the things you have to know.

The Installation Of Solid Hardwood Flooring

Boards of Solid Hardwood. Don’t forget that they are solid throughout.
Solid hardwood floors normally have to be stapled or nailed to a subfloor, or adhered to a specific underlayment. It is not regularly available as floating flooring.

Now, what are the floating floors exactly? we should say that it’s a floor that matches together and holds on your subfloor, instead of being connected to it. Floating covers are some of the simplest floors to install, and are very common these days.
All of that to say: staple, nail, or adhesive-down installs are not plans Hardwood Area would suggest for the random DIY-er.

The Installation of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood. Don’t forget that the veneer sheet and deep click-together channels.
Engineered hardwood flooring is super handy when it comes to installing. You can glue or nail it to a subfloor, place it as a floating flooring utilizing click-lock boards, or even loose-lay it.


The last tip is that the price of installing engineered hardwood flooring is usually cheaper than the price of installing solid hardwood flooring for this specific reason. There are some problems with floating floors, though they’re more affordable and easier to install.

Hardwood Area provides services and flooring installation in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, Calabasas, Camarillo, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Oxnard, and Ventura in a professional and quality manner.
Hardwood Area is located at The Oaks Mall, 2nd Floor, 474 West Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360, United States
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information or free consultation (+1 805-338-6952)

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