What is The Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

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In the flooring business, luxury vinyl is one of the latest children on the street.
The luxury vinyl floor is the relative of sheet vinyl floor and the opponent of laminate floors.
When people talk about “vinyl floors,” they are most possible talking about sheet vinyl floors. They are NOT the same thing with luxury vinyl floors. Sheet vinyl has been used by homeowners for a long time. It’s affordable and water-resistant, however, it also doesn’t have excellent fame as it can seem or feel cheap.

Luxury vinyl floors got the vinyl core although joined other courses to build the boards and tiles. This produces flooring that are still comparatively low-priced however, are more long-lasting and great-looking than traditional vinyl. Similar to laminate floors, some of the high-end planks can seem shockingly comparable to real kinds of wood and tiles.

Therefore as we mentioned “luxury vinyl,” and “planks,” and “tiles.” When we at Hardwood Area first learned about luxury vinyl, we realized everything was complicated. It is rather simple:

Luxury vinyl tile floors seem like ceramic floors or stone tile floors. They are also described by the more precise names such as “LVT” or “vinyl tile.”

Luxury vinyl plank floors seem like wood floors. It’s also described by the more precise names such as “LVP” or “vinyl planks.”

Consequently, now you understand the first things about luxury types of vinyl, let’s talk about the people who might want it, and who is better to stay away from it.

Vinyl flooring can be an excellent choice for your house or business. You can get almost any look with vinyl tile flooring or vinyl plank flooring. Hardwood Area offers a variety of patterns, finishes, designs, and colors for every place to give you the most suitable vinyl flooring choices. Select a style to complement your decoration for a beautiful look that’s sure to impress each time you have your friends and family as a guest in your house.

Vinyl Flooring Styles

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Floating vinyl plank flooring is simple to install and does not need nails or adhesive. Based on what kind of flooring you need, you can buy vinyl flooring rolls that are simple to roll out and install as a DIY project.
Peel and stick vinyl flooring, or self-adhesive tile flooring, are another simple DIY flooring kind.
Pick from a variety of color shades and style choices, and install in places, such as your kitchen or bathroom, for a wonderful finish. Reach for a more beautiful appearance with luxury vinyl plank flooring or luxury vinyl tile, also recognized as LVT flooring.
These styles will help to advance your house and are long-lasting and scratch-resistant. Wood-look vinyl floors, or vinyl wood flooring, imitate the appearance of natural hardwood floors while being more low-priced than hardwood flooring. For flooring that stops dampness increase and is simple to clean, try waterproof vinyl flooring.


Vinyl Floor plank

Before we talk about what to search for in luxury vinyl floors, let’s think about if it’s a proper choice for you or not.

can almost copy the appearance and texture of hardwood, tiles, ceramics, and other premium kinds of floors
in-expensive on average than the flooring that it copies
less protection than hardwood floors
Because tiles or boards are single, flawed places can simply be restored with just a few new parts
possible DIY project, more comfortable than sheet vinyl floors
water resistance is more reliable than laminate floors or hardwood floors = more suitable for bathrooms and basements
overall pretty long-lasting even though it will not remain a lifetime like hardwood floors can

The Hardwood Area’s guidance wouldn’t be perfect without providing you with a heads-up on the problems you may have. This isn’t to frighten you from luxury vinyl floors, all kinds of floors have their drawbacks.
less convenient than carpet floors and possibly somewhat colder or less pleasant than laminate floors
if you want to trade your house, sometimes people haven’t discovered about luxury vinyl floors and think it’s a kind of old sheet vinyl floor
cost can be different: the most attractive luxury vinyl flooring can compete with hardwood floors in cost


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One of the first topics you have to question yourself before any house renovation project is, “Can I manage and afford it?”
And even if you understand that you can manage it, it helps to recognize what you have to pay, therefore you don’t get cut off. It additionally helps to understand the resale worth, therefore you know what type of purchase you’re making.
This part will include both the price of luxury vinyl plank floors which consist of the flooring, other elements and installation, as well as the predicted resale price:

The price of these luxury vinyl tiles or planks is similar to laminate floors. Anticipate paying nearly 4 dollars for every square foot for boards and tiles. The range is usually 2.50 – 5 dollars per square foot, though we at Hardwood Area have seen luxury vinyl floors as cheap as 0.50 dollars by each square foot and as expensive as 9 dollars for every square foot.

Vinyl Flooring cleaning
Vinyl floors can be created to seem like tile, stone, or even like hardwood floors; it’s just as simple to clean as well! Sweeping and mopping it daily will help it sustain its smooth look.
If you mention that your house’s vinyl flooring are a little dull, you can continually add a bit of jojoba oil to the mopping water.
This will give them shining like they are fresh. Although it’s simple to clean, the vinyl flooring are not excellent for families with pets, because it damages them simply.

luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP)

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What are the LVP floors?
First, LVP stands for Luxury Vinyl Plank. As its name indicates, Luxury Vinyl Planks look like planks of hardwood flooring. It is single parts of vinyl (not sheet vinyl), therefore they are very similar to the real wood. Most types of luxury vinyl are waterproof or extremely water-resistant.
When you are searching for a floor for your home, one of the different things to consider is if they are scratch-resistant or not. In some situations, homeowners like that floors can scratch because it gives character to their homes.
You might think of a special instance as to why it was confirmed, creating a particular concept within. Though, some homeowners do not like this point because it doesn’t seem attractive to them.

In this example, you may want to get floors that will not divvy up scratches and dents. So, does LVP, or in other words luxury vinyl plank, floors damage easily?
Usually, LVP flooring do not dent or scratch simply, making them the perfect floor for big families with pets and children.

Although, they can still roughen if you transfer heavy items of furniture without furniture felt pads or hidden nails under your stuff ruin the floors.
In this circumstance, taking the correct prospects is obtained to ensure your floors’ lifetime and durability.

On average, LVP flooring lasts any time between 10 to 20 years although can remain a much longer time, with the correct care required, which does not take lots of work.
We at Hardwood Area will be going beyond what people in require to do to ensure LVP flooring do not scratch at all and the way they can fix a board that just so occurred to get a wound along the way.

Advantages of Vinyl Plank Flooring
• Long-lasting surface.
• Use the wood look for a fraction of real hardwood prices.
• More resilient than laminate floors.
• Simple to install glueless floating choices and full spread glue-down.
• Repair a board or section of the flooring that is much more comfortable than traditional hardwood. It won’t need to be refinished on the whole floor. It’s best to order 5-10% over for waste and future repairments.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Plank Flooring
• Vinyl does feel pretty as easy to walk on if you are barefoot.
• Vinyl won’t seem as luxurious as natural hardwood floors.
• Vinyl wood plank flooring are not able to be refinished.
• LVP floors if glued down can be really hard to remove if you ever need to replace them. There are simple locking/interlocking choices that make this more comfortable though if you’re putting them in a commercial place. It’s suggested to glue down.
• Some vinyl plank flooring have a pretty narrow wearing layer and can be dented, scratched, and scraped causing permanent destruction. If you need to avoid it, go with a 20 mil wear layer or higher. The light commercial begins at 12 mils and runs up to 30 mils for commercial category / industrial power.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Costs
These pricing ranges are usual.

$0.65 – $1.39
5-10 years
$1.40 – $2.30
5-12 years
$2.40 – $3.90
15-20 years
$4.00 – $6.00+
15-25 years


Vinyl Tile Flooring (LVT)

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What are the LVT Floors?

In the beginning, we should say that LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile, a floor that resembles actual wood or stone floors though gives many more useful advantages. Available in a variety of forms, sizes, and effects, you can make authentic-looking flooring in your house, without the possible disadvantages of real products.
“People have the adaptability to build their own flooring design with single LVT planks or tiles, as faced to sheet vinyl floors,” explain Hardwood Areas experts.

LVT flooring or in other words, luxury vinyl tile), is the perfect mixture of everything a floor has to be, beautifully designed, very strong, and simple to maintain.
With Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring, you can copy the appearance of natural substances, however with flooring goods that are created to withstand commercial places. LVT floor means not having to sacrifice top-quality design for industrial use.

How LVT is produced
Luxury Vinyl Tiles are created with a group of layers; the stability sheet helps the floor to be flat and smooth, while still being flexible enough to be cut through with a knife. The HD graphic film gives every Hardwood Area product its highly realistic design while the PVC wear layer maintains the floor’s pattern from daily wear and tear, and our improved guard surface treatment gives added stability and decreased sustenance.

Types of LVT floors
Here at Hardwood Area, we offer 2 different kinds of LVT. In our glue-down type, you will find our widest variety of designs, color shades, and styles, which can be personalized utilizing different placing styles and color mixtures, as well as many design elements.

Advantages of LVT Flooring
Beautiful Designs
LVT comes in various designs, with choices varying from authentic woodgrains to bursts of bright colors.

Unparalleled Strength
The hardwood Area method gives our LVT floors an unmatched level of endurance for all environments.

LVT floors are not just constructed to remain for years to come, it also fits the certification regulations, and is created with some non-phthalate plasticizers.

Simple to Protect
For most maximum kinds of vinyl flooring, an easy two-bucket cleaning method will do. LVT is also naturally stained and sound resistant.

Myths About LVT
Most of the maximum myths about luxury vinyl floors are remaining from the times of film laminates that were usually used before the change of the time. Now, here are a few simple mistakes about LVT floors and their quality.

1. It Will Wear Down Simply
This mistake talks about laminate floors that are cheaply produced with low-quality design print methods that disappear under a lot of wear and tear.
With LV flooring choices, the particular form and structure of each group, mixed with the hard-wearing layers, guarantees that their designs will not fade away.

2. It’s One Dimensional
Because lower-end vinyl flooring uses low-priced raw materials without utilizing a textured wear sheet, the design layers are printed without any textures. The hot press process sets real texture into each product that you can actually see and touch.

3. It’s the Same as Laminate Floors
It’s not the same thing! They have completely different structural methods and are made from very different substances. LVT is far more enduring and can withstand susceptibility to dampness, which laminate floors cannot.

Endurance & Durability
Vinyl flooring is extremely durable. If installed and protected properly, it can remain upwards of 10 to 20 years. Our experts said that vinyl is an excellent option for the rooms in your house that have the most maximum foot traffic.
Additionally, most vinyl floors have a wear layer on their surface that withstands dents and scratches and stains.
Some vinyl products also give warranties of upward to 15 years on the wear layer. As with any floor, the quality of the substance that you buy will influence how long it remains.


What makes LVT floors so popular?

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What makes LVT floors so popular?
LVT is far more strong than real wood, stone, or ceramic tile floors, resisting the usual wear and tear of everyday life. Hardwood Area’s LVT floors are waterproof as well, unchanged by leaking devices, spilled drinks, or untidy bath times, making it even more flexible to busy households.
Great still, it’s simple to maintain, easily give it a quick sweep and mop utilizing Hardwood Area’s specific Clean solution and you’re good to go!
LVT is already warmer on feet than real wood or stone floors, but if you’re searching for extra warmth, LVT is great for usage with underfloor heating systems.
Team its possible advantages with the realistic results and limitless.