Walnut Flooring Pros and Cons + Black Walnut

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walnut flooring - hardwood area

Walnut, A Popular Hardwood Floor In Thousand Oaks

Recognized for its wonderfully elegant color, the walnut hardwood floor can give you a striking appearance in your house. Keep reading the Hardwood Area article to understand more about the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of floor, as well as an instance of walnut utilized in local houses in Thousand Oaks.

Introduction Of Walnut Hardwood Floors

Walnut hardwood floors appear in 2 categories: Brazilian Walnut and American Walnut.

  1. Brazilian Walnut Floors: Are also known as Lapacho or Ipe names, these kinds are located in the country of Brazil and the Lesser Antilles. Brazilian walnut floors also have dark colors although are much more difficult kinds with a rank of 3684 on the Janka scale. Brazilian walnut flooring is resistant to bugs and insects and mildew as well.
  2. American Walnut Floors: Are also identified as American Black Walnut, Black Walnut, American Walnut, North American Walnut, and, Gunwood, this type is largely collected in the central US and has a rank of 1010 on the standard scales. It is recognized for having white sapwood and also dark chocolate heartwood in addition to a broad variety of texture variations, therefore you can have that ideal appearance for your house.

walnut flooring - hardwood areaAdvantages and Disadvantages of Walnut Floors

As you want to add walnut floors to your house, we at Hardwood Area suggest the main benefits and drawbacks to you:


• This hardwood flooring is particularly attractive and gives a warm feeling because of the deep, dark tones and natural texture patterns.

• These hardwood floor kinds can be adjusted to fit perfectly into a contemporary or traditional house pending on the furniture and things you select.

• For the ones who are worried about the nature and environment, the American walnut wooden flooring comes from a kind of renewable source, giving them an eco-friendly characteristic and making them suitable for your house.

• This flooring is normally a reasonable-priced choice for people on a budget.

• Both Brazilian and American walnut flooring types are long-lasting choices that are resilient to humidity and can be re-sanded many times.

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• As its color is natural, damages and scratches are not obvious due to the fact that colors under the hardwood floor’s surface coordinate well.

• Walnut hardwood floor is a highly durable choice, making it excellent for radiant heating.


• Although it is a pretty durable alternative, the American walnut floor is also moderately smooth, which means it dents, scratches, and damages so simply. If you have dogs or cats, children, or even use a lot of pointy high heels, you may need to rethink this hardwood floor option.

• As it is so dark, these flooring reveal traffic dents so simply. The dark wood floor colors can also make places look smaller than they really are, therefore select where you put them correctly.

An excellent choice for dining rooms, living room flooring, and stair steps, Brazilian and American walnut floors can be absolutely beautiful kind to think about.

walnut flooring - hardwood areaAmerican Black Walnut Hardwood Introduction and Benefits and Drawbacks

The tree of American black walnut is one of our most valued natural characteristics in Thousand oaks, not only for the wealthy, delicious nuts it provides but also for its beautiful, dark wood floor. It is usually extremely prized amongst woodworkers for the impressive texture and shades it features.

It also appears to be simple to protect, making it an ideal choice for the ones who want a unique yet no-hassle hardwood floor selection. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of having American black walnut hardwood as your flooring in your house in our next guide at Hardwood Area.

The Basics of American Black Walnut Hardwood

If you are thinking about selecting American black walnut for your house’s floors, you will want to discover more about the benefits and drawbacks of working with this kind of hardwood. Before Hardwood Area goes into those pieces of information, let’s see some of the important aspects of this gorgeous hardwood floor choice.

walnut flooring - hardwood area

· Where does it come from? Central and Eastern US

· Janka hardness rank: 1,010

· Shades and Color: Varies from light colors, pale brown to dark chocolate brownish colors, and some undertones of gray shade.

· Texture: Quite nice and even, with dark and light changes and some knots.

· Protection: Vacuum and Sweep repeatedly, utilize light oil for cleaning.

· Endurance: Durable to infestation, corruption, water loss, and mildew.

· Painting: Simple to paint or polish, although wood dries gradually.

· How to Install: Simple to place; a DIY installing is an opportunity.

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· Cost and Prices: Moderately expensive, though more affordable than Brazilian walnut hardwood.

You will want to consider all these factors when you select hardwood floors for your house. Keep on reading to discover more about the specific advantages and disadvantages of this floor in the Hardwood Area.

The Advantages

For many homeowners, the most alluring characteristic of American black walnut hardwood is its looks. It has multiple distinctions between dark and light, though a darker shade appears to be the most popular option. As far as under colors work, this hardwood is different in that it can have undertones of gray color in some parts, and the texture may even have a red or purplish hue to it. The shade can also darken by the time such as a patina. This produces a deep overall shade that is beautiful when joined to any house.

walnut flooring - hardwood areaPainting

These floors are simple to paint according to your tastes. If you like a distinctive color for your walnut hardwood floor, it will take paint so simply. Just give enough time to finish this process, because black walnut hardwood dries very slowly.


The strong texture of American black walnut hardwood floors also provides them a consistent appearance; there is normally little trouble in getting parts that line up great together to produce a cohesive look.

Though, the smooth texture does not make it seem overly smooth or contemporary. The contrast of dark and light in the texture of the wood provides it a more rural and rustic look, which makes it completely adapted to more traditional decoration.


Another important advantage for busy houses is that the black walnut wood floor is simple to protect. The darker shades can hide dirt and dust originally, though it is necessary to vacuum and sweep routinely. This eliminates bits from the flooring that could produce dirt buildup and even dent or scratch the surface of the hardwood. Beyond that, the hardwood can be operated with a light oil rather than a wax for a fast and simple polish. Like any hardwood floor, you have to reseal these flooring every several years.


Eventually, you will be pleased to know that black walnut hardwood gives more value to your house. This is deemed a rich and luxurious hardwood that attaches much fashion and beauty to your home. Take great care of your American black walnut hardwood flooring and you will get a great return on the purchase when you want to sell.

The Disadvantages


For lots of people, the most restrictive feature of American black flooring is its price. It is a moderately expensive option for hardwood floors, particularly in comparison to more budget-friendly choices like American oak hardwood, cherry, ash, and maple hardwood. Though, it is less costly than Brazilian walnut hardwood, which is another high-level floor opportunity.

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As Hardwood Area stated earlier, having American black flooring in your house improves the price of your house when you keep the flooring in high-grade condition. Although there is no doubting this hardwood floor choice needs an important upfront expense.

The Hardness Of The Wood

The hardness of this hardwood is another disadvantage to think about. With a Janka hardness rank of only 1,010, it is significantly smoother than many other common hardwood floor choices, which includes red oakwood, yellow birch, ash hardwood, American beech, white oakwood, and maple hardwood. Some of the strongest opportunities, like Santos Mahogany wood or Brazilian cherry wood, have a rank that is much more than double that of American black walnut hardwood.

Though it is on the smoother side, American black hardwood is yet proper for house floors. Though, you will have to be a little more cautious about checking damages and scratches on your flooring.

Think about using area rugs and runners in high-traffic places to maintain your American black walnut hardwood flooring, and put felt pads under the legs of every piece of furniture to limit scratches over time.

Despite these suggested cares, American black hardwood is still very durable and long-lasting. It is not recognized for bending in severe environments, and it is immune to water loss, mildew, infestation, and corruption.


Did you make your decision?

Choosing the best hardwood floor for your house may need some time and study, however, the purchase will be completely worth it. If you select to add American black walnut hardwood flooring to your place, you will be making an excellent long-term expense.

It will improve the overall value of your house while also giving it a warm and welcoming feeling. Utilize this Hardwood Area article to the wood’s benefits and drawbacks to determine if it is the best fit for your feelings and lifestyle.

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