Why It Is Better To Paint Wooden Floors | +10 Best Tricks

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paint wooden floors - hardwood area

Everything You Need To Know About Paint Wooden Flooring In Thousand Oaks

Attempting to enhance the look of your hardwood flooring can be usually very daunting, even pretty scary. After all, they are usually so expensive in thousand Oaks and the idea of staining them can make everyone worried, particularly if you mess it up.
However, do not despair! We at Hardwood Area will teach you how to stain the hardwood flooring without any problems and also Hardwood Areas guarantees to help you each level of the way. After reading this article in Hardwood Area’s blog, you will have the courage and also the information to do it properly for the first time.

What Kinds of Wood Flooring Can Be Stained?

Most hardwood flooring can be stained, even the expensive teak floors, of course, if you dare. Though, you should never stain straight onto a glossy floor finish because this normally comes out seeming bad.

Your most reliable bet is to examine the wood that you like to paint. This can be divided into 3 simple steps which we will talk about later. First, make a small part of the wooden flooring ready, for example, in the corner or under a sofa.
Next, utilize a tiny amount of stain to your hardwood and give it time to get dry completely and eventually, look for the results in 24 hours and search for any breaking, stripping, streaking, or simmering.

If it seems good, later you can continue with reliance. If you have any problems, Hardwood Area invites you to leave us a comment at the end of this article and our experts will help you. Also, read our other articles here on our blog.

paint wooden floors - hardwood areaWhy Should You Paint Your Wooden Flooring?

• Because of the appearance

a lot of people like the appearance over the natural hardwood look, particularly if the wood has been re-painted. The painting also lets you display your sense of creativity by adding pattern ideas and designs to your flooring. You could also work with a plain solid shade everywhere. Staining gives you the opportunity to add a different appearance than a simple wood cannot do.

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• Restore old and used flooring

Over time, the hardwood flooring will begin to reveal its age. While this sometimes displays quality, this decline usually seems terrible. Tell-tale symptoms are regularly noticeable damages, scuffs, or shade destruction. Even if you attempt to fix the scratched hardwood, a layer of great stain can simply bring them back to a lifetime.

• To hide poor hardwood material

Even if the flooring is brand new, your wooden boards could have a low quality particularly if you have utilized pallet wood for the flooring, and easily not seem good. You might even be thinking about removing and replacing them. Before doing this, it’s worth giving them a new layer of stain in a way that suits your home.

• Saves your money and time

Rather than substituting the whole flooring, staining the wood floors is super simple on your wallet and seems excellent. It regularly takes just a single weekend, even if you spend a few hours each day on your project.

paint wooden floors - hardwood areaThe Best Type of Wood Paint For Your Flooring

Traditional oil-based hardwood paint

• It can endure daily foot traffic without getting faded.
• It normally remains a longer time than other kinds of painting.
• Needs solutions to clean up throughout the project.
• It is extremely dent and scratch and stain-resistant.
• Takes a reasonably long time to get dry.
• Interior usage is forbidden in some states because of emissions.

New latex-based wooden paint

• Reasonably eco-friendly because of insignificant fumes
• Dries a lot faster
• Not as long-lasting as oil-based kinds of paint
• You can utilize water plus soap instead of some solvents
• Its chemical structure is moderately fresh and time will reveal its effectiveness
• Sometimes creates dull shades though this is done based on the quality

We at Hardwood Area prefer oil-based paints for wooden floor projects, principally because of their endurance. Of course, if the United States prohibits the application of it because of the high amount of VOC emissions, then we will utilize the second choice.
Though, there’s no need to copy this solution. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and it’s your choice. When you are using oil-based wood paints, simply make sure that you have enough ventilation, use a fume mask, and allow it to dry adequately.

  1. Expert tip: Try to use color paint that has polyurethane. These chemicals give durability and are excellent for slightly moist conditions. If you cannot get one, you can usually implement a layer of poly afterward therefore don’t be worried about it.
  2. Expert tip: Be cautious of buying paint that’s not intended for flooring particularly when selecting latex paint. If it states “acrylic paint” on the tin, it’s not a proper option for your flooring. To reduce guesswork, select your coloring and then simply ask the seller that you intend to have painted the hardwood floor. They are normally able to help with particular products that work great.
  3. Expert tip: It’s essential to purchase high-quality paint. The more affordable paint may seem beautiful, though it frequently settles on the raw substances utilized in its formulation. Quality color paints have various solids and activators unlike more affordable ones and will remain longer times. Always search for a great opportunity though be careful when the cost is super cheap.
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How Much Paint Do You Need For The Wooden Flooring?

The quantity of paint that will be required will be based on 3 things:

The space of your flooring

If you have big places in your house, the plain fact is that you will require more color paint for covering them adequately. As a common view, you’ll require approximately a gallon to cover about 350 square feet for the painted hardwood flooring in Thousand Oaks therefore bear it in mind.

The depth of your paint

If you want to utilize oil-based kinds of paints, you will require a greater amount than a thinner layer of water-based paint.
The deeper and thicker the paint, the more is required though on the positive side, you won’t demand as many layers of it therefore it can smooth out in the outcome.

How many layers

If you demand to implement 2 layers, then you will have to multiply the quantity of wood paint. If you need a 3rd layer for some purpose, then measure the primary amount by 3 and so on.

Expert tip: If you purchase high-quality color paint, this can reduce the requirement for a possible 3rd layer, so preserving your money for a long time. Request the local hardware shop in Thousand Oaks to look out for their “premium” paints and use the math. If you are not certain, simply demand if it will eliminate the requirement for a 2nd layer and they should be able to guide you about it.

paint wooden floors - hardwood areaWhat Types Of Sheen Are Best For Your Painted Wooden Flooring?

The Sheen layer is the reflective character of the color paint. However, many floor layers such as varnish have a gloss finish, we at Hardwood Area will keep this pattern concentrated on a colored paint.
There are 4 levels of sheen for wooden paints and each of them has a distinctive contemplative quality determined by the rates below. Beginning from the shiniest, they are bright or glossy by 75%, semi-gloss by 55 percent, satin at 40% percent, and matte by 20%.

  1. Expert tip: The more glossy you go, the more the small dings and cuts will be revealed. While beneficial, don’t concentrate too much on the rates because they are textbook amounts.
    Hardwood Area recommends searching for real-world samples in person, to aid you to make an ultimate choice rather than surveying through pictures on the internet. Just visit the local shops in thousand Oaks and look at their products.
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When someone asks Hardwood Area for an honest opinion, we normally suggest either semi-gloss or satin. We believe that complete gloss doesn’t go well in many houses and the matte or flat finish seems a little dull. By the way, here are the benefits and drawbacks:

• Satin

The most popular and common one! Satin finishes have great stability between practical and reflectivity day-to-day usage. It is because a lot of people like this opportunity and it remains for years and little scratches or dents are not too obvious. Families or the ones with pets also select this painting sheen for that very reason and regularly end up being satisfied with their choice.

• Semi-gloss

While it’s not as “shiny” as complete gloss, this paint is much more reflective. It’s not a bad point though, lots of people love the appearance and particularly go out of the way to purchase it. It does expose the dust simply and some people recommend that you should mop at least one time every 2 days. It’s also more sensitive to random scratches although rules such as “shoes off” and “no pets” can simply solve it.

  1. Expert tip: We have given out “full glossy” or “matte” choices as only a little percentage utilize it for their houses. We at Hardwood Area believe that the high gloss seems like shiny plastic and the flat sheen or matte seems dull. That is our idea though and we support you to pick what is best for you.

You can also read about hardwood floors alternatives here.


As we said most types of hardwood flooring can be painted, even the expensive teak floors. Though, you should never stain straight onto a glossy floor finish because this normally comes out seeming bad. Your most reliable bet is to test the wood that you like to paint. This can be divided into 3 simple steps which we talked about in the article so if you want to paint your wooden floors you should just do as what we said in this article.

Hardwood Area provides services and flooring installation in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, Calabasas, Camarillo, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Oxnard, and Ventura in a professional and quality manner.
Hardwood Area is located at The Oaks Mall, 2nd Floor, 474 West Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360, United States
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